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Leyland changed the order of Detroit's rotation so Verlander pitches the finale of this week's 3-game series against Cleveland.

If Detroit's rotation then remains in the same order (and Detroit has but one off day from mid-August to mid-September), then the Sox will not face Verlander in any of our 6 remaining games with them. However, Verlander will face Cleveland in 4 of its remaining 12 games with them.

Also it appears we will miss Felix Hernandez in our 3-game series with Seattle.

Every little bit helps.


If Leyland changed the order for the Indians series, why couldn't he do so against us as well? Verlander is a horse.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

He's probably not going to change it again unless there's an injury -- although if the Sox blow by Cleveland and get to within a game or two of Detroit, maybe he'll re-think that strategy.


Verlander last pitched Aug 6 and was scheduled to pitch again on Aug 12 because of an off day on Aug 8. So Leyland merely moved him up one day to return him to pitching every 5th day which would be the finale of the 3-game series with Cleveland.

If Verlander pitches on 3 days rest, he would pitch against us Sep 4 but would not pitch vs. Cleveland Sep 5-6-7. Nor pitch vs. Cleveland Sep 26-27-28 unless he pitches again on 3 days rest in the interim.

Leyland's conundrum : Verlander vs the Sox or Cleveland and potentially pitching him on 3 days rest twice in Sep.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Verlander *can* throw on three days rest, though, I have to figure.

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