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Lake Fred

The Cubs play in a wimpy division. Their fall from grace has been hard. In 2008 they were favored to make the World Series, the year the Phillies won it. The Phillies are still an upper tier team playing in a smaller market, yet the Cubs have fallen hard. To move to Wrigley, Hahn would not have to uproot his family. I think he would be a good choice for the Cubbies.

RP Jackson

Greg Maddux SHOULD be GM. He has the brains,the talent and he sure as heck knows the game,AND the Cubs. Fire Quade too!


I love Hahn and his name came to me as soon as Jim got fired! Don't get me wrong Maddux will stay with team,simply because Hahn will know where he fit's in best in front office!

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Hahn should top Cubs' list to replace Hendry - whitesox
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