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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Thanks for the new thread, JW.

This feels like a loss.

Yes, it does, BAP.

I'd like to add to BAP's list of trade chips from the last thread: Mike Adams. He's quietly been lights-out in 16.2 IP by every measure: 2.16 ERA, 2.86 FIP, 3.08 xFIP, 2.86 SIERA, and 173 ERA+ to name just a few. Assuming he can keep it up, of course, but there's always a bullpen in need of stabilization and those numbers are flashbacks to before his long 'bout of injuries. He's also controlled for another season beyond this one, if the option is exercised. If the Phils eat the remaining portion of this year's salary, they should be able to turn him into something, as if he keeps pitching like he has, the $6MM club option will make him quite reasonably priced versus what he'd make on the open market.

Not saying he'll bring back an Organizational Top 10 guy, but Org Top 20 is certainly a reasonable expectation, a la the parts Marlon Byrd and John Buck were turned into by the Mets. Or perhaps even more, if the right buyer can be found or teams like the extra year of control.

Wait, I thought we were playing the Mets for the rest of the season.

Remember how funny "Feels like a loss" was in 2010-2011?

Auspicious, J-Roll. Auspicious. It'd be nice if he'd be less selective in exercising selectivity.

I don't want anyone traded because Ruben Amaro Jr. is the one making the trades.

Win or lose, this is probably the "smartest" lineup Sandberg has assembled so far this year.

Other than putting Revere 9th instead of 8th, its fairly optimized.

Are you suggesting they might score a run?

Can't wait to see how Zimmerman's arm plays in LF.

Darin Ruf injured...

Just hilarious really.

Boy the Duck Dynasty look is really taking off.

A real oddity: a lineup where the better hitters are stacked up front and Revere is pulling up the rear, where he and his sub-.300 OBP belong. Hope this doesn't get l'il Ben p.o.ed, while he's still pouting about Utley's baserunning tutorial.

Darin Ruf just went sliding hard into the wall for a foul ball and he's not getting up. Looked like that one hurt bad.

Trainer Chris Mudd looking at Ruf's left wrist. Ruf tried to brace his crash with his glove, but his right wrist was the victim.

Ruf's coming out of the game. Tyson Gillies will replace him in left field.

Greg Joyce Twitter via Ryan Lawrence Twitter

Todd Zolecki @ToddZolecki ยท 2h
LHP Jeremy Horst cleared waivers and has accepted his assignment. He will be active for tomorrow's game in Lehigh Valley (AAA).

Yeah, Rube got what he wanted and he doesnt have to deal with Ruf pressing his $25 million man anymore and making him look bad as a GM.

Great move to demote him BTW. GM OF THE FVCKING CENTURY!!!

Howard again shows the Phils knack for turning favorable counts into worthless ABs.

Fastball inner half?

A weak groundout.

Poor Ruf. He never should have been demoted.

Looking back, giving Werth the 5 years he wanted in 2010 would probably have been far smarter than giving Howard his deal...neither has been "worth" their contract but at least Werth is still a pretty good RF still.

LaRoche also sporting the Duck Dynasty look.

TMac is so stupid.

Revere has so many singles, the pitchers can then sacrifice him over.

Yeah, I can't think of any other way a guy like Revere can turn his singles into doubles.

What hustle by Buchanan!

Nice hustle, Buchanan! I'm relieved that David Buchanan did not pull up lame busting down the line, like Manship did.

I think he was out.

Tie goes to the runner...

Man that looked as close as can be. I thought for sure it was a tie from that one angle.

Probably out...does a tie go to the runner or defender?

Cyclic- I was thinking the same thing. What a moron.

He was basically putting forth the argument for why he should hit 9th, only he completely botched it.

Jimmy's HR will have to be a solo shot now.

How the hell is that not a tie?

Of course he's called out. Looked to me like a tie, but it's hard to say. With review, they want to make a decision about who got to the bag first, even if it's a millisecond that's too close to call.

Jimmy wasting no time hacking away now that he's back in the lead off spot.

Phillies have some bad mojo going. Nothing seems to be going their way.

get in the box espanosa, he needs to be drilled!

Though Buchanan looks good!

I think Buchanan could have gotten the out at second, but I guess I'll just be thankful he didn't throw it into CF.

I thought there was actually some question about whether a tie really does go to the runner.

I found this, which I find to be a rather confusing read (and I'm not reading with great attention); if you skip to the conclusion, they feel that a tie does go to the runner by default, per baseball rules, "because it cannot go to the fielder".

Since Revere was removed from the bench and put back into the leadoff spot:

.347/.360/.469 in 50 PA

Stairs disappointing me in that he's a huge fan of interleague play.

Ruf has sprained his left wrist, they are saying. :(

Oh, and he needs stitches in his knee, too. He did a number on himself, didn't he?

Werth bases loaded. 2-0 count.

Four or more runs will be scored in this inning.

Well, that could have been worse, I guess.

Buchanan's got poise and all, but I miss Cliff Lee.

Sounds like I'm missing one for the ages.

The fun has gone from watching this team.

Fun? We watch out of obligation!

Ruf hurt at AAA?


This is going exactly as I anticipated.

Theres nothing you can do but laugh at this point, Iceman.

Oh, you can do more than laugh. You can read into the situation that supernatural forces have a particular hatred for Phillies fans. Which means we should say hello to and welcome our inevitable first-round draft pick, Jacob Gatewood.

In Soviet Russia, Phillies are disappointed in you!

Jacob Gatewood will have a "great batting practice session with wooden bats at CBP" and we'll hear about what a great 2 sport athlete he is. It is inevitable. It is our destiny.

Here's a surprise. Howard leads all of baseball in Ks, but #2 on that list is also a Phillie - Byrd.

Guys, it's been a tough season, yeah, but you really do have to look at the bright side, at least we have TMac in the....

Ah, sh8t, I can't even finish that in good conscience.

I'm sure the draft will work out fine. Rube says Marti is doing a very fine job, specifically mentioning two signal successes in the past decade, the aforementioned roughed up Ruf and tonight's star, David Buchanan.

We will never up on our Phillies!!

I really don't care who they draft. But one word of advice: Whomever the draft pick in the first round is, put him in the majors immediately. Don't subject him (or her) to the kiss of death that passes for the Phillies minor league system. So far, JP Crawford is holding up unusually well. Sources say it's because the entire coaching staff at multiple levels has simply left him alone.

Benign Neglect should be our watchword with draftees from now on.

thanks goodness for the team meeting. Might have no hits through 4.2 innings otherwise.

Wait, Aumont was optioned after 2 games? The Phils thought he was ready for prime time, but changed their mind 2 innings later? Or maybe they expected him to suck but thought it would be a good experience for the kid to get knocked around some?

Somehow I don't think the goal of IBB is for the next guy to hit a double.

Franzke and LA said that the Nats' record when they score at least 4 runs is something like 20-3. I don't remember what exactly they said, but it was ridiculous. So this would be a good time to give up on the game.

What do they expect from Buchanan? He's not a major leaguer either. Can this please be the last game he starts?

After seeing red for a while after learning of the Ruf injury, I had a while to mull it over. Here is where I'm left:

On the one hand, angsting about Darin Ruf's getting hurt is probably a fool's errand. He's most likely a platoon bat who should be getting ~300 PA a year as a 1B and DH, who occasionally spot starts in LF and who provides a bit of pop and on-base skills off the bench. It's illogical to lavish the kind of attention most of us do on him, because he's ultimately not that big a deal for the Phils' organization when it is confronted by so many challenges of much greater severity.

But here's the thing: Since 2012, when the wheels started to come off and as things have snowballed, this lowly 20th round draft pick from a Flyover Country university, leads all Phils in wOBA who've accumulated at least 300 PA. True, it's a lead that's only b a hair's breadth -- Ruf's turned in a .359 wOBA, versus Utley .38 and Ruiz's .356 -- but it's still there, and that's good company to be in, given Utley's blazing 2014. In the same time span, that ranks him 44th of 438 OFs who fit the same criteria, with familiar faces Josh Willingham and Bryce Harper also notching .359 wOBAs in that timeframe. From so humble of roots, he erupted onto the scene and forced the Phils to give him a shot, which he has made the most of when regular playing time came his way. (And would have, I'm sure, in his brief call-up had he not been relegated to being a RHB bench bat.)

A lot of the good and memorable from the past three seasons can be owed to Darin Ruf's phenomenal journey, and for another big chunk of his 2014 being lost due to injury arising from RAJ's mishandling of the bullpen shuttle to and from LHV leaves me sputtering incoherently with rage. Not because I think he's the answer to the Phils' problems. Because if anybody's earned playing time in what is becoming lost season, it's him, and he's now gotten hurt during an unwarranted demotion and will be laid up for 4-8 weeks if the wrist injury is as bad it seems to be.

I've only been enraged with the front office once before since I started frequenting BL, and that was similarly Ruf-related, when RAJ said he wasn't an everyday player. And again, it's the result of the organization jerking around a guy who has done a good deal to make the past few years more enjoyable.

Wait. I just joined this game. Can someone explain to me why the pitcher was allowed to lead off the 6th inning, when the team is down 4-0?

3-1 count to Utley in a crucial AB. Fastball middle-in? Does nothing with it.

Byrd with nothing. Team makes you ill.

Juums: That was a truly excellent post.

Don't have cable, but I do have, so I'm watching Angels/Astros tonight.

About to watch Jonathan Singleton take his first major league PA.

I fear we're in for a decade of bad Phillies' teams.

I have to say, this new Gameday format which has been unveiled within the last few days is one of the greatest abominations of the 21st Century.

Damn, he's got a big swing.

Chased a slider like he was trying to be Ryan Howard.

I only caught the last pitch of the PA, but I can see why the Phils drafted Singleton. He's got a special bat. Takes an immense amount of talent make such a Howard-esque checked swing on strike three low and away in your very first MLB PA.

That was a good post, Juums.

BAP - Sandberg said that the BP still isn't quite rested, so I suspect that's the reason that Buchanan remained in the game.

If only management had allowed Roob to spend 200 million dollars on the payroll, we'd be a good baseball club.

Seriously, cut the cord on the GM already. He should have been canned long ago and its a joke he's still on the job. As soon as the draft is over they should can his ass. And let the long and painful rebuilding start (which also should have started long ago) with fresh faces running the show.

So Singleton just botched a pretty easy groundball right at him, and the Astros announcers are claiming that it wasn't routine.
Wasn't a short hop nor did it change directions. Just bad defense.

"Sandberg said that the BP still isn't quite rested, so I suspect that's the reason that Buchanan remained in the game."

I suppose it makes no difference. The Phillies aren't going to score 4 runs anyhow and whoever it is that replaced Buchanan would have been just as bad.

That's what I figure, BAP. The Nats' record with 4 runs is ridiculous, the Phillies can't score to save their souls, and Bastardo was the pitcher warming up, last I heard.

Throwing error, my ass. That's on Howard.

I actually want give David Buchanon some credit. Earlier today I said he was one of those fringy fifth-starter guys like Tyler Cloyd who could survive on an MLB roster for short amounts of time before getting overmatched. At the time I'd made that statement, I'd assumed he was 29 or 30 and basically Jeff Manship with more stamina. I hadn't realized he was just 25 and was at Reading this time last year. Not that he isn't presently a fringy 5th-starter-type. A 5th-starter or longman is probably what his upside is. But given his age and that his stuff isn't amazing, the only way he's going to reach it is through pitching to advanced hitters and learning how to get outs with what he's got. As he's had all of 70-some-odd IP at AAA, there's still plenty of time for him to become a perfectly functional piece of the back-end of a rotation.

Buchanon's being fed to the lions and, while he's gotten hit around, he kept plugging. I'll give'em credit for not melting down due to being constantly overmatched and soldiering on through six when his squad really did need him to do so. True, that's grading on a curve, but Buchanon's the...what, 9th or 10th SP on the depth chart? These situations are why the curve exists, lest you be overwhelmed by all of the bad news that necessitated Buchanon's call-up.

Ethan Martin, ladies and gentlemen.

Is it safe to not look yet?

He was 92-94 all much for his "dead arm" I guess.

Mayberry hits a RHP. Maybe we can be done with Gwynn sooner than expected?

So apparently we should have been first-pitch swinging all night?


For the love of god, get an extra base hit.

I'd be fine a few more singles this inning.

Another memorable productive inning

So JMJ to CF, Rollins to LF, and Chase to RF...

Byrd had to make an out there. No other outfielders to hit the ball to.

With Ruf probably on the shelf for a substantial amount of time, who do you replace Gwynn with? As the logic of cutting Gwynn loose is so that you can have a proper bat on the bench. Who's the next thumper we've got on the depth chart? ...thumper who we are content to not have regular playing time.

Steve Susdorf seems like he'd be the most logical choice, unless you want to feed another farmhand to the lions and call up Cameron Perkins. Which seems to be a bad idea, as that'd deny him regular playing time, in the process.

I'm sure you'll see them...they'll just be in the bottom half of the inning unfortunately.

It feels like Marlon Byrd has been terrible for quite awhile now, but somehow his OPS is still above .800.

RBI Walk for Singleton nets him his first career RBI.

Actually, before yesterday, he'd hit in 5 straight games, with a .285 average. So he has only been terrible for the last game and a half. I guess that qualifies as "quite awhile."

I don't see it that way, Juums. This is Buchanan's third start. He can't get major leaguers out, from what I've seen. There's no way he's the best AAA option.

I know he's sucked for most of the yeat, but I'd much rather see Lincoln start a game. He just had a very good outing, and he at least has major league stuff.

Juums: If we're content to put 1Bs in the outfield for their bats, as well as having them hit off the bench or occasionally spell Howard, why not James Murphy? Tyler Henson could get a shot at 3rd, letting Brignac slide smoothly into the outfield? Could call up Dugan or Gillies too, the latter especially if you want a glove-centric 4th/5th outfielder.

Juums absolutely nails it with his 08:44 PM post. Iceman - c'mon now - who absolutely took delight when Ben Revere broke his foot? I hope your "ha, ha, Darin Ruf" post was the highjacker.

Who cares, anyway. I can't wait to see how the FO "shakes out" when attendance a CBP craters, and Comcast dials back the Phillies' TV royalties due to lack of ratings.

"I know he's sucked for most of the yeat, but I'd much rather see Lincoln start a game."

Or they could have done something completely crazy and called up the guy who has been their best AAA starter over the last year and a half: Greg Smith.

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