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2011 De Aza vs. RHP > 338/400/560/960
SB 19 out of 28

2011 Lillibridge vs. LHP > 283/356/509/865
SB 8 out of 12

Both play good defense.

Not a bad platoon for LF/leadoff hitter.

The Wizard

"Did you know Alejandro de Aza is hitting .327/.382/.516 in Triple-A?"

he also has a .388 BABIP per firstinning, .384 per fangraphs.


in Charlotte, where he's hitting .356/.398/.527, his BABIP is an astronomical .445. Crikey!

BTW, very nice article J.J.

Steve from Rockford

Great article. I have really liked what has been written by many bloggers recently. It lets me know that I am not crazy, it seems everybody except the White Sox themselves realize that new things can be tried.

I really hope that the All-Star break gives the organization a time to reevaluate. The infuriating thing is that if the Sox offense was merely bad instead of inept that they would most likely be in first place.

You would figure that basically being lucky to not be swept by the Royals in what very likely is a make or break stretch of the season that the White Sox would make the changes they could make. But they do not.


Today Per Mark Bowman of MLB.com:

"...While the Braves might be in the market for an outfielder, their primary focus will likely not be aimed toward corner outfielders like Quentin. Instead they will continue to evaluate what Jordan Schafer can provide in the leadoff spot and determine whether they need to increase their efforts to find a proven leadoff hitter like the White Sox have in Juan Pierre..."

As Al Michaels once said "Do you believe in miracles?"

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Wiz -- that's pretty astronomical. But it also could be an indication he's above the talent level of Triple-A -- I seem to remember Eric Hosmer having a ridiculous BABIP with Omaha before he was called up. But then again, de Aza isn't in the same galaxy as Hosmer. Few are.

Steve -- It's odd that Ozzie Guillen would admit he doesn't think his team is good enough to rattle off a major winning streak, then staunchly defend his players. Maybe a kick in the pants would ignite this team instead of staying with the status quo.

Buford -- This is the same team that was stupid enough to trade a breathing human being for Scott Linebrink. Maybe there is a Santa Claus.

The Wizard

look at linebrink's stats!

3.44 39 34.0 10 24 111 1.235 8.5 1.1 2.6 6.4 2.40

isn't that ok for $2 million?

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Further proof that the National League sucks.

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