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Never before has a D quote been more aptly used.


If you don't call up the phillies and try to hire Ryne Sandberg, your absolutley nuts. 1) he was AAA manager of the year in 10' and too his AAA team to the playoffs again this year. 2) He's a great ball player 3) the cubs are still to stupid to give him a job.

The Wizard

When I first read the part about trading Danks and Floyd I said 'Hell no.'

Then I realized we won't be doing any contending in the next 2-3 years so what's the use of having them here?

But Floyd may not give us a good return. So now may not be the best time to trade him. J.J. has covered this.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

It's an interesting situation, because I still don't think now is the best time to trade either in terms of return, but it is a good time to trade them in terms of rebuilding. Neither projects to be a Type A free agent, and while Type B compensation is still valuable...I would rather explore dealing them now than wait on a 2013 pick.

mm -- It's hard to see Sandberg being a candidate. From the looks of it, the Sox are going to want to hire someone who's played for the club and knows the organization.


Alomar and Baines, the quietest coaching duo ever?


From Kenny's comments, it seems that his choice for manager may be on a playoff team. Hopefully, it's Davey Martinez who's mentored under Joe Madden. Tampa Bay and Madden understand the benefits of statistics something our former manager chose to ignore.

Next season has to include turnarounds from Dunn, Rios and Beckham otherwise...


They have asked for him to cut down on his swings, eiecpsally in batting practice. The theory is he torques his back trying to emulate Babe Ruth.Okay, I thought the article was a little biased, but it does say he was asked to cut down on his swings. I'm not sure I've ever seen Zambrano swing without looking for the fences. Since it is impossible not to use your back and abs while batting, I don't see why he needs batting practice before a game in which he isn't even batting.I absolutely agree, though, that the guy has the physical stuff to be a top pitcher but doesn't seem to have his head (or attitude) in the right place.


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