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The Wizard

I was wrong.

Same here. The Bridge had a heck of a season.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

He went from "Lillibridge to Nowhere" to "Thrillibridge."


Thanks, JJ, for this tribute to my favorite (current) White Sox not named Paulie or Alexei. I've been a big (if somewhat patient) fan of his since 2009, but my hopes were starting to look a little misplaced until that Yankees game. His potential actually began to show when he hit that 3-run blast against the Cubs in 2010.

I still believe he could be a team MVP next year in an uber-sub role (seven positions he can play!) and given 400-500 plate appearances. And no one has generated better nicknames: Thrillibridge, Lillibeast, and my new favorite, Lillehammer.

It's not at all surprising that you, and James, and Jim would all pen tributes to Brent and his remarkable year today. It's great to see him get the universal recognition that he so much deserves.


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