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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


What exactly is Andres Blanco if not a AAAA FA?

Fair point. Was thinking it would absolve them of a need to go out and get a guy, though.

I mean, we do need a new Michael Martinez, after all.

I suppose the counterpoint would be... You'd rather they play him in games that do matter?

I just don't see the point. Andres Blanco has a long track record in both the majors and minors. We know exactly what he is -- a AAA depth guy, with no chance of ever being anything more than that. As bad as Cesar Hernandez has looked this year (and he has looked awful), at least he has an upside.

Wow. Nice work layin' out for one, Dom. Hope you didn't get hurt on it.

"Great catch by Domonic Brown!" Not something you hear every day.

I'm thinkin' wrist pain after that.

Of course, if he'd run a little faster instead of his gentle loping, he might not have had to dive for it... But hey, he got it done.

Ruf has doubled up on Howie's Sept. XBH total last night and tonight.

Fun Fact™:
Darin Ruf's got 8 RBIs this year. Ryan Howard has 92. QED the reason why Ryan Howard hasn't driven in 100 runs and become a desirable commodity is Darin Ruf's being on the roster.

So expect him to be shipped to Japan for a very well-made tatami mat this off-season. (Though as I type this, the broadcast crew started talking about Ruf's exile to winter ball to get PAs against RHP. I wonder if his lack of exposure to that this year at the MLB level had anything to do with the fact that front office used him as a strictly platoon bat when they had nothing to lose by running him out there everyday.)

KK meltdown inning?

Not one, but TWO great defensive plays from Dom Brown.

The defense has been exceptional so far.

As much crap as I give Dom, I don't think Sizemore or Ruf get Seth Smith at 3B. Good to see him putting that arm to use.

Juums: Not exile. Radio guys said Ruf ASKED to play winter ball because HE wanted to see RHP. Maybe my winter won't be so long and boring.

Conway Twitty:
Yes, he did. But that doesn't change the fact that the reason he feels the need to see more RHP rests squarely with Sandberg and the front office. So that he feels he must play winter ball remains the organization's fault.

Because, with the way things have gone due to the team's questionable management of Darin Ruf this year, he's going to get beaned in the hand and break his hamate bone while in Venezuela or the Dominican Republic. And his power will be gone for the full eighteen months.

Ruf wont be needed for 18 months. Howie will finally be dropped from the cleanup slot half way through the 2016 season.

I was trying to think of some manner of witty retort, when to my horror I realized that there wasn't any. It's impossible to parody the fact that that statement re: Howard being in the clean-up spot for the next season-and-a-half is halfway plausible.

Another depressing game to play regarding Ryan Howard: Will he finish with a higher RBI count than his wRC+/OPS+? At the moment, he's got 92 RBIs versus a 91 wRC+ and 91 OPS+.

Plus, Ruf will be 30 by then, so his playing time will definitely increase.

Juums: I agree with you completely.
On a related note, you would think that with all the Spanish channels I get on Komcast, ONE would carry some winterball games. I would be willing to put up with only 90% cleavage for 10% baseball, even if its in Spanish.

One good thing about this off-season: If Kyle Kendrick walks and signs with an NL team, it means the Phils will get to face him for a change.

Now that is a thought to warm the cockles of your heart.

What do you bet the Phillies would be the team that can't get to KK, Juums?

Ben Davis ‏@bendaviscsn 18m
Darin Ruf: "Winter ball?"

Phillies: "What do you want to work on?"

Ruf: "Playing time!"

I woulda said that!

Oh no. The Phils could get to KK, if the Bad KK showed up. But with our luck, whoever signs him will get him back to being that #3 from the first half of 2012, which will always be the form he takes when he plays the Phils.

Yes, good KK will show up when he starts v. the Phillies. It would be fun to face bad KK, though.

Woof. Ruf having another problematic game.

Golden Sombrero. With him, Ruf, Howard and Byrd all starting, we could challenge the Braves for the strikeout crown.

That, however, is one play Howard probably would have made.

For whatever reason, Ruf has been pretty bad at scooping since he's hit the big leagues.

Ruf's only got two K's on the night, Buster. While I missed the first PA, tonight he's doubled, drilled one to left that was right at the LF, and just struckout. But it was a deep count that produced the strikeout, so on the night I'd grade him out as as having a decent night at the office.

The timing of the second strikeout, of course, couldn't have been worse.

First strikeout was on a full count also, but he still has 4 PAs with 2 Ks, and only single hit. And both of his Ks came WRiSP.

And Cesar Jimenez, true to form, turns into a pumpkin just as I was starting to think he was a serviceable middle reliever.

SSS and all that, but Ruf has .118/.261/.118 WRiSP this year (24 PAs), and a .153/.297/.282 for his career (112 PAs).

Brown, meanwhile, must love playing in SD. Couple solid hits and some great D (surprisingly).

I don't think the team is going to win for their skipper's birthday.

Howard, incidentally, must have been blessed by the RBI fairy at birth, as he's got a .247/.371/.456 line WRiSP this year, through 197 PAs.

Another 3-hit night for Ben. Yawn.

I think I graded Ruf's night on a curve, as it were, was because of his playing time situation. He's not really had an opportunity to find his rhythm at the plate due to his being used as a straight platoon bat, so what matters is doing things the right way. Darin Ruf, in order to succeed, needs to work the count and either get a pitch he can work with or make pitchers get him out. He did that in all of his PAs tonight and, if he keeps doing things right, success and BABIP luck will come in time.

Because he's going to strike out a lot, no matter what. And during his multiweek "bad week" minislump, there were quite a few of those K's where he seemed to abandon that patient and disciplined approach which has both served him well in the past and which needs in order to hope to be a successful hitter. So, progress! At least as much as can be observed in a 4 PA night that's part of a 98 PA sample size for the year.

Judging by the number of quick outs (3 pitches or less), it looked like they couldn't wait to get the game over with. They showed the S.D. fans putting up Q's over a railing in the outfield for each Phillies' "quick out." I counted something like 9 or 10 by the end of the 7th inning.

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