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The recent influx of inserted song lyrics into the White Sox blogosphere is probably not a good sign. Songs about being happy generally suck, and aren't very quotable.

To solidify my point, I submit the lyrics to "Walkin' On Sunshine"


Oy, they are terrible.


I also understand why Guillen wants job security; he loves money.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Guillen reflects on 1,000 games as manager

By Bruce Levine

Ozzie Guillen reflected on his tenure at the helm of the Chicago White Sox as he managed his 1,000th game in Tuesday's 7-2 loss to the Kansas City Royals.

I asked Guillen if he thought he would quit or be fired when the time comes for him to leave the job.

"Fired," Guillen said. "Because I'm not going to quit. I'm not a quitter. When I want to quit I'll make sure I do a lot of stupid things to make them fire me and get paid." END

As far as his future, send him to Florida for Chris Yelich.


Troopers are investigating regardless of whether alcoholic beverages or drugs were being an element on the crash, studies say. No costs experienced been submitted as of Tuesday.

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Darrell Compton, chief within the Shelby Valley Volunteer Fire Division, reported the bodies within the victims remained inside the home late Wednesday morning.

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Two Beaumont guy are in jail to get a Louisiana bank theft as police take a look for an additional guy from Beaumont and an individual from Louisiana.

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Paul George scored 27 factors to assist the Indiana Pacers defeat the Atlanta Hawks 11398 on Wednesday night time and get a twenty lead of their firstround Japanese Convention playoff sequence.

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Beauchamp was sentenced to a decade in prison just after pleading guilty to manslaughter. His sentence was slice in fifty percent, as he was specified double credit rating for the 2 1/2 ages he served in jail awaiting trial..

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"She was just a sweet lil girl and that i just convey to every person she by ally since we just had this bond somewhere between each other" mentioned nurse Frances Gallow.

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Instead, the duo presented a intend to save the federal government capital and render a tuition hike unwanted.

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"Was an enormous perform," George mentioned. "I considered the ref was going to call a cost."

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Blessed with lovely shorelines, sapphire blue waters, wonderful mountain outcrops along with a stone's toss within the reef, Palm is photo postcard materials.

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Police request Christopher Eaglin and Kindal Anderson (very best row) and have arrested Joseph Sariah and Larry Willaims (base row) as suspects inside a bank robbery

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A portion within the proceeds from your 2011 Arts, Beats Eats will reward Beaumont HOPE Heart. The donation might be utilized for software scholarships, including the Present of Hope.

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Police find Christopher Eaglin and Kindal Anderson (best rated row) and possess arrested Joseph Sariah and Larry Willaims (base row) as suspects in a lender robbery

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"Defensively, we're not precisely the same team when he is out of the sport," Harris said. "He erases plenty of our blunders."

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