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Friday, June 13, 2014


Re: Jake Fox, he's joining Reading, whose roster was down to 22 players after recent moves. I wouldn't read too much into the signing.

I foe one can't wait to see every one of Gwynns 5 ABs tonight.

They just need to get Gwynn going with some regular ABs.

Or PAs. One of the two.

Ryne Sandberg understands as much about the value of OBP as does Amaro.

That lineup is atrocious - monumentally stupid - a hope and a prayer.

The Phillies are averaging 3.92 RPG.

BTW, with Rollins leading off and Chooch in the 2-hole, they are averaging 5.14 RPG. (SSS - 7 games)

Here's the real revelation: With Chooch in the 2-hole (SSS - 11 games) they are averaging... 5.27 RPG.

You can't make this up.

Remember the good old days, when people thought Charlie Manuel was stupid?

Remember the good old days when the Cubs repeatedly passed over Ryne Sandberg for their manager's job and we couldn't understand why?

Remember the good old days when we all assumed Ryne Sandberg would be an improvement over Charlie Manuel?

I understand that old guys like Utley, Howard, Rollins, Byrd & Chooch need a day off now and then. And I understand that, if a guy's slumping, there's something to be said for giving him the night off. But Revere is 26 years old, hitting .316 for the month, and has 6 hits in the last 4 games. So WTF?

Oh, good, it's working again - Just in time for me to bitch about the stupid ump tossing Hernandez without warning! So pissed! And on a night when he actually had a chance to go 7IP - 7 good innings. Sucks.

The Philles were horrid tonight, but at least they outperformed Beerleaguer.

I think Typepad had an issue tonight

The Phillies also had an issue. I really hope they take the next two.

Hey, it was Friday the 13th. Think about the guy who drew Roberto Hernandez for the home run payoff inning!

Now if only we can somehow beat the bad teams all the times and occasionally beat the better teams...Oh wait we are the bad team..

that loss needs to be pinned on Sandberg for throwing that lineup out there. Mayberry has a big game the nite before and deserves a start. Gwynn is horrid. Too bad we can't combine Revere and gwynn into one useful CF. What ever happened to going with a hot hand and giving JMJ a few starts. Can he play a little CF or give Byrd a nite off since he has been bad lately.

even if ryne is as clueless as it appears, wouldn't bowa have some input in making up the lineup? the inclusion of tgj, and especially leading him off, made no sense.

There will be no ascension.

Silver lining in a what is shaping up to a be wasteland of a season (70-win pace right now):

- Bullpen has notably better the past month and in particular De Fratus has been really solid he was recalled.

9 G, 10 IP, 0.00 ERA, 6 H, 1 BB, 10 K, .176 BAA

Good thing the Phils sent him down after that HR early on April 12 and brought up the likes of Camp and Garcia instead who were horrible to replace him.

Just yet another in a litany of in-season roster moves the past 3-4 years that Amaro doesn't have a clue on talent evaluation and it is likely an area where there is little/no inference directly from Montgomery either.

Amaro and Looper (Asst GM and in charge of Player Personnel) need to be fired and removed from any player personnel decisions hopefully no later than by the end of the season.

- Bastardo has been too since he tweaked his mechanics a bit at the end of May. Since May 29th, Bastardo numbers are:

7 G, 8 2/3 IP, 1 H, 3 BB, 9 K, .040 BAA

Odd thing though is Sandberg has been using him for multiple innings this year. Last night was the 6th time already in 30 G appearances that Bastardo has gone more than 1 IP.

Last year Bastardo was used only > 1 IP just 4 times. Also just 4 times in 2012.

Splits have been really impressive too whether vs LHB or RHB too. A smart team is going to try to pick's Rube with a 'C' prospect for a reliever who can definitely help a team in the postseason in situational matchups especially vs LH hitters who Bastardo annihilates.

I don't know which has had a more boring and lifeless 2014: Beerleaguer or the Phillies.

JRoll likely breaks the franchise all hit record tonight.

Seems like most fans are lukewarm/in-different to it and that is a real shame for a guy who has been a great player here including winning a MVP as a SS, a few Gold Gloves, a WS ring, and some huge moments in the regular & post season. Bowa shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath.

Arguably one player that is still under-appreciated in Philly on the whole too. It seems like you have a vocal minority like those at TGP who blinded argued that JRoll could do no wrong and the criticism directed at him was unfair/unjustified with racial overtones and a larger vocal idiot contingency who always harped about JRoll's shortcomings (doesn't take enough pitches, pop-ups too much, not a leadoff hitter, etc) while overlooking his unique strengths (power/speed combo at SS with elite/very good defense which made him a premier player).

I'm glad he will break the franchise record at home over the next 2 days and I hope he gets the standing ovation he richly deserves.

I am very excited for Jimmy to break the record! I gave him my own standing ovation in my living room yesterday when he tied it, with a smile on my face.

It's one of those days when I wish my whole family liked baseball. I would love to be there to applaud and cheer JRoll in person.

I thought Dave Murphy was right. He wrote a bit about Rollins. I'll link it and also Rich Hoffman's good piece on him, which Murphy references (but gets the link wrong):

Murphy on Rollins:

Hoffman on Rollins:

Manship still on the roster ?...Say it aint so..

mayberry has the team's highest OPS (.937) and has 5 HR in 67 AB compared to 4 for brown in 225 AB.

i guess you could infer from that that sandberg is using him with surgical precision.

Prospects that Amaro traded away:

Here is a quick recap on the major trades that Amaro made to give the Phils a better chance and extend the window:

1. Lee and Franciso for Knapp, Donald, Marson, and Carrasco

- Knapp was injured and never appeared in MLB

- Donald appeared in parts of 3 seasons while putting up a .257/.309/.362 (.672 OPS) and has been out of MLB since '12

- Carrasco has appeared in 5 seasons with the Indians including a starter/reliever this year and in 64 G (44 GS), 281 IP, 12-22, 5.19 ERA, 1.48 WHIP

- Marson appeared in parts of 6 seasons including 5 with the Indians while putting up a .219/.309/.299 (.609 OPS) and has been out of MLB since '13

Phils dominated that trade and not a single one of these guys meaningfully contributed to the Indians.

2. Halladay for d'Arnaud, Taylor, and Drabek.

- d'Arnaud has appeared in 2 seasons and is currently the Mets starting catcher having put up a line of .189/.277/.269 (.546 OPS) in 70 G and just got sent down to the minors again.

Only 25 but he looks more and more like a 'bust' and a guy who at best will be a journeyman backup catcher if he even sticks at the MLB level.

- Gose appeared in parts of 3 seasons with the Blue Jays while putting up a .237/.305/.348 (.653 OPS) and still hasn't been able to lock down a starting job in CF.

- Taylor has appeared in parts of 3 seasons with the A's while putting up a .135/.210/.189 (.399 OPS) in 26 G.

Basically a AAA journeyman at this point and nothing more.

- Drabek has appeared in 4 seasons with the Blue Jays including a starter/reliever this year and in 37 G (30 GS), 169 1/3 IP, 8-15, 5.37 ERA, 1.69 WHIP

Phils gave up 3 pieces that have done squat at the MLB level and Halladay was stellar for the Phils in '10 and '11 before he started to break down in '12 and fell off the wagon in '13. Still a huge win for Amaro though.

Got a Ferrari with a lot of miles on it but still performed quite well for a bit longer and gave up a few shiny new Fiats for it.

3. Oswalt for Happ, Gose, and Villar

- Happ has appeared in 8 seasons and since he was traded by the Phils in '10 he has 101 G (94 GS), 528 2/3 IP, 32-40, 4.65 ERA, 1.47 WHIP. Basically a mediocre back-end starter.

- Gose appeared in parts of 3 seasons with the Blue Jays while putting up a .237/.305/.348 (.653 OPS) and still hasn't been able to lock down a starting job in CF.

- Villar has appeared in parts of 2 seasons with the Astros while putting up a .221/.291/.329 (.620 OPS) and with mediocre defense. Still only 23 but appears as a marginal starter at SS at best.

Phils gave up 3 pieces that really would be helping this year with likely meagre contributions going ahead forward from Gose/Villar and without Oswalt clinching the '10 NL East title becomes a lot more iffy. Phils won this trade too.

4. Pence for Cosart, Zeid, Santana, and Singleton

- Cosart has appeared in 2 seasons with the Astros and in 23 G (23 GS), 133 IP, 6-6, 3.18 ERA, 1.35 WHIP. Mediocre starter last year who had a great ERA that masked very poor peripheral numbers but has shown clear improvement this year so far.

Basically might be a mid-tier starter if he continues to show a bit more improvement including keeping his BB/9 at or below 4.

- Zeid has appeared in 2 seasons with the Astros and in 33 G (0 GS), 36 2/3 IP, 0-1, 3.68 ERA, 1.40 WHIP.

Serviceable RHP middle reliever but is certainly better than some of the garbage the Phils have trotted out there in the 2nd half last year and earlier this year.

- Singleton was called up earlier this year and has a strong line early of .250/.292/.568 with 4 HRs in 11 G. Just is 22 and looks like will be your prototypical power-hitting 1B allow his upside is limited a bit if he stays at 1B due to his horrendous defense, a somewhat low-moderate AVG, and sub par speed.

Still would have been a nice heir apparent for Howard at 1B and could end up being a .250/25-30 HR next year. More the sunk cost in Howard than what Singleton has in upside potential that is frustrating.

- Santana continues to rake at AAA and appears that he might be a nice power hitting corner OF the Phils could desperately use next year.

Santana though is supposedly below average/terrible defensively too and projects as a LF at the MLB level.

Phils appear right now to be big losers in this trade especially since they only kept Pence for a year and traded him away for .60 cents on the dollar in a salary dump.

If the Phils hadn't included Santana and made another prospect in return who wouldn't have amounted to much in wouldn't look so lop-sided and regardless the Phils would still have to figure out what to do with Howard and his 2 remaining years at $25M and the $10M he is owed if they buy out his last year in '17.

Howard is untradeable right now even if the Phils would eat a portion of his contract ala Thome when they moved him

If someone mentioned this on another thread, forgive me. BR has new WAA for teams by position.

Phils 13th in NL in overall WAA
8th in SP
7th in RP
13th for non-pitchers.

Since the Phils are 10th in Runs/Game, I assuming the mostly dreadful defense is pulling WAA down. Regardless, so much for the offense not being a problem with this team!

With the #2 C and #1 2B, the team is 13th overall. OOOOF!

Funny to read the old fans inevitably praising Bowa to JRoll.

Funny how Bowa's offensive game is very similiar to Revere and I bet none of the posters on the articles would praise Revere's offensive stats & game.

Edmundo - Phils LF have been the 2nd worst position in NL except for SD 2B (Gyorko who has been a huge bust so far)

Howard has been a big disappointment, Revere too in CF, and 3B has been a disaster too.

Getting a MLB-ready C/CF prospect at the deadline should be a real priority for the Phils if possible although Joseph is quietly off to a very nice start at Reading so far (.282/.345/.551 with 5 HRs in 21 G)

i like joseph. but the next hard foul ball off the mask may convince him (and his family) to retire. but i wish him the best luck he could possibly have.

last winter i read about a junior WR at boston college who was giving up football after 5 concussions. joseph's next may be # 5 or perhaps 6.

Seen this?


"The numbers say that Philadelphia fans require their team to perform or they won’t show up."

"It seems the Phillies should charge more and use the funds to invest in players."

Good stuff by MG. Between MG, clout, Juums and b_a_p I usually learn baseball stuff here that I would have no time to research on my own.

MG, nice analysis. Amaro did great when he had deep pockets and found a team who didn't want to pay the big contracts, until the Pence trade. He did a nice job on the pitching.
But then it went south. He severely overrated Pence. Perhaps Amaro doesn't understand offense. :) Then when he was on the other end of the salary dump, he didn't get much. The Pence and Victorino trades look to yield nothing of importance.

Jimmy Rollins:

"A couple years ago, I reached 2,000 hits in Cincinnati. I told my wife I really didn't care where that happened. But when the hits record comes up, I would like to be at home. I was raised here -- professionally, obviously -- played every single game in a Phillies uniform, and it's something that I want to share with the people of Philadelphia. They've been there. They've cheered. They've come out and put on a good show for five straight years, and it's something I want to share with them also."


MG, coming into this year, did you really expect much more from Howard or Revere? Howard still flashes power, but that is all he's got. He's close to done, I'm afraid.
I thought when I first saw Revere, he had to hit .300 to be an asset; I had upped that to .333 last year. Now I'm up to .350. :) He has a reasonable and compact swing and makes contact, and he is fast. Those are his only baseball assets. In addition to his no arm/no power skill set, he also seems clueless about baseball. Unfortunately, there is nobody in the system who can replace him in the next few years.

interesting, bittel. thanks. the phillies brand is so valuable (clippers will sell for twice the estimated value of $1B), that it can even afford to lose some money, at least in the short run, if it means maintaining the quality of the product. but they can't afford any more damage from ruin.

as part of today's celebration of the 238th birthday of the US army, 25 new recruits will be inducted into the service on the field. there's smth a little mawkish about that, imho.

MG--Your post was one of the best that I've read on this site in a long while. Keep up the good work!!

I attended Wednesdays game and last night's game (they were part of my plan). They scored in 2 of the 18 innings, both times in the 9th. This is excruciating.

MG, the assessment of trades reminds us that Amaro and co. haven't gambled away too many pieces of value, especially when measured against what we got back and how strong our team was.

Had we kept those young guys we would not be a better team today, it doesn't seem. The deeper problem is why those young guys did not grow into good, solid players.

The trades were largely worth it to be so good for those five years. Even though the Pence trade and the first trading away of Lee - so that we ended up trading for him twice - were not as good of decisions, it was great when Amaro acquired Lee, Halladay, and Oswalt (some did not agree with that last one, but I liked it). Strengthening scouting and player development remains the key, from my point of view.

Anyone that has been 'disappointed' by Revere and Howard had unrealistic expectations to begin with.

"It seems the Phillies should charge more and use the funds to invest in players."

I, for one, think that tickets cost enough already, and I also think the payroll is high enough already to field a good team. But I take the article's point.

From last night, if you didn't see it. Highly entertaining .gif of Sandberg and the umpire.

that was funny, GBf. it was like syncronized swimming.



I think we'll lose again today, because, well, Buchanan. But I hope not.

Iceman - Was it too much to expect Revere to be average defensively overall in CF and hit ~.300?

Ditto for Howard to hit 25-30 HRs but have an AVG/OBP that would be .250/.330 instead?

Revere will never sniff being average defensively because he has no baseball instincts, in the field or on the bases. Some great defense from Gwynn last night, including a non-little-league arm, that Revere couldn't even dream of.

As many on here have noted, Domonic Brown ranks 166th out of 167 "qualified" players with a -0.9 WAR. Much less noted is that another Phillie, who doesn't have enough PAs to qualify for the leader board, actually has the exact same WAR as Dom: Tony Gwynn, Jr. That is incredibly impressive, since WAR is essentially a "counting stat;" the less you play, the less your WAR is going to move, either positively or negatively.

Basically, in 244 PAs, Domonic Brown has done more things to make his team lose than any other player in baseball except Jedd Gyorko & Cody Ross. Yet, Tony Gwynn, Jr., in only 101 PAs, has done exactly as many things to make his team lose as Dom Brown. Among all major leaguers, only Skip Schumaker has attained so low a WAR with so few PAs.

Gwynn did make that throw to get an out at 2B last night, one that Revere, try as he might, would not have been able to make. Defense was the only way he earned his keep last night, and Sandberg was nuts for batting him leadoff.

Spent a good portion of this beautiful afternoon drinking several or a lot of beers. I'm feeling more optimistic about the Phillies.

Free Ruf (once he heals)! Free JMJ (OK, mostly against LHP...)!

This team is not yet out. Down, yes, but not yet out. If Cliff Lee comes back and pitches like Cliff Lee, I can easily see them 3 back of first at the deadline. With the FO brain-trust saying: "...we can win this thing...".

Fellers, the fire sale could be a forever-receding dot on the horizon.

GBrettfan -

I agree that Gwynn (like no-walks Revere) shouldn't be leading off. The optimal lineup is Rollins, then Chooch, with Gwynn 8th -- since Gwynn can actually play CF. It's too bad that Gwynn, unlike singles Revere, hasn't gotten consistent ABs so he'd have a chance to get his stroke back.

For that to happen, we need to win three in a row a lot more often. Win three, lose one, win three, etc.

It's nearly impossible right now with Buchanan taking Lee's starts, and Lee's out for another month at least. (I've forgotten when he went on the DL, but I think I read it will take him as many days to rehab/get back to form as he spent not throwing.) The only starter upon whom we can count to consistently give us good starts is Cole. Even when they pitch well, if our starters give the other team an early lead, we can not count on our offense to overcome it.

We need improvement from our collective offense and our collective pitching, while the BP needs to remain stable (which will be harder without Adams, but here's hoping). If we somehow reel off a month of 20-10 ball, we'll be 48-47. That would make Phillies baseball a lot more exciting.

Mini Mart's posts are especially hilarious juxtaposed with bap's post regarding Gwynn's atrocious WAR.

Huh, the ball hits the runner but a fielder still gets a put-out. One of those flukes of the game.


Short-lived lead.

NIce hit and nice hustle, Byrd!

Oh, the futility that is so often a Dom Brown AB.

Chooooooch! 2-1 Phillies.

Brignac is in a good place with the bat this past week.

Come on, Ben!


Aw, too bad for Rollins. Good news is he's already had 2 ABs in 2 innings, so he should get 5 chances today.

Pathetic AB by Brown. Really surprised the fans aren't booing him. I only guess it is generally apathy about the team as a whole.

At least Buchanan is only giving up solo HRs, but if he keeps it up, the Cubs will score 9 runs, all on HRs.

What do you think is causing Buchanan to throw so many homerun balls

Why R revere and brown still in the lineup they both really suck!!!!!!!

"What do you think is causing Buchanan to throw so many homerun balls"

Because he's just not that good.

MG, good post earlier outlining those trade.

Jason Knapp update:

After injuries and surgery, he's trying to make a comeback this season in the TEX system. He's doing this in high A ball:

Wow! That was awesome!

Schmidt coming out with the bat to personally congratulate Rollins & raising Jimmy's hand high, all his teammates lining up to offer their congratulations, the fireworks and the stadium announcement, the tip of his helmet to the cheering crowd....It was truly something to witness.

GTown went to the game today hoping to see this. Cool that he got to.


Congrats to JRoll although it the standing ovation/cheers could have been a bit longer.

TMac's call wasn't great but it didn't have to much of his ridiculous hyperbole either. Curious to hear what the radio call was like though in both English & Spanish.

Schmidt coming out of the dugout to pass the bat to JRoll was a nice touch.

One thing this FO has always done well under Montgomery is how they treat former players/managers and keep them involved with the club.

2-2 to Brown. Either a weak ground ball or K coming up

Jackson missed badly with that fastball. It supposed to be down and outside but a nice smooth swing by Brown to put it out and chase Jackson

Haha. Nice call MG. Astute as usual.

Iceman - Do you have an alert from this website that automatically sends you an update when I post?

That was Brown's first HR since May 30th and only his 4th XBH this month. Brown is hitting for AVG this month (.309) now but he has only 1 BB and still isn't hitting for much power.

What's your problem, Kazanski?

I only post here when I get tired of kicking my dog.

As someone on Twitter said, I would have loved to hear HK call Jimmy's hit. And unfortunately, Franzke was on his break that inning.

I loved that the teammates all came out to congratulate Jimmy. It was a really nice touch. So were the fireworks - - didn't expect those things mid-game.

Nice of Dom to all but ensure a Phillies win for JRoll's big day too.

Here's Charlie Manuel's congratulations Tweet:

@CMBaseball41 Congratulations @JimmyRollins11 on the knocks record. You are the Toy Cannon

Todd Zolecki @ToddZolecki · 20m
ICYMI, Jimmy Rollins reflects on five of his most memorable hits before today (with video).

Schmidt was right this was a great article by Stark on JRoll's career.

If JRoll can get another ~100 hits this year, he should end up with around 2335 which would put him 135 or so all-time behind Bernie Williams at 2336.

With another 2 seasons and ~300 hits, he ends up 75 or so (behind Foxx) and would put himself into much stronger HOF consideration just from a counting stats perspective.

Agree with Schmidt though that JRoll needs a few more seasons like this one though to get really serious HOF consideration.

Really have enjoyed Schmidt behind the mike but I can't see him ever dealing with the travails of doing 162-game schedule as a color man which is a shame. He has a great voice and delivery.


Nice slider from De Fratus to get Lake. Finally seems like De Fratus is showing a decent offspeed pitch (slider) consistently and wisely use it more along with his cutter and his mediocre 91-92 MPH fastball less.

Finally might be developing into the middle reliever the Phis thought that he might be become.

The numbers in that Stark piece are quite impressive.

Embarrassing throw by Revere. Charging it from shallow CF and the throw home was cut off by Utley wisely instead of bouncing who knows where.

Even TMac and Moyer were kind of laughing at the effort.

That play was too close to call even with replay. But I would not have been surprised had they reversed the call, just because.

Worley is getting called up by the Pirates because their starting staff has been hit hard by injuries.

Put up some impressive numbers in 7 GS with a really impressive 4 BBs/43 Ks in 46 IP.

Phils are now 7-3 vs Cubs, Padres, and DBacks and are better than the bottom echelon of NL teams.

Just not much better either than those teams though either.

I don't want to jinx them, but the bullpen has turned things around, which is huge. I still worry that without Adams, they will fall back, but Hollands, De Fratus, Diekman and Bastardo have been doing a good job.

Starting pitching has been up and down, and when it's down, that shows in the results. Sometimes just getting in an early hole, even though it be but 0-2, has been too much for the team to overcome. Not sure whether being down has any psychological effect that contributes to that or not. Similarly, it's possible that the many streaks of offensive futility gets into the heads of the starting pitchers.

As Ricky Bo said after the game last night, the Phillies need to find a way to get it done even when the opposing pitcher is on his game. We tip our caps far too frequently, as is the running joke here on BL.

MG- you've babbled a lot today. I only point out the dumb things you say. No alert needed for that.

I'd hardly compare kicking a dog to picking on MG. MG says ridiculous things that more or less go completely unchallenged on here every day. Worst thing my dog has done is chew up some couch cushions.

Couplah random OPS':



Just sayin

"Really have enjoyed Schmidt behind the mike but I can't see him ever dealing with the travails of doing 162-game schedule as a color man which is a shame. He has a great voice and delivery."

Schmidt is the best of the bunch. He's also extremely knowledgeable and conveys that knowledge without coming across as pompous or a know it all.

It's a shame they can't get him to do at least the home games.

Braves-Cards- Miami 15 games to close out the month.

Thanks Iceman.

I really wish Jimmy would announce something along the lines of "...don't turn your back on this team - you might not like what happens". In the glow of his "hit man" record, that might raise some eyebrows.

If the Braves somehow lose tonight, the Phils are 5.5 back, so regardless of the Phils recent pathetic play, they are still in the mix.

Hard to beileve, Harry.

A team running Kencrick, Hernandez and Buchanan, and AJ with a hernia out there four out of five games is decidedly NOT in the mix for anything other than a protected draft pick.

Oh, how we all wish it were otherwise. But I see the Phillies of being capable only of winning just enough games to convince the idiot in chief that he should stick with the players he has and not try to move any of them for value.

If he eats half of Papelbon's salary, he should be able to get a useful future piece. And after all the nonsense with Papelbon, I'll actually be sorry to see him go. Yeah, he may be dopey. And yeah, his mound theatrics are annoying. But he has shown that when healthy, he can still get people out. Let's hope it's worth something to someone.

Thank you, MG, for doing all the digging for your post from, oh, 10-11 hours ago. It was very calming ... good to remember that prospects do, for the most part, not pan out, and keeping the established player is at least a viable option in a league where he can't be traded for picks.

Makes trading away Lee and Pence a bit more infuriating, though, given the position of the team at those times.

Also, congrats to Jimmy!

Slow night on beerleaguer...Hats off to was a classy moment...

Nobody wants Papelbon.

Howard is untradeable.

Utley and Rollins have full no-trade protection.

Lee has partial no-trade protection (21 teams), turns 36 in August, and is due 25 mil in '14, 25 mil in '15, and (if his option is picked up) 28.5 mil in '16 (or 12.5 just to tell him to go away).

Hamels was signed as the centerpiece of the "next Phillies", and probably isn't going to be on the block.

I don't think making any trades this year makes a bit of difference in the rebuilding process. If Amaro had started down that path last year, like so many had been clamoring for, there might be some young players in the system who could be part of the future core.

EPIC 9th inning collapse by LAA preventing the Phils from picking up a game.

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