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Friday, May 09, 2014


Lol. The Phil's scratch out two runs and KK gives them back in about 2 minutes.

I'm here, Curt, but I was doing something else while (sort of) watching. It would be nice if we could hold the lead that Jimmy's HR just re-gave us, at least for a bit longer this time.

Does Dom make that catch?

The return of Rollins' power is one of the more pleasant surprises of this season, just behind Marlon Byrd's bat still being the 2013 version and just ahead of Rollins himself posting an 11% BB rate.

That is why Ben Revere plays CF. Great catch!

Nonsense, GBrettfan. I've been assured Ben Revere is nothing but a walking assemblage of slap hits and defensive gaffes that has no business being on an MLB roster! Him making a good play would upset the narrative and thus cannot be.

Though I think the more serious critique of that is that had he run a better route, he wouldn't have need to jump to get the ball at all. And avoided the rather impressive roll he took after catching it.

Rollins is playing well. Kind of going against that whole "washed up not worth the salary" idea I have been hearing for years.

Bap and nepp are yakking at each other over on TGP, but really not much happening there either. I guess this is what happens when your team goes bad for successive years.

Juums, that's always the criticism of Revere. And was often said of Victorino, as well.

Can Ryan Howard face Dillon Gee every game?

No, not a leadoff walk!

Mm hmm. Just as I feared. Tied game or worse on the way.

What is the stat with lead off walks?

Oh, expletive!

Diek with the bases loaded. What could go wrong?

That, for example.

Actually, not bad.

No, not bad.

Utley, with Rollins, gave us the tie, then blew our best chance of getting the lead.

Utley's had an awful year on the base paths.

He was always such a good baserunner, too.

Come on, Adams. I swear I typed that last night, too.

Only 1 out and runners on 2B & 3B. Not looking good for our guys.

Abreu? Oh my.

Matt Stairs "shinburner" sounded an awful lot like "shitburger" here.

Oh, I thought that's what he did say, Philibuster.

The follow-up "kneeburner" is the only reason I knew, GBrett.

"Roll Bobby Abreu out" sounds like they literally have to roll him down from the on-deck circle.

Well... It took a lot of work, but Adams got it done (I guess).

All right then!

Adams skates on thin ice, but I'm glad to have him. Nevertheless, I feel lucky that the score is still tied.


FakeWIPCaller ‏@FakeWIPCaller 2m
Abreu on the Mets- didn't his dad play for the Phillies?

Come on, Rollins, get on base!

Good job, JRoll. Come on, Chase!

Good for Chase. Now your turn, Big Piece! Come on....

Half the posters on BL are sobbing in a corner right now.



"Half the posters on BL are sobbing in a corner right now."

Two more!

"Half the posters on BL are sobbing in a corner right now."

I only saw two of them there. Where's the other?

Well, crap. Now Wright can get a walk-off.

Yes! Great job, team! The trio of old guys, Rollins, Utley & Howard, for the go-ahead run, and then Paps for the save!

Win attributable to the bullpen holding!

Howard earned his salary tonight.

Saved us from a loss attributable to Utley's base running.

Howard 4-for-4 with the go-ahead, Utley 2-for-3 with a pair of RBIs and a HBP, Rollins 3-for-4 with a walk and an RBI...

That was pretty much it. Other than the RBI from 1-for-4 Brown.

Rollins is experiencing what a lot of guys get in their last few years: increased patience at the plate.

Evidence has shown that walk rate actually increases past a players prime, even as other skills decline. If the Phillies are lucky this year, they'll get the benefit of the increased walk rate before the other skills decline too precipitously. That seems to be what is happening right now. This is the best Rollins has been in years.

Look out .500, here we come again!

If by "years" you mean "1 year," then yes.

Rollins' .741 OPS is actually .002 points lower than his 2012 OPS. Also, a massive .005 points higher than his 2011 OPS.

He had a particularly bad 2013. That happens sometimes.

Prior to tonight, that is. Although somehow I don't think he'll be maintaining a .793 OPS all season. Especially since he hasn't had an OPS or SLG that high since 2008.

Jack i think its more that Rollins just doesnt want to hear Sandberg's mouth about taking more pitches.

I will await the mandatory Ryan Howard looks to regain his former self comments from blogers/journalists that usually come after he has a good game.

PLM-- I haven't watched, but on CSN Philly there's a video with the headline "Bottalico: Howard gets his groove back"

the broadcast crew looks good in suits and ties.

Wow, so Hamels isn't going to be particularly good this year.

One gamechat per series?

Bring back Weitzel.

And Sandberg realizes that the opposing starting pitcher is LH, right? His lineups against LHP this year have been terrible.

not only is gwynn wearing knickers. they are the old baggy tyle.

Tony Gwynn, Jr. entered the game with a .583 OPS (65 OPS+). In what must surely be a coincidence, the poster named Mini-Mart, who is Gwynn's greatest champion, has not been around much of late.

That Toronto series broke Beerleaguer?

perfect elusive slide by the big piece. he should give byrd a lesson.

I heard about Howard's slide on the radio. Going to have to look for video of it. Excited that we went up on the Mets again, hoping Hamels doesn't give the lead back. Waiting for Hamels to find himself this year.

Found it. Nice job by the Big Piece. Listening to the radio call, I was sure he would be thrown out at home. I mean, it's Ryan Howard.

Chase not swinging a pink bat... Did he bust his in an earlier AB, or is he just being ultra-serious Chase?

The Ryan Howard Umpiring Effect strikes again. Anything even remotely close on the outside will always be a called strike 3 against him.

Recap of Dom Brown's game in LF so far


I guess beerleaguer is going with a series thread. Howard v. Niese is a good time to take a leak.

Jake: So long as he's actually running towards the ball, instead of speed-walking, it's a step in the right direction.

happy Mother's Day, GBf.

Thanks, bullit. :)

Wow. Brown actually played that correctly...

Although if he'd run instead of powerwalked, he may actually have been able to catch it

Oh good. Hollands warming.

This describes Hamels' day well, I think:

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Hell of a day for Cole Hamels. Threw 111 high-stress pitches. Struck out nine. Balls found holes, but he overcame.

Uh oh!

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 32s
The issue, now, is the bullpen. No Diekman. Adams and Papelbon are questionable.

* * *
Franzke reports no one is throwing. Would Sandberg send Hamels back out with 111 pitches?

Franzke doesn't think Hollands warmed up enough, but I did forget that you mentioned that, Phillibuster. I bet he'll go out for the 7th.

Heaven help us for 3 innings of relief without Diekman, Adams, and Papelbon, if they are all off the table.

Phillibuster - When Brown runs he loses whatever agility (almost zero) he has. On that play he probably would've run full speed into the wall Bryce Harper style.

Maybe Ben Revere can come in and throw an inning out of the pen? His arm may be noodle-esque, but he's got craftiness and guile.

Or since Mayberry isn't allowed to get more then 1 or 2 AB's a week (and can't even start against a pitcher in Neise who he has had great power success against), maybe Ryno can use him to gas up Wright late from the right side.

Jake: He doesn't have to run full-tilt, but he's been he's been doing "the lazy jog" on just about every ball hit to the corner. Even grounders that dribble to a stop on the track.

It makes his arm pointless, because a guy who ran better and got to the ball early enough to cut it off wouldn't have needed a cannon just to hold the hitter to a triple instead if an inside-the-park.

Not that I'd feel better about the 'pen coming in, but I feel at least a little nervous about Cole coming back out, sitting at 111 pitches, and having gotten into and out of trouble all afternoon. If it weren't only a 2-run lead...but it is.

dice k may be brutally slow but he would arguably as good as an option as Adams at this point.

Just would be hard to listen to TMac try to fill the time though.

two of delahanty's records will never be broken: three straight seasons batting over .400, and 4 inside-the park HRs in one game.

Phillibuster - Agreed. Even more maddening is when he bobbles a ball after his lazy jog. I could look past a bobble if a fielder is running & scooping at full speed.

Hollands still warming. Figure Cole has a short hook.

Phaugh. Another patented Cody Asche double-clutch throw.

Heh! I like how the description said "Call Confirmed" before it even said "Replay Review."

Replay saved Asche from officially pulling a Galvis.

Asche's lucky. Still irritated that he didn't get the throw off sooner.

Hamels is spent and they have no RHP warmed? Horrible BP managemeny.

Uh oh. Wright up. Visions of a tie game.

Or.. a favorable bang-bang call saved him from pulling the Galvis. Replay wouldn't have overturned that call either way, too close.

Where's Wilson Valdez when we need him?

Stairs and Moyer both say they don't understand this either. TMac being the usual company man and not saying a word.

Stairs and Moyer don't understand what, MG?

Nice strikeout of Wright, Cole! You've got this now.

Leaving Hamels out here this long after his last shortened outing.

Is it safe to assume Hamels is coming back out for the 8th?

Bravo, Cole!

Thanks, MG. Pretty sure the explanation is: the bullpen.

Hamels got through it although I don't agree with how they managed that inning especially after the Murphy double.

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