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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Phillibuster, those are listed as synonyms, so it seems a minor distinction.

I know that Utley has determined that regular play is better for his knees, but he seems like someone who could use a break. I kinda wish he weren't winning the All-Star voting. (Is that still going on?)

Ehh... I tend to think they're "synonymous" because of usage more than original intent.

Fan, being a shortening of fanatic, indicates significantly more emotional investment (at the expense of reason, sometimes) to me. An enthusiast is someone who enjoys something, and studies up on it, but is less invested.

Lose 1st game of 4 game home set with Miami... OMG BLOW IT UP THEY SUCK THIS SEASON IS OVER THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT

Posted by: Cyclic | Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 08:05 PM

Fickle sheep regurgitating the crap they inhaled from the asinine sports writers.

Then there are the psuedo GMs who populate the blogosphere with their idiotic platitudes about "whats best for the Phillies" (which according to them is losing) and pompous rants about how only they can see "the writing on the wall".

Did I just see Papelbon reading trivia cards in the bullpen?

Phillibuster, OK, I get that, but I would have sad that the fan was the one more likely to react emotionally to games than an enthusiast. Or perhaps I simply misunderstood your original comment.

At any rate, fickle to me is someone who only likes the team when they're doing well and loses interest when they aren't.

"I feel like that's the difference between the fan and the enthusiast."

Putting the d back in d-bag.

It's always good to see Howard get an XBH.

Insurance runs!

Trade Asche!

GBrett: Sorry, I do agree that the fan is the one more emotional about it.

MW: Messrs. Merriam and Webster would surely be scandalized to hear there was a woman with an unconventionally-spelled first name that was close to a homophone of the title of their best-known work.

Glad to see Brown got that uppercut out of his swing...

Brown, not letting Ruiz outdo him, also swings at a wild pitch.

Get on base any way possible?

Chooch gets the 3-0 green light? Interesting.

Something is wrong with Utley.

When will we learn what it is? Before or after we learn he needs surgery?

Asche and now Giles two youngsters to watch.

Asche has learned to hit. It's exciting!


Wow. Talk about the BABIP gods...

A BJ encore.

Interesting that someone is trolling my name with a link to an anti-gay and possibly anti-semitic website. I can't really tell because reading stuff like that makes me break out in a rash.

Glad to know I'm irritating someone enough that they feel the need to hijack my name.

Also, I think we need to break up the Phillies. After tonight's performance, they're just too good. In fact, Asche can, and always could, hit. And Giles looks like the closer at some point. Hollands is good. DeFratus seems straightened out. And Diekmann looks like a good LOOGY. Just wondering what he did to earn the setup role.

The ascension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bittel: it would seem whatever is wrong with Utley is clearly mental, not physical

Your AllStar 2B.

BJ is back.

Why is Roaenberg here with the team?

Why is it mental with Utley?

And I don;t feel like Rosenberg's runs should count against the bullpen's recent performance. He's dreck, and doesn't belong here.

I agree with bittel about Rosenberg.

Rosenberg should not be within a mile of a major league pitching mound. His level of suckitude is off the chart.

Rosenberg throws hard--and gets hit even harder

Buchanan has managed to win twice as many games in a month than Hamels has all year. We have a new Ace!

Wish he'd gone more than 5 IP, but I wasn't too upset with Buchanan's performance today. His 5th was disappointing, but he managed to power through it without letting it get out of control.

The ashenstion!

Wow, the Mets absolutely crushed the A's to ensure we stay in last place. Bravos are up on the 'Stros in the 7th by 1, while the Brewers have a run on the Nats in the same.

"Buchanan has managed to win twice as many games in a month than Hamels has all year."

I noticed this. Life isn't fair. Hopefully, the Phillies will start giving Hamels some run support and he can pick up some Ws, too.

The ashenshun!!!

A tale of two teams trying to give away a ballgame. Thankfully, the Marlins wanted to give it away more.

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