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Friday, May 09, 2014


Ill take Ruf/Byrd/Brown (LF/CF/RF) any day over Brown/Revere/Byrd. Ruf isn't much worse in LF than Revere is in CF, and he makes up for it with a better arm.

Darin Ruf is playing LF tonight for Clearwater

I think the idea of moving Byrd to CF is an interesting one. But I can't imagine he can play it passably.

Basically you would be downgrading the defense two OF positions to upgrade one spot in the lineup. If Byrd was passable in CF, it might be worth it. I just can't imagine he is at this point.

"The Mets' 23-inning scoreless streak is the franchise's longest since a 24-inning drought in July 2010."

So, they're due.

"(Phillies) pitchers gave up 18 runs in 18.1 innings" v. TOR.

Beyond ugly, it was.

There was a time, not too long ago, when you couldn't find a seat in either stadium when the Phils and Mets battled. If I had tickets to tonight's game, I'd actually be thrilled that it's raining, to make me feel better about skipping the game and not being able to find a buyer.

Can't score runs? THE PHILLIES CAN HELP!

Fausto's looking sharp.

Turns out, Phillies pitching is just what the doctor ordered.

Brown is just terrible right now.

What a stolen base by Chooch!


Who says he doesn't have enough speed to bat near the top of the order?

Best #7 hitter in the business.



A walk from Revere! Impressive.

Why take on Ben Revere when you can get Rollins instead(?)

Impressive, JRoll.


Good PAs from Chooch, Asche, and Revere. I'd like to fault J-Roll more, but that first called strike wasn't even on the black per PitchFX.

This will end very well.

Run differential!

Oh. I just got done with dinner and was pleased to see the score is only 0-1...but now there are 3 on. Great.

That was unexpected.


But this doesn't bode well for the rest of the game...the BP will surely be called upon for 3 innings minimum...

Ruf 2-3 so far with a couple singles.

No chances yet in LF as far as I can tell

He's so good they're afraid to even hit it near him.

"But this doesn't bode well for the rest of the game...the BP will surely be called upon for 3 innings minimum..."

No worries. We have Luis Garcia now.

Brown is still terrible

Yaay! Dom with a knock!

I love the Phillies. No more pro-Marlins rants (those dirty SOBs have won 9 of 10. Damn).

Who knows? If you lived through the mid/late '60s; the mid-'70's and 1983/'93 who knows? Baseball is a funny game.

After getting the first 2 outs, Ethan Martin went single, walk, wild pitch, walk before getting pulled.

Sounds like the kid is ready to join the big club.

We went for ice cream. What'd I miss?

"We went for ice cream. What'd I miss?"

You missed watching a very uneventful game between two very bad teams, while hanging out with a bunch of very apathetic fans on Beerleaguer.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 11m
Sandberg holds team meeting before Mets series

Go team.

I'm liking left field Brown.

Brown's having a good night. On the basepaths, too. Hope this isn't a one-time thing!

Um, WTH?

It wasn't a bad throw, but it was to the wrong spot. Rollins deserves the E, yeah.

Is there a worst-hitting pitcher than Roberto Hernandez? There can't possibly be.

give them both the error. jimmy threw it behind him and chase couldn't figure out how to turn his glove.

Are these 2 bad teams or what.

Juums: Roberto has 0 hits in his career. So technically there can't be.

Just call him Roberto "Tightrope" Hernandez.

This looks like it could be a 5 hour game.

I wish Hernandez could be counted on for 6 IP rather than only 5. Assuming they pull him.

I love listening to Moyer's thoughts as a baseball commentator.

I think we're going to see Roberto again. Sandberg has been pretty manic about riding him through at least 6.

Moyer's in favor of pulling him because he's at 98 pitches and he'd prefer that the shaky BP have a clean inning to work with, especially with the team struggling.

Stairs favors putting Hernandez back out there to start the inning because he needs to build up longer outings. Moyer said, sure, but the time to do that is in the front part of the game, not the back. From pitch one.

Yeah, but Stairs also cited the poor BP as a reason for trying to squeeze one last inning out of Roberto. Which is something I can't disagree with, though he's obviously exhausted.

The poor BP argument works both ways, as I see it. If you try to get one more inning out of RH, and he puts guys on and can't finish, then you make it harder for the 'pen by forcing them to get the team out of the jam left by RH. (Or we could have let RH pitch the full inning, even if we're losing at the end of it.)

Or, we could let Diekman come on and get himself in a jam. (Stairs' case in point.)

How is a 2-1 NL game going nearly 3 hours and it is only the bottom of the 6th?

MLB desperately needs to focus on speeding up the game and instead has done everything but that.

Tons and tons of baserunners and pitches, MG.


Franzke & LA ‏@FranzkeLA 1m
Franzke - "Might as well call this game 'The Castaways' with all these stranded runners"

I'm really glad we aren't facing the Blue Jays again. The score would be astronomical (and lopsided). Instead, Hernandez held the Mets to 1 and Diekman escaped that inning unscathed.

Both starters were out by the 6th. Whether a low-scoring or a high-scoring, unless there's injuries involved it's going to be a long game.

Sadly I would say Diekman is ahead of Bastardo on the Phils' bullpen pecking order which is much more an indictment of how lousy Bastardo has been this year in general.

'A three hour tour.' Then the bullpens started getting rough, the game really dragged on. If not for the humor of the radio broadcast, the game would be seemingly endless.

Actually, I just about cracked up at Matt Stairs' "that's a lot" in response to TMac's comment about the number of runners stranded this game.

Come on, Adams!

Another man left on base. That's 25.

Adams is a nibbler at this point who throws slop.

Been a huge bust so far and the Phils have to hope he can stay healthy the rest of the year & finish the year with around 40-45 IP and an ERA at 3.50-3.75. Best case scenario

"A Nibbler Who Throws Slop: The Mike Adams Story."

Like this game hasnt been long enough.

Another nice job from Bastardo, doing what he does.

Actually, scratch that. He didn't walk the first guy he faced, so technically he did what he does in a slightly different way than he normally does it.

Bastardo 2 out walk. Why is he pitching to wright? No other useful RH reliever left besides pap. So pathetic

This game makes nfl draft coverage look exciting

It's pretty clear at this point that Sandberg will not use Pap for a four-out save, which is unfortunate, because he's shown he can handle it.

Assuming they lose this game, that rigidity will cost them at least one game, and probably more throughout the season.

Giles or Bastardo vs. wright. I would take my chances with Giles at this point. FREE GILES!!

Terrible Dom!! Back to the draft

Sandberg is actually bringing Pap into a tie game. I guess the bullpen has to be this bad to make the correctness of this strategy apparent.

It's almost a given that David Wright will do something to beat them.


Even if Papelbon somehow survives the 9th, the Phillies are left with the back end of their weak bullpen (Garcia and Hollands).

It seemed to me that 2-1 was the only way that they were going to win this one, These games are getting increasingly tougher to take

Papelbon not pitching. They sent Bastardo out for a 2nd inning.

My family was watching Blue Bloods. Was it Bastardo who gave up the tying run? And then stayed in to pitch another inning?

Yep. 2-out double to Wright in the 8th after some questionable calls resulted in a walk immediately before.

Pitched a good 9th, though.

It's a testament to how bad Galvis has been that it's nice to see Brignac here.

Looks like Hollands for the 10th.

David Wright irritates me the same way that Gary Carter (may he rest in peace) used to.

Galvis was becoming the poster child for these sad sack Phillies. I'll miss watching him battle to maintain a .050 BA.

Watch Byrd hit into a DP now. But I really want him to be a hero.

Haven't you heard?

A hit! A run!

Heard what, NEPP, that Byrd is the Word/Wyrd?

MG: aside from WHIP, ERA, and most other reasonable measures of pitching ability, I'd say you have a point about Diekman and Bastardo. But you don't. Bastardo is the superior pitcher. Carry on if you like though.

Is Papelbon available? Because we need him.

A win!

Box scores are fun after a game like this.

32 LOB

11 Phils walked- none scored.

Rollins saw 34 pitches- Byrd 29- they each hit 1 ball. They each had 3 K's and 2 BB. Rollins hit 1 pitch for an out, and Bryd hit a dribbler for the game-winning hit.

*Each hit one ball into play.


Three runs! This team is an absolute juggernaut!

Who's your ace now Beache's....

I pitch like the Ace pitcher's..NO?

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What kind of sick wierdo would even know who his neighbor's sister in law is?

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Dragon - tallest midget. Issue is the Phils aren't good enough to sweep either and taking 2 of 3 really doesn't help with their upcoming schedule.

It's May 9th, and I see we've already entered the "Team Meeting" phase of the season. Not good.

Ah team meeting i was waiting to they had one. Should of been after that Toronto game.

Tonight's lineup vs. NYM: Revere CF, Rollins SS, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Byrd RF, Brown LF, Ruiz C, Asche 3B, Kendrick P

Hmm, either BL is now well and truly dead, or typepad is having troubles again....

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