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Philly fans have to be up there too. They once lustily booed Bobby Abreu for taking a called strike on the first pitch he saw!


Most inappropriate boos I ever heard came when fans at the Cell booed Jose Contreras early 2009, when he battled his rear off and returned ahead of schedule from his catastrophic injury in '08. Yes, he struggled (probably came back too soon), but considering the circumstances I was embarrassed that day.

Speaking of embarrassment, I'm embarrassed for Alex Rios for having a lower OPS than Juan Pierre. Yikes.


On the one hand, I am partial to the axiom "a fan pays for the seat, and that gives them the right to "boo" a player. I've never booed any of my White Sox (the Royce Clayton era got me pretty darn close!), but I hold that I won't begrudge one of my fellow fans to get on a guy who hasn't come close to their potential without some reason.

And I am with Jim ... White Sox fans can't even be on the same plateau with Philadelphia fans.

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