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Despite being a die hard Phillies fan with Philly origins and an NYC mailing address, Frank Thomas is my all time favorite baseball player. He was in his prime when I was at my baseball card collecting peak. As far as I was concerned Ken Griffey, Jr. was second to the Big Hurt. I would go on road trips to Camden Yards just to get a chance to see him play. Great memories. Any chance Junior and Thomas hit the HOF on the same weekend? If so, I'm all over it.

I hope there are plenty of non-Philly kids out there that feel the same way about Ryan Howard.

Good luck with the site.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

That's always good to hear coming from a non-Sox fan. Thomas' last year was 2008 and Griffey's was 2010, so unless Thomas gets cheated out of a first-ballot induction it won't happen.

Thanks for the kind words, too.

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