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Well said ... what did it for me was watching my team win a World Series in 2005. I realized how much better that feels. The games against the Cubs are just another 6 games on the schedule that I would like to see the Sox win. A win against the Twins or Tigers at this point would be much more satisfying.


<3 this! I'd much rather spew "hate" and "venom" at the teams that block the way to getting to the division championship than at a team the sox only see 6 times (too much imo) a year anyway.


I second EdRad. JJ, if I had a son, I would wish for him to be a White Sox fan who doesn't hate the Cubs, just like you.


I tried it your way. I did. Like you I was out of state, it was 2003. I tried to root for the home town team in the playoffs. But when Bartman happened, when they botched a routine grounder, when Alou scowled into the stands- I was overcome with elation. I literally jumped up and down laughing. It was an epiphany- I really do hate the Cubs. Passionately.

This season has been terrible so far for the Sox, I need something more from them. I need them to beat the last place club of the inferior league, so I can keep the little hope I have that the Sox can turn it around and win the AL Central. FTC.


Great work, JJ.

It is my attempt--especially in my own work--to instill the principles you outlined here.

But deep down I'm still the South Side kid who took a bus and train for an hour to go to high school at Payton in the Gold Coast, and got reminded where I belonged every day.

Bitterness dies hard.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Yeah, if I'm going to be a jerk, it's going to be because the Twins or Tigers are in town. But even then, I don't want to be that guy. I guess the only two teams I'll ever spew hate and venom about are kansas basketball and Nebraska football.

E-Gus -- Even then, your main motive is hopeful regarding the Sox, even if it's fueled by a hatred of the Cubs.

James -- That's an understandable situation. Also because, as a high schooler, I presume you weren't able to waltz over to the Goose Island Brewpub for a post-school beer that would've smoothed things over.



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See I hate the cross town cup 4 games out of 162 in different leagues I try to like both teams one is my national league team and one is my American league team. I love the cub and sox I don't understand how u could want Chicago to win and for them to lose. go cub and sox go Chicago

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