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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


"It's from that Murphy piece, and his eyes, like mine, told him that Utley's defense has slipped. He went so far as to say that Utley's arm has become a liability."

Murphy had better not say that at TGP, where UZR and other defensive metrics are considered to be as scientifically infallible as Newton's laws of motion. I got jumped all over for suggesting that Utley's defense is considerably worse than UZR believes it to be.

Well, maybe it's only the three of us, BAP. You, me, and Murphy.

Chris Branch ‏@cbranch89 20m20 minutes ago
ohhhhh man RT @JonHeymanCBS: joe maddon to become cubs manager. story up soon at @CBSSports

Re: Murphy's article, if there ever was an incarnation of the "trade the veterans for some dudes!" train of thought, it'd be that.

Re: Maddon to the Cubs, the new Commissioner should force them to give up a king's ransom for Hamels. In the name of competitive balance. Because Lord knows there's a potential force of nature in the making there otherwise.

(Let's ignore that they'd still be a force of nature with Hamels.)

I've been down on 'advanced' defensive metrics for some time now. FIELDf/x is nice and all, but it only measures the numbers. It can't measure things like wet fields, a given pitcher's odd cadence, a given hitter's swing being deceptive (either looking weak or looking heavy)...

Even the Inside Edge stuff looks somewhat fishy. How is it that Trout has literally no "nearly impossible" catches, but leads all of baseball in the "extremely unlikely" ones (with 60%)?

I honestly have my doubts as to just how accurate some of the numbers it can measure are. If two grounders strike the ground at the same distance and approximately the same speed, but one hits a divot and the other has backspin, the ease of result is going to be completely different.

I'd say that, by and large, there will never be a particularly effective replacement for the Eye Test on D.

Again, I do appreciate everyone here who reads my pieces.

As I have demonstrated, I did not come here to dominate the board. During the course of a day, I cannot read every article or post from many sources. However, the origin of my pieces is strictly internal. It no more comes from David Murphy than from any poster at this or other sites where I post my reviews.

I don't write from the basic premise of conventional thinking because GMs today didn't stop with thinking that existed 40 years ago. They don't say they have to be creative for lip service; they do it to survive. I present only possibilities that they may have explored mentally. Will all of these happen? No. However, GMs are not as limited with options as some fans think they are, and they just can't go out and fill any position immediately as other fans think they can.

There are writers who will knowingly tell you what you think because they want readers without any hassle. I prefer the BS that comes with out-of-the-box thinking. If you want to read your opinion or the standard fare, I'm not someone you want to read. I recently updated my relief pitching review, but did not list it in most places. I published it as updated. If I only wanted clicks, why limit myself? The point is I could get more clicks if I wanted too. I want readers, not clicks. I get 50 percent of my reads from a listing on the Phillies page of Fox Sports, and until I started posting on other Phillies boards, it was 80 percent. Lately, it's starting to drop to 33 percent of the total. My last piece drew 33 percent each from Fox, repeat readership, and my own posting efforts.

My sabermetrics section is separate by design because I write opinion pieces. I'm hoping to expand on it, but it will take time to construct this original concept as a separate and additional section without disturbing the rest of the review.

If you've already decided things are only a certain way, I should be of no interest to you. I'm also accessible. On my last article PLM pointed out that I didn't list the length of a potential contract for Williams.


Tal i know some of the b'leaguers are impressed with E Martin. I never was too impressed. More so a gut thing. Im also extremely Leery on resigning J. Williams. He has im going to into a frog/dud the moment im signed written all over him. Maybe hes turned a corner but its highly suspect. Ive been wrong lots of times so who

Posted by: PLM | Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 06:17 AM


Williams on a one-year deal and only club options at most.

Posted by: Tal Venada | Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 06:22 AM


Thanks. I plugged that hole on the length of the Williams' deal I anticipate.

Posted by: Tal Venada | Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 06:41 AM

Last nite, they lauded Selig for 2 of the worst things in baseball, the DH and the ASG "counting". In that vein, I'm rooting for the Giants to win on a hit by their DH.

Juums - That is true. Murphy's article did say the Phillies might trade some guys for nothing much to speak of, just to begin anew. He did make it plain when he tweeted the link that it was not "his" plan, but rather, what he thinks the Phillies might do, and added that as far as his plan went, "That ship has sailed."

Interestingly, in Gelb's chat today, he said that the Phillies are not the Astros, nor should they be. (That's pretty much a word-for-word quote.) He also said he believes that the Phillies will retain Dom Brown. So the opinion of what the FO will do is not unanimous among the beat reporters.

No, Conway, it's not worth rooting for the Giants just to spite Selig, who won't even see it that way! Root for them if you want, but that's not the reason why, in my opinion. Although I can't think of a reason why, unless you live there, like BAP, or adore Hunter Pence.

Oh, and there's the whole "root for your own league" philosophy. In theory, I subscribe to it, but I find that it doesn't hold sway. My inclination to root for the team that has gone the longest without the thrill of victory trumps it.

I watched the pre-game show, where George Brett was in the booth for a segment. I'd forgotten how funny he is.

GBrett: In principal I agree with you in re: rooting...

However, if it was a matter of the Red Sox or the Giants this year, how do you vote on that? Sure, the Sox won it last year, but the Giants the year before, and 2 out of the last 4.

Same goes if it's the Cardinals in there. Or the Yankees. I might be more willing to root for the ChiSox or the Marlins (hah!) even though they've won it relatively recently, but I think the whole "punchable face" theory of player preference applies to franchises too.

Fortunately for us, this year includes a team that didn't win it in the last 3 years and doesn't have a punchable face, so it's an easy decision for me.

GBF: Don't worry, my posts are usually the kiss of death:)

I admire Perez for trying to tough it out and stay in, because he knows his importance to this squad. On the other, he's making Ryan Howard look like a gazelle.

Besides, I'm down with dopey sentimentality. And Erik Kratz catching Game 7 of the World Series is oozing with that.

Hudson spends his whole career waiting for this moment and then completely sh*ts all over himself. Nice job.

This isn't the way I wanted to see Kratz. Last night's blowout would have been the perfect time for him to see a few innings' action. I hope Perez is OK. If Kratz does come in, I hope he nails a runner and gets a big hit. I'm down with sentimentality, too, Juums.

Were it Giants v. Red Sox, I'd probably root Red Sox because I really like Victorino, even though he's been out with injury all season. And because I loved having the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the '04 ALCS.

I might root for the Cardinals if they played the BoSox, because they were beat by Boston in '13.

And if it were the Yankees, I probably wouldn't take an interest in the series...not liking either team.

If the Pirates had made it to the WS, I'd be happy for them if they won, even though they'd beaten the Royals, for whom I'd still be cheering in spite of the fact that they won in '85 and the Pirates haven't won since '79...because of my old connection to KC.

Pirates v. Astros would be a hard choice for me.

The Mariners and the Nationals (but they're new, and I go by city rather than organization) have never been in a WS, did you know that?

GBF: When I was a young and we had the Washington Senators, the saying was "Washington: First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League".

Ha! That's a good one, Conway!

Conway Twitty:
Save that one year in which the Senators were blessed with Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo. That turned out rather well, if not also a bit Faustian.

That's a fun question for our contempt of the Phillies' institutional culture: Joe Hardy walks into RAJ's office and wants to sign a minor league contract. How does RAJ manage to screw it up?

Wow. There's Bumgarner pitching with a lead in the 5th inning. Crazy.

I appreciate the drama and all-or-nothing energy of a game 7 in the WS... But this kind of thing just shouldn't happen.

This isn't something I feel strongly about, but sometimes, I wish there were no travel days in the postseason, so that teams were forced to use their entire rotation.

Not that it would have kept Bumgarner out tonight. I don't think he's human. I also think Panda can hit everything, unlike our similarly shaped big man.

Yeah Bumgarter's workload couldn't possibly effect him next year because he is 'big' and has a large frame.

Best example of a guy I can think of who blew out his arm in the postseason was Foulke who was never the same after the '04 postseason. Without him, the Sox don't win the WS that year. He got thanked by being booed the following April and all season long by the Red Sox fans.

Our similarly shaped big man could hit everything when he was 28, too. Wait until Panda is 35. It won't be pretty.

Miss the days of a Phils being a good defensive team. go back to '10 when you could really say they had a very good defensive team.

If you had the word "Bumgarner" in your drinking game, you may need to have your stomach pumped.

Dickie, that's hilarious.

And touche to the comparison between Howard and Panda. I'm being emotional v. rational tonight.

MG, I miss the good defense, too.

How many pitches has MadBum thrown? I heard pre-game that he'd only throw around 40 tonight, that Bochy said he isn't a toy. (No, but he may secretly be a robot. Just kidding.)

He's at 50 pitches now. Apparently he's staying in after all.

This has been a highly entertaining game. Not sure if an all-time classic series like '91 but Bumgarner's performance has been.

Want to see a 2-run walkoff hr here. Giants have just had too much damn good luck the last 5 years in the postseason including the '10 nlcs.

Bumgarner seems the obvious choice for series MVP if he closes it out successfully.

How many freaking letter high raising fastballs are the royals going to chase futility? Terrible abs since Bumgarner has come in.

Should have sent him. Huge Mistake.

Gordon looking at the ball almost all of the time. Poor baserunning is epidemic in MLB.

Perez had swung at three fastballs at his head that ab. Pathetic last ab.

Bumgarner had nothing left but got the job done. Congrats to him on his epic historical performance.

Dam it to all frackity frack

It only took until the last game of the year for me to be right. The DH drove in the first run, and the winning run.

No more baseball until Ruf plays in the DWL. Anyone know when that starts?

I agree, PLM.

I think that apart from Giants' fans, America was rooting for KC.

Nice that their fans chanted "Let's Go, Royals" after the loss.

Perez - - I blame Hudson hitting him for his lack of contributions tonight.

Raul is destined to be WS ring-less, apparently.

It was exciting to watch this Royals team in the postseason! I'm disappointed, and I have an irrational hatred of the Giants for beating us in '10 (even though that's their job) which was fed by them winning a 3rd WS in 5 years. However, I'm not crushed like I would be if it were the Phillies who had just lost a WS...or another NLCS to the Giants, or another NLDS to the Cardinals, etc. KC fans can be proud of their team for getting to the 7th game of the WS.

If not for Bumgarner, they might have won, who knows?

To answer my own question, the DWL already started on the 16th. I found standings, team stats, stat leaders, but nothing on Ruf.

Did MLB change the rules for awarding a win to a pitcher? The official scorer has always had discretion to choose the winning pitcher when the starter doesn't last 5 innings & his team is AHEAD when he exits. But if a team is losing or tied when the starter exits, it has always been the rule that the winning pitcher is whichever relief pitcher was in the game when his team took the lead for the last time. That would be Affeldt, not Bumgarner.

Either MLB changed the rule or someone screwed up & the official score is going to be changed. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Affeldt, not Bumgarner, will be credited as tonight's winning pitcher.

Sure enough . . . the official score was just changed. Affeldt gets the win, Bumgarner the save.

I've seen this happen multiple times. Why do official scorers have so much trouble understanding the rules on when they have discretion to choose the winning pitcher? It's not terribly complicated.

Here's what the article says:

"Affeldt was in the game when the Giants scored the go-ahead run in the fourth inning to take a 3-2 lead.

Under rule 10.17, the only way a pitcher does not get the win when he is in the game when the winning run scores is if he is a starter and did not go five innings or was "ineffective in a brief appearance.""

from the G.Brett fan post on the previous page, or so, in which he quotes from the Matt Gelb chat. It was said that Matt Gelb said that the expected return for Hamels to be, words to the effect of, 4 prospects -one MLB ready and 2 in the top 15. You mean like, from the Cubs, they would go, Arismendy Alcantara, Albert Almora, and a player to be named later, like Kyle Schwarber?

I really, really hate the San Francisco Giants - how could I not - I'm a Phillies fan!

That said, Madison Bumgarner is a flat out effin' stud. What an arm; what a sense of "staying in the moment". I have not seen a pitcher that unflappable; maybe ever. In the words of a Seinfeld character: "He's Batman".

Bumgarner is 25 years old and left-handed. Leftys develop late (gulp!). Hard to believe how good he could be; next year, the following year and 10 years after that. Wow.

RR67, is the difference between the Dodgers and the Giants in the postseason the difference between Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner?

GBF, I just read that Murphy piece you linked yesterday.

Murphy is a little off the wall with some of the trade proposals and prescriptions.

The most notable/uninformed is this:

Give Cody Asche two months at third base and Darin Ruf two months at first base and Maikel Franco two months at Triple-A before taking the final step into the new era, with Franco replacing either Asche at third or Ruf at first whenever he can safely be promoted without risking an extra year of arbitration.

OK, so if they are going to replace Ruf at 1B, why wouldn't you move Asche to 1B and play Franco at 3B, given that Franco is heads and shoulders above Asche as a defender? If you're going to play both o their bats, what difference does it make which corner they man, so why not put the best defender at 3B?

That said, IMHO I highly doubt that Asche can out hit Ruf over a full season, but anything is possible.

"OK, so if they are going to replace Ruf at 1B, why wouldn't you move Asche to 1B and play Franco at 3B, given that Franco is heads and shoulders above Asche as a defender?"

Why is that uninformed or off the wall? He's basically saying that Franco needs a couple more months at AAA. One may agree or disagree with that assessment. But it's hardly an "off the wall" idea considering that Franco looked woefully overmatched in his September call-up.

Surprising no one....

Phillies decline Mike Adams' $6 million club option for next season.

"If it is [English your first language] - your English and writing instructors over the years have failed you miserably. Also, if it is I would say that you fall into the trap of many young writers I teach, trying to write smarter than you actually are."

"Also, you have quite a few grammar errors in there to compliment (sic) your incoherent argument."

Does TTI teach many young writers the difference between "complement" and "compliment" when he's trying to write smarter than he actually is?

TTIs in glass houses...

Matt Gelb ‏@MattGelb 2h2 hours ago
Phillies failed to trade players in July. Why will it work now? Amaro: "Our priorities now are a little different than they were in July."

bap, once again, you missed my point.

The point was that if you're going to play Asche and Franco at the infield corners, for defensive reasons you'd be better off playing Franco at 3B and Asche at 1B - assuming Asche can outhit Ruf, which is a dubious proposition at this point.

It had nothing to do with Franco starting in AAA.

Good World Series. Tough loss for KC. If Bumgarner pitches like a mortal rather than a Marvel Comics superhero, KC wins.

I like the idea of playing Asche at 3b, Ruf at 1b and Franco in AAA for the first two months of the season. Franco gets more seasoning (which he appears to need), meanwhile Asche and Ruf get a shot at making their case that they are major-league starters.

I wasn't rooting for SF- and honestly, the only team I would want to see win less is the Nats- but that Bumgarner performance was something I'll remember my entire life, in a good way. We will never see something like that again.

Mike Greenberg was saying it this morning, and he's usually wrong all the time, but he was right about this: there has never been, in any sport, a player that was more individually responsible for a team winning a championship that Bumgarner was to the Giants not just last night or in the series, but for the entire playoffs. I remember him dominating the Rangers in 2010 and thinking it was going to be a one-time fluke thing that he would remember his entire life, but he is really built for moments like last night. He's freaking unflappable.

If he was a Phillie and did something like that, they'd have a statue built for him by the end of the week.

awh: Murphy didn't say that Asche should play 1st and Franco 3rd. He said that Franco would replace "either Asche at third or Ruf at first." It's certainly fair to point out that it makes more sense for Franco to be the one playing third; I happen to agree with that (for many reasons). But "off the wall" or "uninformed" to suggest that both options are on the table? That's a bit of overheated rhetoric. I mean, the Phillies themselves are seemingly prepping only Franco for the possibility of playing 1st. So it clearly seems like the possibility of Asche at 3rd & Franco at 1st is on the table.

Also, MG mentioned that they should've sent Gordon home on the two errors that were worse than anything I've ever seen from the Phillies OF.

It's easy to say it in hindsight, but I think I agree. The defense had already gagged on themselves twice during a fairly routine play. A good throw has him out by 15-20 feet, but it certainly wasn't a lock that the throw was going to be good. And you have a one-legged Perez coming up next.

From a fan standpoint, I REALLY wish they'd have sent him. The rich irony of Posey being called for blocking a path to the plate on a play of that magnitude due to a rule that is in place because of him would've been so, so sweet.

I even wonder if the rule didn't exist, and Gordon could've steamrolled Posey legally, if that would've changed the third base coach's decision to hold or send him. Probably would've been the best ending to a World Series ever, regardless of the outcome of the play.

Yes, not sending Gordon home will haunt the Royals faithful for years. Especially if there's another sustained drought. But some of it was Gordon's own fault, as he wasn't running as if the World Series depended on it, either out of the box or to 3B. If he had, the calculus certainly changes, as he's not a slow guy.

Perez's PA had a distinctly Howard-esque feel to it. Between him still being gimpy and the fact that everybody knew exactly how that PA's pitch sequence was going to play out before it even began, he probably should've been pinch-hit for. At least Josh Willingham wouldn't have chased four pitches at his chin.

dragon, I have ZERO problem with Franco starting in AAA if that's where he belongs.

My point was stated above, and is based on the fact that 3B is the more important position at which to have a good defender, and thus, if Franco and Asche are going to be on the corners, then Franco belongs at 3B.

"Amaro identified Cody Asche, Maikel Franco, Darin Ruf, Ben Revere and Domonic Brown as players to build around."

That's sure to have rival GMs quaking in their boots.

curt, 1 out of 5 ain't bad...

Mike Greenberg is to hyperbole as the guy who sells hot dogs at the game is to hot dogs. I swear, it's almost impossible to watch his show without seeing him proclaim something or someone to be either the "best" or "worst" ever.

Bumgarner was obviously phenomenal and had a huge impact on the entire playoffs. But biggest individual impact ever -- in ANY sport? I wonder how the Bulls would have done if Michael Jordan had gotten injured at the start of the playoffs? Or the Heat if Lebron James got injured? Or the Niners without Joe Montana?

As great as Bumgarner was, the Giants won his 2 World Series starts by 6 and 5 runs, and they won his NL Wild Card start by 8 runs. That leaves a pretty significant margin of error even if a much lesser pitcher had started.

Mini: how do you know I wasn't trying to imply that he was flattering his own argument?

Or that I was posting on an iPad that auto corrected what I wrote?

Perhaps you should stick to posting stupid comments advocating for terrible players.

Juums: Yes, not sending Gordon home will haunt the Royals faithful for years.

Gordon would've been out by 8 feet. The throw was right on the money.

This is an aerial view of Gordon rounding the bases as the Giants' 2 outfielders trip all over themselves. It's a little hard to see, but I think the video pretty clearly shows that the ball was in Crawford's hands, maybe 10 feet behind the infield dirt, as Gordon reached third. And Crawford has a tremendous throwing arm. There is almost no chance that Gordon would have been safe at home. The odds of his scoring on a hit, error, WP, or PB were much better than the odds of Crawford throwing the ball away from only 10 feet behind the infield dirt.


The Royals lost because they failed to acquire Marlon Byrd at the trade deadline. ;-)

BAP: Absolutely correct.

Obvious jokes aside, I would love to see what the 'Phillies Way' book actually contains.

On the subject of Alex Gordon, I choose to ignore your logic and factually supported arguments! Gordon would have made it home, because shut up, he would have.

I might have been slightly fever-addled during Game 7, so perhaps my memory is being fickle. Or I just didn't perceive it correctly in the first place. Still, it can always be argued that he might have been safe, and if Beerleaguer can respect anything, it's armchair quarterbacking playoff decisions.

Besides, Gordon getting gunned down at home would've saved us from Perez's final PA. That would've been the more preferable outcome. (As, seriously, all that was missing from Perez's PA was crumpling over in pain from rupturing his Achilles. And he'd already probably fractured something in his leg earlier in the night.)

RAJ inserting Darin Ruf's name in his "players to build around" comment, only further douses gasoline on my conspiracy that RAJ's days at the helm are done whether he holds the title of GM for the next year or not. Darin Ruf could hijack a truck full of puppies and drive it off a 100 ft cliff and the owner of those puppies wouldn't hate Ruf as much as RAJ does.

And Gelb's chat response to the "trade Brown" question, "I think Gillick wants Brown to either succeed or fail as a Phillie" doesn't help RAJ's cause much, either.

I chose to blame Hudson for Perez's lack of contributions last night.

It would have been super-exciting to have Gordon make it all the way around the bases and tie the game. However, I'm sure the coach thought it was better to have a runner safe at 3B with a batter up.

It might have been a good time for a PH, although I can't think of anyone I would have wanted to turn to for that job.

I was more irritate by Butler's and Perez's pop-ups that bookended Gordon's dramatically-timed hit. A pop-up seems just as sad to me as a strike-out. I was really hoping for better from Butler.

I felt like Bumgarner carried the team in the game and series. Him and Panda.

"Amaro identified Cody Asche, Maikel Franco, Darin Ruf, Ben Revere and Domonic Brown as players to build around."

That's sure to have rival GMs quaking in their boots.

Posted by: curt | Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 04:15 PM

curt, 1 out of 5 ain't bad...

Posted by: awh™ | Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 04:19 PM

To add to my response to curt, color me shocked that no one else has commented on Amaro's statement that curt quoted verbatim above.

Wasn't it a short while ago that Amaro was saying that he didn't think ruf was a full-time player?

So now he's the kind of player Ruben can build around?

After only getting another 117 PA's in 2014 Ruben magically knows this?


"Phillies way"?

What is that? Flounder, fail and shift responsibility?

"Gordon getting gunned down at home would've saved us from Perez's final PA."

I actually found myself rooting pretty hard for the Giants in last night's game. On the other hand, if Perez had left the game and that had been Erik Kratz at the plate, with a chance to be Bill Mazeroski, that would have created some serious cognitive dissonance for me.

Mini: how do you know I wasn't trying to imply that he was flattering his own argument?

Or that I was posting on an iPad that auto corrected what I wrote?

Perhaps you should stick to posting stupid comments advocating for terrible players.

Posted by: The Truth Injection | Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 04:24 PM

A patheticallly weak response complemented by a trite ad hominem attack.

The ultimate compliment from TTI...

awh - Yeah and you could almost see Bill Giles channeling the same vibe and saying in '84 or '85 about how the Phils were rebuilding around such youngsters as V. Hayes, Samuel, Stone, Jeltz, and Schu.

I would argue that the group I mentioned was slightly better too than the 5 players that Amaro mentioned today too.

WP, to expand on your post about Ruf, I recently met a young man who was a drafted in a very high round, was rated a top 100 prospect by BA, and was on an MLB trajectory until injuries derailed his career.

One thing he did intimate when we discussed his and other players' MiLB career is that he feels that player evaluation an promotion has a political element to it as well as being based purely on talent.

Scouts and minor league development guys advocate for and promote "their guys", and tend to devalue players they didn't personally recommend.

I suspect this is the case with Amaro and Ruf.

I would not be surprised to find out that Amaro saw Ruf play at a lower levels and made more than one comment internally about how he would never be an MLB player.

So, now that he's in a position of power he has the opportunity to prove himself correct in his evaluation, whether it's the best thing for the team or not.

awh: He said that Ruf wasn't a full-time player in reference to the fact that the 1B role was essentially filled (even if you're just trying to raise his trade value from albatross to liability, playing Howard most days was probably a necessity from a GM standpoint - especially if you didn't think the team was playoff-bound regardless), and Ruf simply cannot be an everyday RF (please tell me you're not arguing with that point).

Honestly, I don't believe he could be an everyday LF, thus leaving him one potential spot on an NL roster... Which was filled by Howard.

awh, that tracks...

Then, to explain his recent change of heart, in his lame dame status he comes around (at least in public comments) on Ruf, a guy who evidently has Gillick's support. Perhaps we're embarking on an "RAJ, Yes Man" stage until his eventual contract extension?

Just not sure if there's ever been a precedent set for "Yes Men" in the Phillies FO before...

I'm elated to see Ruf mentioned as one of the guys to build around, but unless one of those guys plays RF, that leaves 4 guys for 3 spots.

Tal: Thanks for the link to Ruf. 5/33 w/2BB-10K is not a good start. Maybe it's a culture shock for a corn-fed kid.

    RR67, is the difference between the Dodgers and the Giants in the postseason the difference between Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner?

    Posted by: awh™ | Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Probably awh™. However, i'm scuffling with work and studying for a professional registration test, so I missed 95+% of all the Dodger playoff games.

I did buy into the Bumgarner hype. But in this case (Game 7), there might be something to it. Ah yes, to be young, left-handed and to possess a 92 mph fastball (after what, 300 pitches in 3 games?) that comes out of Lord knows where.

To see the KC batters slobber all over his high heat meant (to me, anyway) Bumgarner had real deception in his motion? pitches? Amazing stuff.

BTW, I know TGP's layout is really hard to follow. However, it can be done, and prevents the use of the <'i><'ul> indent/italic syntax to prove who you're talking to.

The Phils need a ground-up rebuild and 5 consecutive 95-win seasons so we can have a better Beerleaguer. Is that too much to ask?

I rather enjoy being able to use HTML, honestly... Italics for emphasis (I'm probably the principle offender with that, right?) or bold, strikethroughs... Being able to put hyperlinks under different text is nice too.

CT, excellent point at 8:12.

If Asche, Franco and Ruf are all "core" players, then one of them has to be in the OF. And if Brown is too, then one of them has to be in RF.

Hmmm, maybe it's Asche?

Or, did RAJ mention Ruf's name just to pacify an already livid fan base that has it's core of Ruf fans?

BL posters have always loved Ruf to the extent of falling all over themselves predicting .850-.950 OPS. The gap between the valuation of him on here and reality is the largest of any player on the team.

clout: When exactly was the last time anyone predicted that OPS for Ruf? All we are asking is that he be given a fair shot, which he has not.

You can call 1-888-MLB On XM with your offseason horror story for the Phillies. I was thinking of calling to say they already are a horror story...but I think trading Hamels for a bag of balls and signing Brown to a 7-yr. contract might fit the bill for horror. Or plain status quo. What do you all think?

Cubs Fire Rick Renteria

We saw it as a unique opportunity and faced a clear dilemma: be loyal to Rick or be loyal to the organization. In this business of trying to win a world championship for the first time in 107 years, the organization has priority over any one individual. We decided to pursue Joe.

It's a sure sign of Beerleaguer's demise that nearly 24 hours have passed since we learned about the "Phillies Way" handbook, and not a single poster has written a spoof.

BAP: demise? J. Weitzel in his wildest dreams never expected that one of his threads would elicit more than 7200 posts.

"J. Weitzel in his wildest dreams never expected that one of his threads would elicit more than 7200 posts."

Good point!

If I'm being honest, I actually think this current iteration of Beerleaguer is one of its greatest phases. A lot of the b.s. that drug the place down is gone, likely out of general boredom. Those that remain are actually stimulating some great conversation.

I do occasionally supplement with TGP every now and again when posting here is light and I have some time to kill, but for other reasons mentioned (other posters, navigability, ease of a fluid conversation and even HTML) I still prefer BL.

"BL posters have always loved Ruf to the extent of falling all over themselves predicting .850-.950 OPS. The gap between the valuation of him on here and reality is the largest of any player on the team."

clout, that's simply an overstatement.

Besides, my post had more to do with Amaro's apparent "about face" with regards to Ruf as opposed to Ruf's talent level.

If I had to guess, based on his first 447 MLB PA, and the fact that his OPS has dropped every year since he was called up, I'd go out on a limb and state that he can probably put up an above average OBP and SLG, and thus an above average OPS.

If league year-over-year average is OPS .700, in a bad year he might be slightly below that, but in a good year might reach .775 - maybe .800 if he got some luck.

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