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Juan Pierre leads all of baseball in outs made. The 2nd place guy is 6 outs behind, and his name is Dan Uggla.


JJ, I have no problem finding unfair reasons to dump on Pierre if it leads to him being DFA'd. My cheap excuse is that he's diffident, aloof and borderline rude to autograph-seekers. At least he was to me and my son at a game in Arlington in May. Adam Dunn, on the other hand (bless his heart) was a real gentleman and signed autographs till he ran out of fans! Dump on Pierre as long as you like, for any reason you want, as long as it helps us get rid of this stinking corpse of a ballplayer.

Crazy Uncle Dave

Does Pierre have to invent the time machine? I mean can't somebody else invent the time machine and then put him on it? That way he can concentrate on playing better and not have to worry about quantum mechanics and such things.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Dave: maybe that's why the Sox called up Hector Santiago -- because he's good with quantam mechanics and knows his way around a flux capacitor.

Kevin: I'll never fault a player for his attitudes toward autograph-seekers; I can totally understand how that would wear on a guy after over a decade of being a professional ballplayer. But maybe he should be better about it to curry some good favor with the fans in case the masses turn on him.

James: I'm sorry, I missed that. Is his name Dan Uggla, or DAAAAAAAAAAN! ......... UGGLA!


On June 30th against Colorado, Juan Pierre stole his first base since June 1st. The question is "Why?'

It was the 7th inning and the Sox were losing 4-2 with Pierre on 2nd base and Dunn batting with 2 outs. In this situation, what purpose is served by Pierre stealing 3rd base? Answer: None

No player "who plays the game the right way" does something this stupid. In addition to your points, Pierre's "aggressiveness" will eventually hurt the Sox as he "tries to make things happen" with his declining speed.

[I'm still not sure whether I'm more upset with Pierre or the Sox announcers for not calling out Pierre for his base-running blunder. Homer Hawk I understand, but Stone seems to be muzzling himself when you compare his Sox analysis versus his forthright and outspoken analysis with the Cubs.]

If Pierre can always get hittable pitches like he did from Randy Wells (88 mph fastball) and Clayton Mortenson (87 mph fastball) and Matt Garza (86 mph breaking ball) to win games, then our problems are answered...as long as no balls are hit to him in LF and he never tries to steal a base again.

BTW, why was Garza trying to fool a slap hitter with a breaking ball when his 95+ mph fastball high in the strike zone could never be put in play by Pierre?

Stupidity truly is the great equalizer.


I only fault a player with a negative attitude towards fans when his arrogance is in inverse proportion to his contribution to the team's success. Q! is the epitome of aloofness, and he's earned the right. Pierre doesn't have the stats to get away with acting like God's little brother. I'm sick to death of people defending his clubhouse presence, his work ethic, or his being the first to the stadium. Lots of Pierres and Kotsays have those virtues: let them play for the Royals or Astros.

Steve from Rockford

A very disturbing sign is Ozzie's talk of Pierre being the leader of the team. Essentially stating that he is loved by everyone on the team and getting rid of him could very well "lose the team". I do not understand how Juan Pierre can come in and become the "leader of the team" when you have long time Sox like Paulie, Mark and AJ (yeah I am on a first name basis)...

While I have no doubt that he is well liked by the players, Ozzie should remember this is the majors and not little league. The most important thing to do is win, not worry about Juan Pierre's feelings.

The White Sox will not draw in the second half of the season if this poor play continues. You would think that the organization would realize this, but it appears that they do not. You draw people by winning games. You win games by putting the best team on the field. Until they do this, they are not going to inspire me to drive 2 hours each way to see them and I usually do this many times a year because I love the White Sox.

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