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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I'm not sure I'd bat Revere after Brignac, honestly. He's less of a sure out (which is saying something), and his ability to steal bases (although he hasn't shown that much the last couple of weeks) is curtailed when the dude at the plate is only going to bunt him over anyway.

The OBP split favors Brignac, but I bet that has more to do with sample size than anything.

Revere is one player I'd bat 9th.

I just saw Utley's error on the little bouncing grounder. Pretty bad.

Apparently Amaro said "We're getting closer" to a rebuild. He also said "Obviously right now we aren't playing like a contending team." Um, not even close, Amaro. How I would love if the interviewer had followed up with Amaro's "If, then, shame on me" quote and asked him to respond to that.

Oh god, Utley made a bad error. He's clearly a terrible 2B now and we should dump him immediately or move him to an easier position.

Seriously, get a grip people.

I'm pretty sure I saw it mentioned somewhere that Giles didn't get the nod instead of Aumont because of 1 recent bad game.

Because that makes sense.

Moron: "Let's hope Revere is given the same treatment as 2012 Victorino."

You mean traded mid-season for next-to-nothing and then he plays on next season's World Champions?

Today must be Stupid Day on BL.

***Because that makes sense.***

At this point, I dont even care at this point. Its not like their moves would ever make sense.

Agreed on the Vic thing, clout. The push to get rid of him never made sense to me. Pence either if we were going to get nothing in return for a guy under contract for a full extra year after the one we traded him.

If this team continues to flounder late into the season, does anyone see the Phillies considering trading Utley or Rollins or Byrd for prospects? (Howard probably untradeable).

NEPP, I didn't intend my remark "Pretty bad" to be a blanket indictment of Utley. It was just a comment on that particular play.

You may be on to something, clout.

Today, bap did say Cars was better than Up, Ratatouille, and Wall-E.

Oh, that play was awful...but I also remember Michael Jack making some awful errors too.

It was a bad play but Utley is still a really good defensive 2B. Yes, he's lost a step. That's why he's not one of the best players in the game period. Just like Rollins has lost a step at SS over the years. Both are still good defenders at their respective positions.

My biggest fear is that we'll trade away Rollins, Utley, Hamels, Lee, Ruiz for players that don't improve the team other than decreasing payroll and age. I know we can't trade them away for the equivalent of them in their prime, but it would be nice if a trade gave us a sense of excitement for the future.

I highly doubt they trade either Rollins or Utley unless each of them demands out of Philly.

Hamels, Lee, Chooch...yeah, I could see them giving them away to cut payroll and "get younger".

I don't think we'll trade Rollins or Utley. Pretty sure both of them want to stay here, at least through their current contracts, and it's up to them to waive the 10-and-5 rights.

Chooch... I guess it's possible. Joseph appears to be doing quite well for himself, and C seems to be the one spot where we've got a bit of a glut of potentially-above-average prospects throughout the system.

However, he's got to do better than he's been doing lately to be worth anything.

I can't really see them trading Chooch. For one thing, he's another home-grown Phillie who is very popular. For the same reasons, they wouldn't trade Utley & Rollins, they won't trade Chooch. On a more practical level, he's still playing at a pretty high level & at a reasonable salary. And they have absolutely no one who could come remotely close to replacing him.

Lee, Byrd, Burnett, Kendrick . . . those are basically your mid-season trade chips. Maybe even Papelbon too. His stellar numbers might actually make him tradeable, despite his salary.

i don't mind trading away for something of similar value, or even to save money. I'm just skeptical about the Phillies actually getting back pieces that are worth getting and/or spending the savings smartly.

A real oddity: a lineup where the better hitters are stacked up front and Revere is pulling up the rear, where he and his sub-.300 OBP belong. Hope this doesn't get l'il Ben p.o.ed, while he's still pouting about Utley's baserunning tutorial.

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