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Monday, May 05, 2014


New thread? A day early!

Also: The 'Stormers just got a veteran reinforcement from the Tigers today.

"Ryno says Freddy Galvis batting second to see more pitches in front of Utley. Try to get him moving.

Ryno says Freddy Galvis batting second to see more pitches in front of Utley. Try to get him moving.



Could Pettibone help the bullpen?

Surely he's better than Camp/Manship/Hollands

"At least it's dollar dog night."

Pretty much...

"At least it's dollar dog night." Good one, Mike, although that doesn't benefit most of us watching at home.

Thanks for a new thread and "jump to newest comments" link.

If there's one thing you can be certain of, it's that once the staff/FO are down enough to consider demoting someone like Galvis, he'll rip off a "smoke and mirrors" (nod to our buddy Happ...) 3 for 4 with 3 RBI performance.

Ryno says Galvis is batting 2nd because "SS bat least that's what this book Mr. Amaro gave me says".

Pencil this one in as a loss. Nix, Glavis and Mayberry. They only scored one run with the "A" roster in.

The "A" roster faced Gio Gonzalez, not JA Happ.

Now, I agree this could be an L... But the Jays have been straight bad for a month now. Something like a .400 Winning Percentage in that time frame.

"There's a strong case for demoting Galvis, but you are pretty seriously overreaching with this "subpar defense" claim that you keep trotting out. His defense is, and has been, terrific. His hitting, on the other hand . . ."

bap, I know... it's MG just making sh8t up again.

Getting Galvis going? Ugh.

"New thread? A day early!"

Buster, apparently you can't outrun an old thread any faster than you can outrun a bad bullpen.

awh: That's what the horses are for.

awh - Look at Fan Graphs and Galvis defensive ratings for his performance at SS/3B using UZR/Inside Edge Fielding.

Galvis has made some spectacular plays but also muffed some routine ones too so far especially at 3B.

MG, what part of SMALL SAMPLE SIZE is so hard for you to understand.

To be fair, I do recall him messing up more than his fair share of routine plays at SS in ST this year as well.

That's not to say I think he's below average defensively, but he does have a tendency (anecdotally if not statistically) to follow up an awesome play with an error on something seemingly trivial, like dropping the ball on the transfer.

MG, I'm with you, I couldn't advocate demoting Galvis anymore than I have several times now (and candidly, I wouldn't re-promote him either; I don't think he's a big league ball player on a contending team).

That said, I don't need to bash his defense to make that assertion. I feel pretty comfortable in drawing the line at .032/.088/.032 (.120 OPS).

Galvis could be the genetically improved version of Ozzie Smith himself and it wouldn't be enough to overcome that level of sucktitude.

What I'm saying is that you don't need to fish for reasons to demote Galvis. The fish are jumping into the damn boat as is.

awh - So you discount what he has done defensively so far because it doesn't suit your narrative purposes?

I think Galvis should be demoted because he can't fucking hit. Period.

In other words, WP is correct.

Wait how does that word get passed the filter?

Fucking magic, cyclic... fucking magic. :)

I don't even know how to interpret these inside edge fielding stats. At 3rd base, Galvis has fielded 75% of all balls which have between a 60 & 90% chance of being fielded. Is that good or bad? How the hell can we even know? Were the ones which he missed in the 60% range or the 90% range?

BAP: I would imagine the pertinent point here is that he missed 25% of the easiest-to-field plays. An above-average fielder should be making more of those, since the average player should only be missing 10-40% of those.

Looking at Gameday, the picture of Happ above the picture of KK makes them look like douche-y brothers.

Which is a shame, since KK is, by all accounts, a nice guy.

Looking at Gameday, the picture of Happ above the picture of KK makes them both look like d-baggy brothers.

Which is a shame, since KK is supposed to be a legitimately nice guy.

... Ignore one or the other of those. I thought the filter ate my first post.

Of all nights to actually have nice weather, now we get the one game where some rain would severely limit the effectiveness of "smoke and mirrors."

Sorry, guys, that's my last "smoke and mirrors" post for the night (until Happ throws a complete game shutout).

I don't know about anyone else, but it drives absolutley f'n crazy that many writers are referring to this as a 2-game series. It's a 4-game series. Just like the playoffs is a 7-game series. (Not referring to the writer on this thread.)

Watching almost every game this season, it's really really hard to believe that the Phillies have benefited from a great deal of luck.

Philli: Still don't really get it. But it's sort of academic since it's based on an infinitesimal sample size which tells us nothing about how good his defense will likely be going forward. And you don't demote a guy for "subpar defense" unless you think it's going to be subpar going forward -- which I don't think anyone could seriously believe about Galvis.

There's certainly a legitimate case for demoting Freddy Galvis, but that case is based entirely on his offensive futility.

Anyone else getting the "Media Error: This game is temporarily unavailable" message on

Doesn't really bug me. "Home-and-homes" are standard nomenclature in the NHL and NBA both, and they don't have "series," so I don't see the big deal in referring to it as 2 [gameplay units].

WP: Nope. But I've had mine queued up with the "The game will begin shortly" screen for an hour now.

However, the broadcast did just list the stats in Spanish for a minute. That was different.

Thanks 'buster. Must be my ID then. I'll log out and log back in, or see if AtBat is working.

WP: Nope. And TMac just called it a 2 game series.

I'm getting the Media error message too.

To be honest, I watch on Gameday half the time anyhow. is so bug-filled that trying to watch a game on it can be a pretty exasperating experience.

I don't have a ton of trouble with MLB.TV most of the time. Occasionally I'll get an inning where I see the same 5-second clip repeated 4-5 times, but after that it usually evens out.

It's also the only way I can actually see most of the games. Especially at work.

But last year Galvis wasn't good defensively either and if his value is almost entirely tied to his defense that is a huge problem.

Of course the case for demoting Galvis is his offensive numbers but if a guy is a one-trick pony (defense) and isn't doing well either then all the more to demote him.

Very spotty now on I'm getting the spinning circles a lot, and just glimpses of the broadcast. No audio.

Wasn't letting me in via AtBat, either (some "app error"). I logged out of my account at and logged back in and now it's working on my computer. I'll check the iPhone/iPad again here in a few minutes.

Great. This is going to be a fun night.

Well that sucked.

Great start.

"But the Jays have been straight bad for a month now."

Let's hope this won't be one of those series where the opposing team breaks out of their funk at our expense, often with our help.

See, we're already losing.

Ugh. Really? To Reyes?

And he hasn't even faced Bautista yet, who I'd have pinned for a good 4 HR's over the course of the two game series at CBP.

I still f@cking hate Reyes although his antics seemed to have calmed down a bit.

I think the game is already out of reach for tonight's lineup. clearly doesn't want me to watch.

Crazy but the Toronto feed seems to be working a lot better than the home feed for this one.

In case that helps.

Bautista over/under RBIs in the 4-games set:


MG, put me down for the over, and by a long shot. While calling him a "Phillie killer" discredits how great he's been against every other team, he is, indeed, a Phillie killer.

I've got him for 10.

For whatever reason, the game is coming in for me when I use Firefox, but I'm getting the media error message when I use Chrome. Usually, Chrome syncs with much better than the other browsers.

MG - Over. Braun had 10 in just 3 games.

Dare I even ask who our DH is for the two game set in Toronto later this week? Mayberry?

Out of reach

Put the Phillies against an AL team, and they immediately turn into a quivering pile of jelly.

Bad KK tonight, boys and girls.

Plus, the Phillies seem to start losing whenever they start to get a winning record. "They were last 2 games over .500 on Oct. 1, 2012." (Corey Seidman)

Really gettin that bat going

Any reason Revere is still parked on 1B?



'When he was getting his sinker/changeup down & his cutter on the edges of the plate, he was very good'

'When he was elevating his sinker/changeup and leaving his cutter over the plate, he was horrid'

I liked it better when he was parked at 1st.

pitching and defense

(because offense and base running have evidently crapped the bed)

Agreed in re: Toronto feed working better. Phillies feed was causing the Flash Player applet to crash.

This is actually not the first time this season that's occurred. I blame the vast, anti-Phillies conspiracy.

'buster, c'mon man you should know better - it's Comcast who is effing everything up. You think they'd just stop at BL?

Remember the narrative...

Who do you think stands atop the VA-PC, WP?

Man, Happ was never awesome at bunting, but now...

Buster, he probably gets good instruction in ST...

"Who do you think stands atop the VA-PC, WP?"

Whoa, I think my head just exploded. But, now that I think about it...

Leave KK to taking a beat if necessary tonight as long as he gives them 5. No offday again until next Monday.

The Toronto faux-PitchFX square is exceedingly generous to the Jays, it seems.

awh: Didn't Doc spend most of his ST in Clearwater?

That's counteracted by the Philly CSN feed, which is exceedingly generous to the Philly Phanatic, to a creepy and obsessive point, and is clearly courting the man-boob demographic.

This is Happ first start since Sept of last season.

Of course he'll stifle the Phillies.

The one upshot is that if we can avoid making Happ look brilliant, the Toronto BP is actually worse than ours.

Good time for a Howard bomb here...

of course

That's actually a pretty impressive stat for Howard (110 interleague games, 30 HRs, 85 RBI).

Hopefully Ruiz and Mayberry pick him up

Anyone want to chip in to bid on the "air time on the radio broadcast" prize as part of the Phillies auction?

My plan would be to give it to Scott Franzke to use during the 4th and 5th innings.

Howard again the victim of the preconception that close pitches on the outside corner are always strikes against him.

Ryan is just a HR and an E away from a "Howard," so there's that.

Come on, Mayberry.

He should crush Happ

He should also see more than one pitch.

First pitch swinging after the previous hitter walks boils my blood

Mayberry blows.

I was on the fence as to whether JMJ was going to crush a HR there (and pour some water on Ruf even being considered once healthy) or go with a lazy fly out on one pitch.

I should have just gone with my gut.

Another possible plus: this is Happ's first start, after spending time in the 'Pen... So it's possible he doesn't have as many bullets in the clip tonight. That gets us to their BP faster.

All Kyle has to do is replicate Burnett's 3-hit game from a week or two ago.

JMJ working on that demotion in another 7-10 days.

Well this is a fun game.

Ah well. Not a terrible AB by KK, and nice to see him bust it up the line.

It could be worse than leaving them loaded in the 2nd inning. The key will definitely be to make Happ work in his first start. For that reason, they should hide JMJ's glove and batting helmet.

Buster, no, not terrible. I didn't expect anything there from KK.

I just pray to God the regulars don't get hurt because this bench sucks.

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