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The Wizard

But what if PK reaches 500 HRs?

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

I guess he'd make it if he reaches 500...but I think that's unlikely.

The Wizard

If he finishes the year with 400, 500 is just 100 away. If Hermie doesn't retire, I think he has a chance...

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

If he finishes the next two seasons with 60 total HR and hits No. 400 this year, he'll have 40 to hit after his age 37 season. That's not impossible, and hell if Herm sticks with him he could conceivably stay healthy to the poInt where he has a chance. But I'm still not banking on it--too much needs to go right late in his career.


I think you summed it up pretty well. Paullie is in the same class as Harold Baines: Hall-of-the Very Good. I appreciate him, and he will always have a special place on the Sou' Side, but his numbers are not Hall worthy.


I don't think Paul Konerko is a Hall of Famer ... yet.

But I don't think that conclusion should be reached by who has comparable WAR to Konerko. If the WAR comparables illustrate anything, it is the unreliability of WAR (although the Jay Buhner comp is a good one).


Right now I completely agree. I think he could improve to a point where he puts himself into consideration, but for now and probably later, he will be a player that the White Sox fans will remember for a very long time. He is second on my list of favorite Sox players, behind only Frank, and Buehrle is a close third. White Sox Fans should really enjoy what they have, because now-a-day, it is so rare to have such a consistently good hitter for so long in the middle of your lineup.


Paul Konerko is a much, much better player than Harold Baines ever was. Bad comparison.


Behind Adam Dunn? Better hitters ever to "play in Chicago"? Condescending and idiot thing to say. Similar to saying "pretty good for a Chicago player." They were World Champs in 2005. He's probably in the top five of hitter in all of baseball currently. He's close to leading the AL in RBI and Homers this year. He'll get to 500 and the Hall of Fame. He's hitting close to .320 the last two years. If he plays to 42 or 43, he'll have 3000 hits.


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