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I don't put too much stock in LD% (especially for a guy like Pierre)- his all-time high LD% came in 2005... when he had the lowest BA, OBP and BABIP of his career. I just don't see the connection for him.

Maybe it comes from the fact that he can get on with a bloop, a ground ball or a bunt. But I agree with you that keeping up a .350+ OBP will be tough.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Mike, that's fair -- I used it because I don't think Pierre's hot streak is necessarily due to better luck. If he had the same LD/GB/FB rates as his season/career averages, it'd probably be luck-induced...he's just locked in right now, but it's tough to stay *that* locked in for an extended amount of time.

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