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I like the Krusty reference, but I was SURE you were going to go to the well for Mr. Burns pinch hitting Homer Simpson for Darryl Strawberry!!

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Yeah, but that actually worked!


Haha, great point. I didn't even think about that!


JJ, I have a pitchfork in one hand and a torch in the other. If I lived in Chicago I'd be happy to lead an angry mob straight to Ozzie's office. It's now seven hours since the game ended, and my blood pressure still hasn't returned to normal. After that string of pinch-hitters the least he could have done was to put in Donny Lucy for Rios in the bottom of the 9th.

I agree that nothing has been more stupid than batting Rios cleanup. Was that decision more painful than pinch-hitting Dunn for Thrillibridge? Only marginally: like having your foot run over by a Mack truck every morning is marginally more painful than having a knitting needle thrust into your eye just once.

You know he's intentionally flaunting Kenny's mistakes--whether to mock Kenny or to get himself canned, I couldn't say. But the effect is that he is undermining this team and causing it to lose. For that, Ozzie must be fired. That f--king jackass.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

^^^That's the kind of response about 90 percent of the fanbase has had. I totally get it. And it doesn't seem to take much of a thinker to figure out the chances are ever-increasing this'll be Ozziels final month as manager of the White Sox.


2011 HR's
Lillibridge -12
Dunn -11

vs. Nathan
Lillibridge 1-1 (HR)
Dunn 0-2 (1 SO)

Plus Dunn has not played in a few days and was pinch-hitting which he has done infrequently. Coming in cold off the bench as a PH is probably not putting him in the best situation to succeed.

Which is worse Dunn for Lillibridge or Rios cleanup ?

Anytime Dunn or Rios are at the plate it's either death by hanging or firing squad.

Also, I wonder if Guillen makes these counterintuitive decisions just to satisfy his ego attempting to prove his superiority by taking big risks. If it works, then he expects praise for his out-of-the-box risk-taking. If not, then he can rationalize it away with his "I have faith in my players, etc." BS.

But this will all end as I expect Guillen to be Florida's manager next year. In fact, about a month ago, Gammons said Guillen to Florida was a done deal but nothing from Gammons since then...or anyone following up with Gammons. Curious


Lillibridge now has 13 homers, not 12. In only 177 AB. Dunn's 11 have come in 368 AB. Lilli homers about once every 13 at-bats. Dunn has homered about once every 33 at-bats. By comparison Curtis Granderson's 38 homers have also come about once every 13 at-bats.

Just consider the possibilities for the White Sox this year had Lillibridge been given all of Dunn's at-bats. Not saying he's a latent Granderson; just that if he'd been given a chance to play every day he'd probably have well over 30 homers this year...


To answer your question, I am more outraged by Ozzie's Dunn/Lillibridge swap than Rios batting 4th, though both are egregious offenses.


both moves were egregious to me. though, i probably hate the rios at 4 worse. the fact that de aza didn't start because he's a lefty and diamond is a lefty annoyed me to no end.

i understand the beliefs of lefties not hitting lefty pitching well, but imo, if you don't give a lefty the chance to learn to hit it (because, let's face it, every manager tends to sit his lefties when facing lefty pitching), they are never going to learn to hit it. sometimes, i think lefties are coddled too much in this aspect of the game. sure you see it with righties, but not nearly as much.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Kevin -- I still am skeptical of the notion Lillibridge could sustain this production as a starter. What I would expect is a few peaks with some low valleys and little in between. In other words, maybe two weeks where he's on fire and then three where he struggles to hit better than a one-armed Alex Rios. His swing still has a lot of holes in it, and with more exposure, I would imagine those holes would be more readily identified in scouting reports.

That being said, he probably would be better than Dunn. I'm not sure that means he'd be good enough to get the Sox into the playoffs, but even if he was a replacement-level hitter that's a two-win difference.

And Cheryl, you're absolutely right about the "lefties being coddled" thing. While it's true most lefties have worse splits against fellow lefties, it's no reason to bench a guy like De Aza who's on fire and start Rios.


I think your right about Brent's streakiness: we've certainly seen it this year! But we should be riding the hot bats as long as they're hot--and right now he is. I'd put him in center, De Aza in right, and Viciedo at DH. Thanks for your great analyses--love your column!

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