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J. Weitzel

Nice interviews, JJ!


Favorite Sox player ever. A class-act for sure. He's a gold-glover in my mind!!

Ali Ostrowski

man i know alot of fans who still talk about Joe Crede he's one of the most beloved players in white sox history and we all hope he makes a comeback


I just wish Joe had a different agent than Scott Boras. He would have been better off and I wish him all the best in the future.

Thanks for the great years with the Sox.

JJ -- White Sox Beerleaguer

He definitely would've been better off--I seem to remember Crede/Boras turning down a long-term deal at some point before all the injuries happened. For the Sox's sake, I guess it's good he turned it down, though...

Jay Z

Absolutely class act. Get well soon Joe!

rudy quintanilla

Classy guy.


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