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Let me be the first to say it: he was no D. J. Carrasco.


As for the other four, I can just imagine their collective Homerism: "So long, Stink-town!"


Trading a MiLB prospect for a MLB player has never bothered me (unless we're talking Trout or Harper types) considering the failure rate of prospects.

As always, the bigger question is "Were other teams interested in the player (in our case, Brandon Allen) and what was their offer?"

Unfortunately, this question is seldom answered...with the approval of GM's.

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THAT would have been cruel. And Mr. Krause’s tone was WAY more civil and mature than that. In fact, after the media and public at large came to back Ms. Livingston as a ‘bullying victim’, Mr. Krause followed up his original email by standing his ground and offering up some more non-bullying that was even more non-cruel than his first letter, stating:

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