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Jim Thome's massive blast to deep center as the lone run of the one-game tiebreaker against the Twins does it for me. But a close second was Alexei Ramirez's grand slam the day before against Detroit. In fact, those three consecutive victories against Cleveland, Detroit and Minnesota to close out 2008 were just about as exhilarating as the 2005 World Series run.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

I forgot to add Alexei's grand slam in the post--good call. Winning three games in three days against three different teams to make the playoffs is something that may never happen in baseball again...I think I was more of a nervous wreck in the '08 one-game playoff than any of the 2005 playoff games because 1) I knew that '05 team was good and 2) they never were faced with a do-or-die scenario. The closest the '05 team came, at least in the playoffs, was Game 2 of the ALCS. Plus, beating the Twins in '08 certainly added an extra layer of gratification.

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