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The Wizard

That's the plan: Trade Pierre, Move Q to Left, Call up the Tank and put him in Right

But will anyone be willing to take Pierre at this point? As for the return, 2 gallons of ice-cream would be enough.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

I'd take a six-pack of moderately-priced beer. Linenkugel's, preferably.


Although teams like Philadelphia and Atlanta are searching for a RHH OF, I can't see a Quentin trade since these teams would only give up minor league talent. They wouldn't give up ML talent which would hurt their current pennant chances. And minor league talent won't help KW and the Sox to win now. THerefore, dumping Pierre makes sense.

OT: Please help me with this Sox minor league conundrum.

At AA, the Sox have Tyler Kuhn with a .358 BA/.421 OBP with 1 HR, but he doesn't bat leadoff. Instead, the Sox continue with an OF leading off with a .190 BA/.248 OBP with 30 SO in 105 AB...some guy named Kenny Williams Jr.

I'm so confused.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

I know Williams has good speed...I'd hope Birmingham is leading him off because of the antiquated notion that leadoff hitters need to be fast rather than nepotism.


But speed doesn't matter if he can't hit. His highest OBP since being drafted in 2008 was .312 in 2009 at Low A.

In 2010 at High A, he put up a .252/.306/.365 line with 0 SB in 3 attempts. This year he has 2 SB in 5 attempts. If he has speed, he doesn't use it very well.

Only a GM's son gets promoted to AA with such a horrible High A performance. Now 25 years old, he's just an organizational player taking playing time from younger players.

His AA manager said in a 5-2-11 article KW Jr. "brings energy to the team"...but nothing about hitting, defense or speed. Talk about damning with faint praise.

Just nepotism at its finest...or worst.

Steve from Rockford

Liene's as a moderately priced beer? I gotta go with the old standby of Sierra Nevada when it comes to a cheap craft beer, Dale's Pale Ale or Ska Brewing Company have some great canned beers as well.

Anyways, I really don't know who you are going to get for Pierre, but it would be great to be able to move him and stick another Power Hitter in the lineup. In true Sox fan fashion, we have some people now complaining that we don't produce enough runs and are trying to hit the homerun to much. Well, that is what we wanted and that is how we have been successful.

When a guy like Pierre stops stealing bases and stops making good defensive catches you have a recipe for disaster, and that is just what he is doing. Pierre is one of the last of a dying breed in the MLB. Left Field has become another power hitting position.

I think Pierre is a great guy and a good example. If the guy wants a job in baseball post playing days he should get it. But it just looks like age has finally caught up with him. It sucks that so many want to pile everything on him. It is nowhere near only his fault. I think Rio's hitting into that DP yesterday was what hurt us the most, but it was a suckfest.

I still think this Sox team takes the division at the end of the year, but I really hope our GM and Manager have the cajones to make the tough decisions.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Buford -- It looks bad just given his last name, but knowing what we know about Kenny Williams, do you really think he's calling the shots to help his son? I see him more as the hardass father who wouldn't hand a job to his kids, but that's just me. Although they did take Williams Jr. curiously high...

Steve -- Liney's should be moderately priced. But I was surprised to find that a 12 of it was more expensive than a 12 of Goose Island at Binny's yesterday...odd.

I think for all the reasons you stated, pulling Pierre out of left field would be an incredibly tough decision. That whole "he plays the game the right way" thing is probably a big factor in why he hasn't been benched yet (side note: I'd rather have a player who plays the game the wrong way but is good). Pierre's been a big part of why this team has struggled, and now that he can barely steal bases, he doesn't provide much value. Either have a good OBP and steal bases with a high success rate or have a good OBP with some power. Pierre just has a good OBP in his last few games, and a mediocre one for the season.


JJ - KW is a hardass but evidently not with his son. What other reason would you have for a 25 year-old in AA with those dismal numbers and still the starting leadoff hitter. And yes, he was considered a terrible overdraft by all...except the Sox.

JJ & Steve - It's not cheap but...Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA. A case for $60 seems like a fair return for JP.


In tonight's AA game, Tyler Kuhn is leading off and Junior is batting sixth.

They got it half right.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

Maybe they're reading these comments. Hi, Birmingham!

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