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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Well, they already have a few hits off him. So yes?

Also... Brown just never seems to rush for a ball down in the corner. It always looks like he's taking a leisurely jog to the ball, and that ends up negating the use of his great arm.

Oh for-

This is a beautiful game.

Not sure whether Freddy or Chase gets the blame for that one.

I'll settle on both.

I was thinking the same thing, buster, and it's getting harder and harder to blame it on him "working on his defense."

WOW this is sad.

Is this professional baseball?????

Freddy for sure. He's absolutely befuddled.

Doubly insurmountable....

BAP, good tip on using Chrome for Much better experience, thus far.

Never thought I would say it but 'Free Brignac!'

Or something...

Hamels looks utterly disgusted (as he should)


Goodnight, folks.

Heeeeey, lookit that.

There goes the "quality start" (at least objectively; subjectively that ship sailed a few innings ago).

They did score that thing an error, right? So at least it won't affect Cole's stats?

Another start, another outing where Hamels doesn't have command or control on his fastball or cutter.

Well, at least we're really making this guy work for it. I mean, we've almost got him up to 10 pitches/inning.

'buster, that was scored a hit.

... What.

I'm getting steamed.... boy oh boy were those the good old days or what?

Seriously, the NL East is there for the taking, and this team chronically "spits the bit". What is it now, over 195 games since they are 2 over .500?

That's what the summary indicates. The current box score seems to suggest the same (No errors in the game):

(15-17) 4 6 0
(15-15) 0 3 0

I reiterate my "what."

Byrd is squaring up the ball well.

Curious to see if he's stranded at 2nd, or finds a way to get stranded at 3rd (which would probably require a wild pitch).


Stranded at second. Why am I so damn optimistic?

Marvelous Marlon.

Let's see:

--Byrd's offense is being wasted
--Brown is completely and utterly lost. Is Wally around?
--Galvis, well, he's worse than lost
--Cody Asche is your starting 3rd baseman.
--Utley is cooling off
--Rollins is injured
--Howard is reverting to a guess hitter
--Revere is playing meh.
--Hamels looks uncomfortable
--The bullpen still stinks

How are we .500?

Deplorable Domonic.

Too bad Byrd isn't good enough to break up Utley/Howard vs. righties.

Reyes looks like he just came back from Mardi Gras with all those beads.

Well, can't blame this one on spectacularly bad lineup construction. Guess we're back to bad lineup.

Plus, of course, a hat tip to Drew Hutchinson, pitcher and slugger extraordinaire.

"Is this professional baseball?????"

Why, no! It's your 2014 Phillies!

Meh. 2 bad games (not counting yesterday due to who was in it) in a row does not a terrible team make. Especially with Rollins replaced by Galvis.

However, it's definitely ugly. Rollins is back to being the most irreplaceable position player, with the possible exception of Byrd.

I'm surprised Cole's pitch count is as low as it is. He may yet go 7.

Rally cut fastball is going to tell us again how Cole is soft. He can't help himself. I imagine his hand is turning against him like Ash's in Evil Dead.

Hamels is right now scuffling like he always does in April. Just so happens his season started late so we are suffering from some sluggish starts. He will get better but hopefully the division doesn't completely slip away by then.

That'll teach me to compliment a player.

This is what mediocre .500ish teams do. They'll win a few, lose a few and hover around .500 all year.

Nothing to be surprised about.

NEPP is right. Anyone who complained all off season about this team being 70-75 wins who is complaining now is just being idiotic. One step forward, one step back is what this team is. That wins like 78-82 games. More if they get their sh!t together.

Too many people who complain want it both ways. It also shows how you should not take their arguments seriously because they are dopes.

It's the Marlon 'n' Cody show!

Nice work Marlon and Cody.

... Well, it advanced the runner?

Time for Big Bad Ben to come through WRiSP.

I let my daughter put the channel on NCIS and am now following the game on Gameday.

Some gametime Tweets from David Murphy: ‏

Blue Jays center fielder: 3 extra base hits in 5 plate appearances this series. Phillies' CF: two extra base hits in 112 PAs this season

The Phillies have apparently reached that point in their schedule where we measure their scoreless drought in days

Dom Brown first pitch swinging in 39 percent of his PAs, 12th-highest rate in NL among 80+ qualifiers

GBrett: Ironically, the one time he got a good pitch to hit first-pitch, he sat.

The team has been so bad, the Phanatic is the Phillie of the week.

Time to pine for Eric Kratz . . . .

Has anyone in the organization ever instructed Revere to stop swinging for the fences in 90% of his ABs?

I know hoping that he walks more is kind of out the window because he sees so many strikes. But someone at some point has to say something to him about swinging out of his shoes all the time. He's slapping at the ball as hard as he can and hitting it 250 feet. It's time to give it up.

I blame it on the coaching more than anything else. You can teach someone to slap the ball on the ground- especially someone with very good bat control. The fact that it hasn't been instilled in him yet is baffling.

I said 80-82 and I think I'll be dead on.

The hopeless Cody Asche (at least judging from all of the times he is benched for Nix and Galvis) has now edged his BA above Brown and Howard.

Iceman, I wish we'd get someone like Juan Pierre to tutor Revere.

I said 80-82 and I think it was too many wins.
What was Utley doing there? And where is Galvis' head????

"Reality" (wow, that's precious) chimes in with his usual cogent, snappy and insightful thinking; brilliant baseball analysis, always on the money. If I'm Jayson Stark, i'm terrified of the new generation of young bucks coming on the scene to take his job.

What? What? Reality is Quimbanda, no? Must we not offer up rum and cigars?

Ladies and gentleman, the ace. Glad he got that contract.

Hey, hey. Now we just need another Byrd double and we can end this scoring drought (in the same way Galvis ended his hit drought).

Bring on the Manship.

Two hits in an inning? How greedy of us.

Crucial AB for Howard.

Three? I may faint.

... Now Byrd chooses to bugger up.

Don;t like the feeling I get when Brown is up.

Should be 2-0, instead 0-2

Brown is like Ike Davis bad.

Okay so Rally fastball is the corpse of Bill Conlin come back to life. He is the only other person on the Earth who would make such stupid references in the context of saying nothing important.

Also, cut Rally- I did add cognizant parts to the discussion of Hamels which is something you never ever did in your life because you have no intelligent thoughts that escape that concrete block in your head you call a brain.

Wait, if Freddy's out and Rollins isn't the PH... I guess Nix is taking SS.

But this is really the ideal spot for Rollins to PH.

This is the kind of game that should produce a closed door meeting about focus and playing the game the right way. Losing because the other team is better one thing; losing in this sloppy fashion is something entirely different.

Brown is an easy out when you bust him inside high in the zone.

Good AB by Mayberry so far.

Ok Cody. Time to prove you can perform in the clutch.

I'm beginning to rethink my outrage to the Bautista-for-Brown trade rumor.

Possibly the best effort from Mayberry all year.


Like I said, I LOVE Coday Asche!!!

Holy sh!t

NCIS ended just in time for me to see that grand slam. All right, Asche!!!!! Tie game!


Well, that was nice.

All because Mayberry battled.

cody just punched nix' ticket to lv.

Wow. This almost makes the trolls tolerable here!!!!!!!

Take it home, boys!!!

Now you have a tough decision... Do you still put Manship in to face 1-2-3 in this Jays lineup?

Asche warming up nicely.

Bullit: I have to think that's Galvis' ticket. It can be both, but if you don't need a 3B then you just need a SS, and Brignac is better with the bat than both Galvis and Nix right now. Probably combined.

This has reminded me of a '07 game.

I was really ready to rip Mayberry there and was kind of disappointed when the pitcher helped him avoid striking out swinging by throwing a ball he couldn't have swung at if he tried.

Good for Asche. It would be a huge for the organization if he ends up being an MLB player.

Also: Shout-out to the dude wearing the E-Town sweatshirt near that Salami. Represent the mid-state!

Now watch as the bullpen gives them the lead again in less than ten minutes.

So the Phils get a big boost the momentum appears to turn and Manship comes in and walks the first batter. Good thing the bullpen doesn't lose games.

That was one of the worst bunt attempts I've ever seen.

Glad Manship is tall. That was a terrible throw-over.

Jesus. Howard made that throw. I can't believe it.

I presume our relievers are fined if they don't walk the lead off hitter...

clout, do you still think Asche has no future?

I remember you being pretty negative on him the last couple years.

To be fair, one home run, no matter how many RBIs it creates, does not a career make. That said, it's nice to see him definitely warming up.

Phillibuster- are you from ETown? I grew up down the road in Mt Joy.



How the hell didn't that go into the stands? Talk about good fortune.

Iceman: Nah, I went to college (and worked) in Lancaster for a decade though, lotta E-Town grads in the area, and it's still my 2nd home (even though I don't live there or in Philly anymore).

Actually, Franklin & Marshall and ETown have shared borrowing benefits, so you can check books out at either with an ID from the other (or they did 2 years ago, at least).

Ben doing his job to make sure the team's collective BA doesn't rise appreciably after last inning.

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