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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Looks like back to back games against the Mets and Jays is exactly what the doctor ordered for Hamels. If the doctor is a sadistic piece of crap.

Anybody know what Reyes' numbers against Hamels are since leaving the Mets?

Via MLBTR: "Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez threw three innings in an extended Spring Training appearance and ramped his fastball up to 95 mph."

"“This was the first time we’ve seen [95 mph] since we signed him. He was really bringing it. It’s a good sign. He’s progressing.” Amaro said the plan for his team is to keep Gonzalez in the rotation, though many scouts do feel he is eventually ticketed for bullpen work."

Seidman intimates that KK could be looking at a multi-year deal in the $8MM/annum range, if he keeps these numbers up.

The author of the MLBTR summary piece also, fairly idiotically, references the poor showings from the 7 through 2 hitters last night as the norm for the team, somehow neglecting Revere's pair of hits and the fact that 3 of those guys were backups (not that they don't suck, but JMJ, Nix and Galvis aren't the regular starters {hopehopehope}).

Was that MPH or KPH?

Amaro did say this morning on WIP they were worried about MAG's shoulder and if he would be able to bounce back daily as a reliever. Always a good sign.

MLBTR says he hit MPH.

I haven't seen any word on Ruf actually playing in EST yet.

Ethan martin has one inning pitched in Clearwater, in which he gave up a walk but no hits, and recorded 3 outs (none by strikeout).

I'd roll the dice on MAG in the 'pen today if it meant we could jettison the likes of Camp/Manship. Whenever I see either warming up (Hollands to a lesser extent) my knee-jerk reaction is to wonder why we're waving the white flag. That's not a good sign.

In a similar vein, that's the same reaction when I saw last night's lineup card (and tonight's will directly correlate to whatever tempered enthusiasm I may or may not have). There should not be such a drastic dropoff of talent between starters and bench (or even "top" and "bottom" of your bullpen). The Phillies are employing a few too many guys who have no business on a major league roster. I was hopeful that "the TV money" would help fix that, but I'm yet to see it addressed...

And before the peanut gallery weighs in on poking holes, no one thinks that MAG, Ruf or Martin are "the savior" or even legitimate "prospects," or hell even anything barely above replacement level players. The problem is that we have too many documented below replacement level talent on this roster as constructed. Even a modicum of improvement is better than trolling along with some of the dregs on this current active roster (queue "bullpen v. offense" attacks in 3, 2, 1...).

100% agree with WP. Someone may have linked this already, but if not, here's Peter Gammons on the value of developing young starters in a major-league bullpen. There's even more reason to do this with MAG since he's not that young and the Phils are paying him big-league bucks.

And before the peanut gallery weighs in on poking holes, no one thinks that MAG, Ruf or Martin are "the savior" or even legitimate "prospects,"...

WP, but what you DIDN'T say is that the COLLECTIVE upgrade of those three might make a difference.

Yes, individually, they may not make that big of an impact, but

a) having Ruf on the bench as a potential PH late in games gives the opposing manager something to think about and might affect his thinking and managing the game - never mind the fact that he'd be the best hitter and best PH option on the bench BY FAR.

b) MAG and Martin in the bullpen - assuming they could be effective (which is an unknown at this point) would give you additional guys who could at least come in and get a strikeout, especially in the middle innings, and, again, it might affect the way the other manager handles his substitutions as well as his own pitching staff. It would also have the effect to taking some pressure off the other guys in the pen, and to a lesser extent, the starters. If a SP has confidence in the bullpen behind him and knows he just needs to get through the 6th inning, does that give him the leeway to go all out to just get through 6 instead of trying to pace himself because he feels he has to last 7 innings?

I imagine the primary reasons are they want him to stay stretched out (in the event they want to call him up due to injury), and they're still concerned about his ability to sustain his health while throwing, which is less of a concern in the minors.

I'd wait a week or two, and if he's still looking good, then evaluate whether he's short-term 'pen material.

CT, this is the Phillies. They have their own way of doing things and there is nothing wrong with their development process - especially for young pitchers.

Just look at all the success they've had the last decade and a half!!!!

Why, their minor leagues are teeming with young, quality arms just dying to get a chance at the MLB level but they're blocked by al the young talent on the big club.

awh, you had me at "arms just dying."

Someone mentioned 'arms just dying' and I just wanted to know that my band-mates and I (Cutting Crew) will be in the States during June & July for any private booking.

Unlike MAG, we come real keep too.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 21m
Phillies have not posted lineup yet, but Rollins is out and Galvis will start at SS.

Dang. Typepad having serious issues for me for the last few hours.

Ruiz (!!!)

Galvis ahead of know, because that makes sense.

He's just breaking up the lefties. Duh!

awh-- I agree with most of what you say in this thread.

Now a Rollins injury would make this another story, but why the eff are Nix and Galvis both on the Phillies?

Jettison Nix and bring up Hernandez, someone who can actually HIT.

Then drop Mayberry when Ruf gets back and the bench should definitely be improved.

Cesar is apparently busting the cover off the ball in AA.

Lots of errors from the left side of the infield, but if he's only playing there in emergencies, how many chances could he possibly get?

Luckily, Jimmy Rollins is expected to be back after having yesterday off, so Freddy Galvis can reassume his RIGHTFUL spot on the bench.

I'd be encouraged over Ruiz in the two spot. But Sandberg has flirted with it before and, despite it being a success, he abandoned the idea when Rollins is in the lineup.

Glad to see Galvis dropped, though, even though God forbid he hit 8th.

To be fair, having two SB threats 1-2 is pretty nice. Part of the reason we've been harping on the idea of Utley in the 2-spot is not just because he can get on-base, but also because he's surprisingly good at swiping bags for a guy with 1.5 knees.

Speaking of Utley. I hope he stops sucking soon.

Galvis 7th and Asche 8th doesn't bother me. Might be trying to turn the lineup over.

Speaking of Utley. I hope he stops sucking soon.

He will.

Phillibuster- at this point, I'd be fine with Ruiz anywhere in the top-third of the order where he belongs.

I'd bat him 1st, but even if you had it Revere-Utley-Ruiz, that would be fine. Ruiz and Utley should be in the top-third of the order every night they're in the lineup.

Hey, I hear Greg Dobbs is available!

Speaking of xxx. I hope he stops sucking soon.

You could fill in a couple of names there including Brown and Howard.

Last 11 G, Howard has a .186/.217/.302 line with 15 Ks in 46 PAs

Last 13, Brown has a .200/.241/.200 line with 10 Ks in 54 PAs

Every time Brown tries to pull a changeup/slider that is down and away he should have to drop down and just do 10 pushups instead of running down the line.

I meant to add hitting a weak ground ball to 1B or 2B in regards to Brown.

I'd argue Hamels offers Asche more protection than Galvis would.

I don't think you could find anybody to argue that with you, RT.

"Every time Brown tries to pull a changeup/slider that is down and away he should have to drop down and just do 10 pushups instead of running down the line. "

MG, better yet, they should make him run a gauntlet in the clubhouse tunnel with teammates throwing baseball at him.

He'll learn pretty fast that way.

Rollins has a sore groin, officially now. Looks like the groin soreness only works for SPs.

I'm sure he'll be "day-to-day" for at least 8-9 games and then go on the DL...but only after he PH in a game so they can't backdate it.

You see, this is why you carry 2 utility IFs on the bench so you don't need to DL guys.

Far smarter to play with a short bench.

Rollins may be the 2014 team's indispensable man. Not because he's anything special anymore, but because his backup is a joke.

He actually is still something special thus far, Curt. He's not 2006 Rollins, but that doesn't mean he's below average either.

'buster-- re: Reyes vs. Hamels post Mets

Only faced him in 2012 as a Marlin

.529/.556/.765/1.320 in 18 PA.
4 2B, 1 BB, 3 SO

By fWAR, Rollins has been the 3rd best SS in baseball so far this year...behind only Tulo (who has been just insane) and Erick Aybar.

How is it that you guys are able to post without TypePad swallowing your comments into the abyss?

Huh, go figure...

awh, a shock collar works for my puppies.

Wow, the "Rollins hurt, but not hurt enough to be DL'd and free up the roster spot" portion of the season came up faster than I was expecting this year. I didn't have time to get a gift!

WP: It's taking a few extra seconds. Presumably Wordpress is still getting DoS'd, which is gumming up the works sometimes.

Cesar hitting at AA makes last night's "get Galvis some AB's in front of Utley" strategy all the more asinine. Why do they have to demote Hernandez to learn to play SS/3B but Galvis can cut his teeth, learning to hit, in the lineup spot guaranteed to get at least the 2nd most number of PA's (and in front of guys who could actually drive in a hitter that can get on base)?

Hernandez actually has some value now. I'd drop Nix for Cesar today, then jettison Camp/Manship/Mayberry once MAG/Martin/Ruf are ready to go. The latter group at least has some semblance of potential upside.

Cyclic: Well, guess it's current and former Mets, then.

I'd be more comfortable dropping Galvis to AAA than keeping him up and dropping Nix. You can also dump Nix for Brignac (while also bringing up Cesar), though. That'd be cool.

Agreed, buster and WP.

Upside is what they should be taking their chances on now.

No way in hell Jayson Nix and Galvis are giving them the best chance to win now.

'buster, yeah, I think I'm with you. I'd rather get Galvis the regular AB's where it doesn't hurt the big league squad. Just wasn't sure how gun shy they were on Cesar's SS/3B abilities, but the Brignac move helps accommodate that.

Screw that, I'd go all in with utility infielders. I'd bring back Mini Mart, call up Brignac, see if the Angels will give up John McDonald in a trade(who is actually on their 25 man somehow).

I'd start Mini Mart in CF, Nix at 3B, Brignac at SS, Galvis at 2B and McDonald at 1B and bat them all in the top half of the order.

Because I just want to watch the world burn.

Cesar has something like an .829% fielding percentage at 3B.


"Why do they have to demote Hernandez to learn to play SS/3B but Galvis can cut his teeth, learning to hit, in the lineup spot guaranteed to get at least the 2nd most number of PA's?"

I was trying to think of a suitable sarcastic response to this question, but I can't even come up with one. It's like a perfect cross-examination question: there is no good response.

This feels like a loss.

The correct answer to WP's question is...


The offense is A-ok guys.

The Phillies red looks super bright on my feed

Nice strike-'em-out-throw-'em-out.

2014 Walk Total

Bautista: 33
Phillies: 90

That was not a strike.

Huge gap in right center...

Tough call.

Oh Chooch. Keep being Chooch.

Seemed like he hit that better than he did. Dang. I think TMac's tone fooled me a bit too

Utley 0 for his last 8
Howard 0 for his last 10


Oh well.

Not a bad pitch but just extended and crushed it.


Hamels not so sharp in the early going here

Utley sloppy

Whoever thought we had Rasums, were you thinking of Cody Ransom?

Hamels looks like the early '13 version who has trouble locating his 4-seamer or his cutter with any consistency.

Marlon continues to knock.

C'mon Byrd. Help me out, keep trending up

Nice, AJ, nice.

One time Brown doesn't pull it on the ground. Horrible the last 2 weeks.

"'buster, yeah, I think I'm with you. I'd rather get Galvis the regular AB's where it doesn't hurt the big league squad. Just wasn't sure how gun shy they were on Cesar's SS/3B abilities, but the Brignac move helps accommodate that."

This is Galvis's third season in the bigs. I think it's safe to say that, by now, we know what this guy's all about, and he's not the future at short. Who cares if he gets regular ABs?



F@cking horrendous. If you had to rate Brown or Galvis on their baseball intangibles including good decisions on the basepaths or defensively they would score poorly.

Can Galvis be cut on the way back to the dugout?

It's intolerable, like.

Its like Freddy is begging to be sent to Lehigh.

MG-- 2 weeks?

He's been awful for almost a month now.

.198/.241/.272/.513 since April 9th.

I'm going to assume Byrd was told to run on contact, but Freddy has no excuse for running into an out there.

Clutch DP.

Reyes has certainly lost a step or two.

Freddy decided that a simple out wouldn't hurt his offensive value enough, so he needed to get doubled off to really get the ball rolling.

Literally is impossible for a player to play worse than Galvis has so far. HUA syndrome so far(head up a$$)

Looks like a lot of seats available on the 3rd-base side.

Was it a free ballcap night? I'm seeing a lot more people than I'd expect wearing that navy blue all over (with red P) hat.

Is there anyone else buying into this stupid notion MG keeps spouting that Galvis is poor defensively?

Nice work, Cody. Good length, plus a hit. Time to prove to Ryne that you shouldn't be sat for Nix or Galvis.

So a guy like DeFratus gets sent down to AAA to work on stuff after 5 innings pitched.

Yet Galvis is still around at 37 ABs and counting.

If such a thing existed as a "designated fielder", Galvis would be the ultimate option as he can provide plus defense at SS, 2B, 3B and LF...and could probably cover RF too given his plus arm.

Its the one thing he does really well.

Bad bunt. Really, really bad bunt.

Oh Cole-y

Didn't you used to be able to use a DH for any player, not just the pitcher?

Revere got all of that one

Yeah definitely seems to be the team that does the little things to win

Didn't say poor defensively. Just isn't the excellent defender he is reputed to be and yeah I think he makes some miscues defensively and takes too many ill advised gambles.

Is it just me, or does Hutchison seem eminently hittable?

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