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Friday, May 09, 2014


"Will Dom Brown reach double figures in HR this year?"

Cyclic: It would be like stealing from a blind man. I'll just note that he has 64 Ks and 17 walks in about 220 PAs in triple A over the past 2 seasons.

P.S. He's not a HR hitter and he's a poor fielder.

P.P.S. He's not remotely a prospect.

"Ruf also put up that .838 by striking out at a faster rate than Ryan Howard and being remarkably useless against LHP..."

Buster, Ruf had normal splits in MiL, and murdered lefties.

I suspect that over time his MLB splits would normalize.

"Amaro's in-season roster management continues to perplex and befuddle me."

MG, it's Amaro. What else is new?

Henson's bat would probably qualify as slightly better than ordinary for a utility infielder if he were actually a utility infielder. But his versatility is illusory because he's terrible at 3rd, has barely played 2nd, and isn't fast enough to play CF. So he's basically a corner outfielder, who hits like a plus utility infielder.

In a sane world, I can't imagine he'd be called up. In RAJ's world, all bets are off.

bap, Bobby Abreu is on the Mets.

What defensive position does he play competently anymore?

Some teams actually want a BAT on the bench and are willing to sacrifice a little defense and Versatility™ for it.

The Phillies do not appear to be such a team, even though they have no one on the bench who can reliably hit.

MG: "They cut Nix AFTER Galvis is out for at least 2 months?"

I usually agree with your points about RAJ's atrocious roster management. But what should they do? Keep 2 godawful utility infielders on the roster for the entire year because Galvis got injured? If Nix declines the option, then we'll lose him. That, along with Galvis's injury, would thin out our ranks of organizational infield depth, which I guess would be unfortunate. But that's still a much better alternative than keeping two stiffs on the 25-man roster all year.

Besides, even if we lose both Nix and Galvis, I'm utterly confident in RAJ's ability to find another guy on the waiver wire who is just like them. If there's one area where RAJ really excels, it's at finding no-hit utility infielders to provide organizational depth.

Juums: Most of the scouting reports on Ruf's D that I've seen are based primarily on his college days, which are now more than 5 years removed. Lots of people like citing those college accolades, but since then he hasn't impressed me particularly.

Ruf's career MiLB 1B FLDG% was .993, which would have put him tied for 14th out of 21 qualified 1Bs last year - and tied with Howard this year. In 251 innings in 2013 he posted a (you guessed it) .993 FLDG%.

Incidentally, during his time at 1B in 2013, Ruf posted a -6.3 UZR/150. So "non-negative" doesn't really describe him there. Howard's UZR/150 in 2013? -2.1 (he's throwing up a -7.5 so far this year, however).

awh: You're missing my point. I'm all in favor of calling up a bat. I've been ripping RAJ for his atrocious bench all year long. But if you want a bat, call up someone like Ruf or Cesar who actually has some plus offensive skills. Tyler Henson would not appear to have any plus offensive skills.

Tyler Henson is a 'tweener. He might hit slightly better than your garden variety utility infielder like Wilson Valdez/Jayson Nix/Freddy Galvis. But he doesn't hit well enough to be considered any kind of plus bat on the bench. And he doesn't play good enough defense to be your first line of backup at the infield spots. The Phillies would be far better off doing what they should have done all year: going with one utility infielder & calling up the best available minor league bat.

"Most of the scouting reports on Ruf's D that I've seen are based primarily on his college days, which are now more than 5 years removed."

True. Those scouting reports won't be valid for another 2 years.

Anyone know of any external SS/utility options?

Savery had a shutdown inning for the A's yesterday.

OK, now to follow up on my earlier scoop, what I'm hearing is that any deal the Angels make in sending Trout to the Phillies must include Dom Brown coming back. But I'm hearing Ruben is holding firm on not being willing to deal Domonic. Stay tuned.

If insanity is making the same mistake time and time again and expecting the different result then: who is the insane one that keeps running Bastard out there night after night to change a victory into a loss.

Hey, don't you dare.

Bastardo got a hold. That loss is clearly on Manship and the offense.

Is MG seriously complaining that they cut Nix?

Nobody could possibly be worse than Nix was for the first month of the season. Bring up anyone and you replace his production instantly.

More b*tching for the sake of b*tching.


Don't think we've had an update on this yet, but lets take a look at some individual Phillies Production™ (RBI/BB) thus far in this young season:

Byrd 2.56
Utley 1.90
Revere 1.67
Howard 1.62
Brown 1.36
Asche 0.92
Rollins 0.89
Mayberry 0.67
Ruiz 0.44
Gwynn 0.25

As a team: 1.14

Last year, they finished at 1.39 so it seems there's some room for improvement.

The Good Phight ‏@TheGoodPhight

Chase Utley + Jimmy Rollins: 3.3 fWAR Troy Tulowitzki: 3.6 fWAR

Personally, it says more about how freaking ridiculous Tulo's start to the season has been, than anything.

Jose Fernandez to the 15 day DL so we'll miss him next week. That's good.

Savery might have been the best Lefty in the pen this year. Anyone have interest in Heath Bell. Can he be worse than Manship?

Cyclic, it's worse than the 15-day, apparently. This was just retweeted:

Juan C. Rodriguez ‏@JCRMarlinsbeat 17m
Source: #Marlins anticipate Fernandez will require season-ending elbow surgery.

Docjoe: Possibly. He'd also cost more.

Yup Tommy John surgery for Fernandez. It's a real shame for a young pitching star to go down like that.

So what are the odds the Phillies go after Markakis next year if they decide Dom is well and truly a bust?

"So what are the odds the Phillies go after Markakis next year if they decide Dom is well and truly a bust?"

I actually don't think we're anywhere near that point yet. But if the Phillies do end up deciding that Dom needs to be replaced, they should take it as an opportunity to make this lineup less left-handed.

I think if Dom gets written off and Ruf isn't viewed as an acceptable cost-controlled solution, the better course of action is to try to go big on Colby Rasmus and shift Revere to LF. A Revere/Rasmus/Byrd OF should be above-average defensively and could be downright ridiculous if Revere's range plays up like it could and the Gold Glove-version of Rasmus shows up. You're left filling an RF hole again after 2015, but Revere and Rasmus will give you a couple more years of OF defense being a strength.

Of course, as Rasmus is also a student of the Equal and Opposite Extremes Are Average school of defense, we're in trouble if the non-Gold Glove version of him shows up. As those 15 UZR/150 seasons are almost perfectly balanced out by equally hideous defensive ones. And in light of what top-flight OF talent is getting these days, it's an open question whether the draft pick and 7/$140MM+ is really worth it for a guy as volatile as Rasmus. (Given the relative weakness of the OF market this coming off-season, I've got to think Rasmus is eying Choo/Ellsbury years and money.)

This team isn't going to be competitive this year. Any trades would just be blowing up an already burning bridge...honestly, what's the point? Unless you want to completely empty out the farm system so we can maybe win 80 games.

Looking at next year's FA outfield class . . . it's a pretty ugly list. RAJ will be excited by the list, though, because the average age is around 35.

It's not entirely hopeless, but...yeah. The OF class is basically headlined by Rasmus, who should give everybody pause given how horribly the B.J. Upton contract's worked out to date. Then there're a couple of all-aspect guys who might provide some value for a (relatively) modest outlay of money and year(s), like Chris Denorfia, Chris Young, and Norichika Aoki. And then after that it's an endless list of all-bat/no-glove or no-bat/all-glove 4th/5th OFs who are pushing 35 or are otherwise horribly flawed (like out old friend, Delmon Young).

Juums: There's also Melky Cabrera, who will surely be the biggest fish in the group if he keeps up his big season (and doesn't get caught juicing again).

Jim performs subpar on an off day and still gets paid. Why can't Paps?

Courier/Intel Sports ‏@BucksMontSports 1h
#MLB story: Burnett's change of heart has helped #Phillies: … via @KevinCooney

That article is just funny. I see people in their 70s still doing real arse-busting work. However, a 37 yo is getting props for suiting up and sitting in the dug out and pitching once a week. Bwahahaha!

The shame of it all is that Amaro was not able to put together a strong enough supporting roster to support his aging stars who, thus far, are hanging in there. Byrd and Burnett were positive acquisitions, everything else was a major fail.

Must be so exciting for Trout and his hometown fans!

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 4m
Phillies sold 4,000 tickets to town of Millville. It’s Homecoming Night for Mike Trout, @PhilAnastasia writes:

I wonder if Fatalotti's going?

It will be fun to see Trout in action...but less fun to be the punching bag for an AL team again. Any chance we won't be beaten up? Hoping for good Lee tonight. And no sore anything for Papelbon. Offense. Defense. And no Bastardo.

Dragon - Yup. This is the one year where they have been healthy and the supporting cast especially on the bench and bullpen has been underwhelming.

Nieves aint been to shabby for a backup. Its that darn bullpen...Now just waiting to the Manship/Holland tryouts to end.

Announcement coming just in time for tonight's game: Trout to the Phillies. He will be wearing a Phillies uniform tonight folks and in the starting line-up. You heard it here first.

Though the team has many shortcomings if they would of just converted 4 of those what 9 BP blowups they would be sitting at 21-14.

Do we need to carbon date this thread?

Though the team has many shortcomings if they would of just converted 4 of those what 9 BP blowups they would be sitting at 21-14.

Yeah, its almost as if their GM constructed a horribly flawed team with pretty much the worst bullpen and worst bench in the majors. Almost as if he should probably be fired just for that...especially as its been 3 years running for both issues now.

Limping into another series in Citi Field? Why are we playing there 2 series in a row?

Nepp agreed. In times past while i was never a fan of Amaro i thought some of the outcomes where more a victim of(except the Howard Contract) circumstances. However, at this point i see it was more of his doings than anything.

Any chance Marmol clears and we can sign him for the minimum?

Any chance Marmol clears and we can sign him for the minimum?

Posted by: PLM | Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 11:56 AM

Shirley you aren't serious.

Just a thought...Cant be worse than Rosenberg, Camp, Manship...Marmol actually had/has talent

Cesar's back? Well then, this changes everything...

BTW, old school BL would have had a thread pondering the options after the Nix outright, then another thread for Cesar's call up (in addition to a thread about Paps's "neck stiffness").

WP, this isn't the old school BL.

It's the "downcast" corp doesn't give a sh8t version, which is why I've moved primarily over to TGP.

"Oh. They've (Comcast) encased Beerleaguer in Carbonite. It should be quite well protected. If Beerleaguer survived the freezing process, that is."

This site now gets so little play, even the trolls seem to have moved on. Silver lining?

beerleaguer AT

cseidman AT

jhall AT

mwisniewski AT


Perhaps we could ask nicely for daily headers?

Voila. New series, new thread.

it feels like oliver twist's famous request of mr. bumble: "please, sir, i want some more."

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