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Monday, May 05, 2014


awh: Yeah. I appreciate Sandberg trying to be platoon-smart, but putting Nix in for Asche just as Asche is starting to get some things going at the plate is baffling. If ever there were a lefty that you'd want a LHB to face, it's JA "needs a GPS to find the zone" Happ.

phillies running a shift?

I hear a lot of talk about Hamels being "soft." It should be pointed out that, despite missing his start with the flu, he was right there in the dugout infecting his teammates like a real man yesterday.

It's weird that they shifted for Bautista, since he's been hitting to all fields this year.

14 / 8 / 10

Okay good inning. Now let's get back to the business of stranding baserunners.

Wow. Only 47 pitches through 3 for KK. Props to him for finally settling down and getting to work after those 2 clunkers.

I suppose it has been over a week since his last start, so he could have had some "real game" rust. If that sort of thing actually exists.

I presume Ryno will shift for literally every. single. batter. now?

WP: I assume that getting the shift-lovers to shut up is his primary goal.

"J.A. Happ is trying to tie up Ben Revere with fastballs inside; Revere is hitting .357 on pitches in that location compared to .280 overall."

Umm... what?

Cyclic: Don't trust The Scout.

"I just pray to God the regulars don't get hurt because this bench sucks."

That's the genius of starting Nix and Galvis all the time. If Nix and Galvis are starting, then the starters they're replacing are more likely to stay healthy -- and if the starters stay healthy, we won't be stuck starting Nix and Galvis.




I'm a little surprised Freddy didn't slow-trot to the first in shock at his ball going through, only to get thrown out as a result.

bap-- Now that's just common sense

Is it me, or is Utley ice cold?

Nope, not just me.

His last 58 PA coming into tonight:


Perhaps it's just BAbip bad luck (.255)

Not bad luck, I mean leveling out

Cyclic, since April 18 Utley has a .601 OPS before tonight's game

.231 .293 .308

Smelling the Howard bomb this time...

Now would be nice time for Big Piece to go deep and get a step closer to that "Howard."


I stayed late at work for that? Thanks, Howard

Ugh. If only he'd been so selective on the pitch before.

Howard is beyond wretched.

Most power hitters get a 3-ball count and look for a meaty fastball to square up. Howard K's on an inordinate number of third strikes, looking, for someone who is a hitter first and foremost.

I feel like if you're facing Happ on a 3-1 count, you should almost always take.

WP: I think that's a bit of an overcorrection on his part, due to the huge number of Ks he had the last two years where he swung feebly at something a foot and a half outside and low.

Congrats to Freddy on his hit.

I feel like I should have changed the channel to watch 24. even though I never saw it the first time around.

Just cut Mayberry when Ruf comes back. He serves no purpose and continues to get worse in every facet of the game (and has been getting worse since 2012).

Was this us lucking out?

Another inch or two, Chooch.

I don't understand Spanish very well, but I can say with certainty that the Spanish play-by-play guy is better than Tmac.

Considering how "good" JMJ is, Iceman, I think you just reverse-jinxed him. Nice work.

Happ is nearly the same mediocrity he was in a Phils' uniform. Hard to get shoutout by him especially with his below average command tonight.

He's already trending high on his pitch counts. As long as we don't give him a freebie inning I think we get at least 3 innings of Toronto BP.

Ice, I used to be a big Mayberry booster, but even I am having trouble watching him nowadays.

Toronto broadcast is very minimalist with the graphics. Very few stats when they show players.

Just what is NIx doing in the lineup?
What is this CM deja-vous all over again?

Now that's the Freddy we remember.

This isn't Manuel Deja-Vu. No way would Charlie put this many non-bats in the lineup intentionally.

Now, we could have five guys winning the Iron Glove award, but weak hitters? Nah.

Sometimes you face a superstar pitcher who's on his game. J.A. Happ is one of those superstars. What can you do?

13 innings in a row without scoring. 1 run in last 17 innings. That's hard to do. But they've done it a lot the last few years.

I think the bigger atrocity would be if a RHP comes in for the Jays and Nix gets a PA.

So i see this spring training lineup has been good for 3 singles in 5 innings. It is JA Happ, however.

bap, that's not Happ, that's Randy Johnson.

awh: That would explain the pained look on Howard's face after his last AB. Musta gotten hit by a heater.

Sandberg seems to be making a point with Galvis & Nix; if you don't play good defense, you're not in the starting lineup -- even if it means starting 2 horrible hitters like Galvis & Nix. Defense is that important to him. Problem is, he's inconsistent with the message. If bad defense is reason to bench Revere and Asche on a regular basis, Howard & Brown should be benched just as often.

Didn't Rasmus used to play for the Phillies?

I wouldn't go that far, Jake. Asche hasn't been playing D that badly lately, and he's actually been coming out of his funk offensively too.

I think Sandberg just still doesn't trust Asche vs. a LHP. Even one of Happ's questionable abilities.

awh: Nah, Cards.

Kudos to Kyle for Knuckling down instead of Knuckling under. Ain't Kickin' butt, but he ain't gettin' Killed either.

Plus, Jake, Galvis is in the lineup for Jimmy since Jimmy tweaked his groin yesterday.

There's no excuse for not playing Asche every day. Even if he only has a 10% chance of making it, that's 10% more than Nix or Galvis.

Kendrick is better than people give him credit for. If this were the 90s, he'd be the "ace" of the staff. The Robert Person role.

Bobby, that sez more about the '90s than it does about KK.

And don't think we hate the guy.

He gave them a QS tonight. It's the offense that needs to pick it up.

Ugh. That didn't seem like a great gamble considering that there was only 1 out and, even if he scored, we'd still be 2 runs behind.

The Phil's have been awesome on the bases lately.

And now the decision looks worse still.

That was really stupid. We could have had a run with Chooch's hit if Byrd hadn't tried for home.

U can bench 2 players sometimes, but u cant bench all the players all the time.

We're about to be buried. And the BP isn't even in the game yet.

Chooch never gets anything to hit if Byrd is on 3B.

They'd pitch around him.

Whew! KK, escape artist!

Kudos to KK for getting out of that jam, and for pitching well after a rough start. This loss certainly isn't on him.

"Chooch never gets anything to hit if Byrd is on 3B. They'd pitch around him."

Thank you. Every play changes the course of a game. If a guy gets thrown out trying to steal, then the next pitch is a home run, you can't say that would have been a 2run homer. There's no way the exact same thing still would have happened.

"Chooch never gets anything to hit if Byrd is on 3B."

Perhaps. But I'll take runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out.

I would too...but I guarantee they'd have either put him on 1B or at least unintentionally intentionally walked him to get to Nix rather than deal with him. Both are better options than challenging him.

If Asche wants to model himself on Utley, he's going to have to improve his reactions to inside pitches. Let it hit you, Cody.

Here's where we need a double steal, early in the count. have to get 1 or 2 runs here.

Would the Jays have wanted the tying run at the plate with 1 out? Even if that meant facing JMJ/Dom rather than Chooch?...Yeah, they may well have chanced it.

Guy takes a month to get the ball to the plate, and no steal?

Wish Jimmy had PH there.

I'll be the first tonight..

game = over....

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 44s
Phillies have left nine runners on base and are 0-for-6 with RISP.

Nope, I called it game over in the top of the 1st, with this lineup designed to fail.

awh - This game is far from over with the Jays pen.

Playing an AL team + poised to go 2 games above .500 for the first time since the end of 2012 + facing a former Philly and a team + tonight's lineup = a loss.

At least it was quick. 3 minute reviews are intolerable.

Howard's Ab sickened me. 3-0, and he decides, "Nah. I don't want a walk."

You;re down 3 runs. How do you swing at that 3-1 pitch??? Now Ruiz follows with a hit. Burns me up.

"You;re down 3 runs. How do you swing at that 3-1 pitch??? Now Ruiz follows with a hit. Burns me up."

I have no problem if he swings at a strike on 3-1. But that was ball 4.

Good thing the Jays bullpen blows

Wild game going on in Pittsburgh.

I dont understand it--you put three guys in the lineup who are all batting under .200, and yet you get shut out. Baseball is a strange game sometimes.

Fans have little faith late in games so far this year. Tons of fans left in the 8th on Friday night by the time the bottom of the 9th rolled around.

They score that an error and there have been two balls go right between the legs of infielders at CBP and be called hits this year. wtf.

A PH pop-up. That ain't it, kid.

"Freddy Galvis, the last hope for the Phils." That ain't it, either.

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ 14s
The Phillies lose, 3-0. Happ > Phillies, at least for a night.

Galvis swing is all kinds of messed up. He is opening up way too much and completely off-balance on any offspeed stuff.

Awful mechanics and using a large bat don't help matters either.

Galvis looks pathetic. There is absolutely no way he should be on an MLB roster.

The team has 6-7 players that honest to God would not crack another MLB roster. Three saw significant action tonight.

Galvis has earned that batting average. Nothing fluky about it. But Ryno thinks he should hit #2 and get that extracAB,

TMac ball washing annoys me to no end 'KK pitched pretty well but Happ was just better."

No no he freaking wasn't. This team couldn't buy a timely hit and had some pathetic ABs against pumping fastball after fastball with mediocre command.

Now Now i dont know if I can kick Galvis in the groin. It seems to only work for pitchers.

Among active players, min 1000 PA, Hitters with biggest difference in OPS after 0-2 count vs overall OPS:

Stanton: -.630
Howard: -.603
Belt: -.574
LaRoche: -.570
Heisey: -.564

I still dont know why they signed Nix.

"I still dont know why they signed Nix."

I thought he was supposed to be a short-term replacement for Galvis while he was injured. But I guess he's the new Michael Martinez.

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