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If you believe in Hollywood stories, how about this one:

Recall the move “The Rookie” where the supposedly washed up player from Texas makes it to the ML and his first ML game is against the Rangers in Texas.

On Monday May 23rd, the Sox play the Rangers in Texas and pitching for us will be Texan John Danks…who has a brother Jordan Danks who plays outfield in Triple A for an organization that desperately needs a ML LF.

Kevin Costner plays Jordan Danks in the movie…produced by Jerry Reinsdorf and directed by Kenny Williams.

At the very least, this fanciful exercise took my mind off of Pierre for a while.

mechanical turk

As delighted as I'd be if Jordan Danks turned out to be a useful baseball player, I think we'd wind up with a guy essentially the same as Juan Pierre, but trade the stolen bases and picked off's for strikeouts. Sure would be a nice surprise if he figured it all out, though.


My Jordan Danks' guarded optimism is obviously triggered by his improved numbers even though it's only 1 1/2 months into the season. But something happened to Danks at the end of April which led to these current numbers:

250/341/563/904 with 17 XBH (including 8 HR's) of his 28 hits and only 4 SO in his last 38 AB's

He has changed his swing this year (the particulars of which I don't know) which leads to the obvious question: Is this new swing the reason for the improvement and is it sustainable? But also, why the improved plate discipline...and at the same time as the big power numbers? Intriguing

What we have now in LF is a lousy hitter and lousy defender whose one former attribute (speed) is diminishing due to age and no longer helps the team. Therefore, he now brings absolutely nothing to the table...and nothing can't be hard to replace. Someone with a good glove and a mediocre bat and the ability not to get picked off base is an improvement.

Jordan Danks could be the guy...just an intriguing thought.

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