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The Wizard

"We can scream Yankee bias all we want, but Mark Teixeira deserved a nod as well."

but did he deserved it more than PK?

is Texeira's defensive advantage worth 20 wOBA points?

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

No, he didn't. But Teixeira at least was deserving, unlike Michael Young.

The Wizard

agree 100%

Crazy Uncle Dave

Teixeira didn't make team and he didn't make the final vote. And I don't think he was snubbed either. He has only 4 more homers than Pauly but his batting average is more than 60 points lower. I mean he's not exactly Adam Dunn out there, but he is batting less than .250 and Konerko is at .317.
If he was picked in theas afinal vote nominee, i could handle it. But if he made the team today on those stats it would definitely be because of Yankee bias.

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