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Friday, May 02, 2014


Per Heyman: hanrahan gets $1M with chance to earn $2M more in incentives on MLB deal

When asked about the BP, Amaro seems to agree they need to improve. His strategy seems to be one of willing them better.

"It's something that needs to be more consistent, but I think across the board, we need to play good defense, we need to run the bases well, we need to pitch well," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "I think if the guys stay on the field, they will hit enough. We just have to play the game right and do the smaller things -- pitching and defense. That's why Atlanta and Milwaukee are having so much success. They're pitching real well. We've talked about it. That's what we're looking to do -- be consistent with the important parts of the game, and that's pitching and defense."

reposted from last thread:

Maybe Amaro did look at Hanrahan. I just read Zolecki's recent piece on the BP (which someone quoted from here recently in re: the current lack of homegrown relievers in the 'pen). Amaro said that the Phillies had contact with Hanrahan...and Madson & Gregg..."all those guys".

I agree with this from Zolecki:

"But what has hurt the bullpen more than anything has been the ineffectiveness of young pitchers the organization thought had turned a corner. It has been the story the past two years. Pitchers such as B.J. Rosenberg, Justin De Fratus, Phillippe Aumont and Jeremy Horst have pitched well late in seasons, but haven't followed up on that success."

For the past few years, I've been hopeful at the start of the season that the young pitchers, now seasoned with some MLB experience, would step up and perform well for us....It hasn't worked that way.

(link to article:

Thanks for a new thread, Mike!

I never had warm fuzzies about Werth (was neutral on him, except for admiring his determination at battling through that wrist injury and telling Charlie he wanted the opportunity to play every day). But I really miss him on our team!

Maybe he called Hanrahan's agent and was told "Yeah, he has ZERO interest in pitching for the Phillies" and that was the end of it...given he had solid offers from several playoff contenders.

Still surprised we didn't hear more of a push for him given we have basically the worst bullpen in baseball. You could pretty much double the Tigers offer and it would still be pocket change in the long run...especially on a 1 year deal.

"But what has hurt the bullpen more than anything has been the ineffectiveness of young pitchers the organization thought had turned a corner."

Hmmmm. Sounds familiar. Remember the "Young Guns"? Coggin-Knoll-Burger-Kershner. They were labeled "can't miss."

Or how about the "Baby Aces"? Cosart-May-Colvin-Rodriguez. How's that workin' out?

It ought to be fun to watch the Nats' hitters, #2 in SLG, face our BP, #2 in SLG against.

I would applaud Frandsen, but I do expect him to hurt us, along with Werth.

I hope Lee will be tilting well tonight. I just read that Roark hasn't allowed a run his last two games. His last game he went the distance v. the Pads.

And there's this, for what it's worth:
"The Nats are 13-1 when scoring four or more runs, and 3-11 when scoring three or fewer runs." (from preview)

Phillies scoring 4 or more:

Phillies scoring 3 or fewer:

***Remember the "Young Guns"? Coggin-Knoll-Burger-Kershner. They were labeled "can't miss."

I do...and now I feel old.

If that didnt make you feel old, think about this gem: Mark Hamill, Age 62, is currently filming Star Wars 7: The Quest For More Money at the same age that Sir Alec Guinness filmed the original Star Wars in 1976.

awh (from previous thread): Sorry, I wasn't clear in my original post. I meant that I fully expect most of those solid Fish players to end up on other teams before their first FA year because the team won't pay fair value to lock them up (and/or they'd rather play on a different team with a different culture).

Hmm...maybe the reason why Atlanta and Milwaukee are having success is because they actually have good pitchers

NEPP: Just remember, Hamil, Fisher, and Ford are locked in for the next 3 movies in part because of a contract they signed 30 years ago.

I expect nothing less than a Phillies sweep.

One would think attendance would be great tonight - a marquee pitching matchup, ideal weather, a Friday night, and the potential for at least a handful of D.C. fans to travel (just indulge me with that one). If there was ever a night to draw at least 35,000 fans it's tonight.

If not, then that's probably a good gague of what this team, playing at .500, is going to get you in terms of fan interest.

Don't forget it was BOGO!

One would think attendance would be great tonight - a marquee pitching matchup, ideal weather, a Friday night, and the potential for at least a handful of D.C. fans to travel (just indulge me with that one). If there was ever a night to draw at least 35,000 fans it's tonight.


Right now the Phillies are 13th in the league, averaging about 28,900 per night.

Cyclic, yeah! Honestly even if they linger around .500 all year and are a somewhat intereting team to watch, I think attendance is just going to drift lower. Promotional nights can only take things so far.

The Nats won't finish the year with a team OPS in the .740s.

Regression starts tonight!

Bout time for another Utley hot streak...

Yes, we told you about the "Young Guns."
Then we told you about the "Baby Aces."
But now we unveil, "The Four Stoppers!"


They stand astride Minor League Ball like a Mount Rushmore of prospects!

And they have VELOCITY!!!!!

Hopefully we won't be tipping our caps to Strasburg tonight...


My opinion hasn't changed since the start of the season (I still think they go in the tank sometime in the next few months).

But if I'm wrong (and I hope I am), and they are really in the wild card mix, this is probably a series they should win. At home, three best pitchers lined up against a division rival. Not really any excuse for losing the series.

My prediction- they lose 2 of 3, with the bullpen blowing at least one of the two losses.

Stras has been quite hittable this year so far...I'd imagine he's due to figure things out tonight though.

"Stras has been quite hittable this year so far..."

Only problem is that so has Lee. That .333 against RH hitting is bad (and even LH hitting has touched him up here and there). Giving up hits, in and of itself, isn't the end of the world, but the Nats slug to a .415 (the Phils are just below league average at .376).

Both pitchers need to pitch closer to career numbers than their 2014 starts, or it could be an offensive game.

Wait, it's Strasburg pitching? I wonder why the series preview page at said Roark was facing Lee on Friday. I'll have to readjust my thinking. Hopefully, Strasburg will be hittable tonight, and Lee will not.

Yep, Lee vs. Strasburg on a buy-one-get-one night after no real (good weather, anyway) baseball at home in a loooooong time. If this game doesn't sell out, ownership should burn the building down.

"Pitchers such as B.J. Rosenberg, Justin De Fratus, Phillippe Aumont and Jeremy Horst have pitched well late in seasons, but haven't followed up on that success."

Posted by: GBrettfan | Friday, May 02, 2014 at 01:10 PM
Memo to RAJ: when a young player (esp. a "non-prospect" has a great season or half-season, it doesn't always mean they've turned the corner...often, they just had a career saeson and that's it.

Or its a half season and the league didnt have a scouting report on him but now they do and he hasnt adjusted.

Or they saw a lot of Sept action against AAAA callups.

Frandsen is a lock to murder us in this series. A lock.

Revere CF/ Rollins SS/ Utley 2B/ Howard 1B/ Byrd RF/ Brown LF/ Ruiz C/ Asche 3B/ Lee P

.416 OBP
.889 OPS

Batting 7th.


You want Ruiz on base for a couple of lefties that can bring him around. That would be Lee and Revere.

What's the over/under on the amount of times Ruiz is stranded on base by Asche/Lee/Mayberry (or whoever PH for Lee)? 2.5?

Anyone that would throw strikes to Ruiz hitting 7th is just stupid. Strasburg might be the rare exception where his stuff is good enough to attack him anyway. But WTF Sandberg.

I presume Congress is still in session debating whether Utley and Howard can be split in the lineup as well?

2014 lineup construction definitely falls into the category of "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

It's actually the singular aspect I was most hoping Sandberg would interject some intelligent change into the approach. Wish in one hand...

Nice play by Asche

Nice AB, Ben

Boy, he really should be batting 8th

Wow. 3 pitches 2 outs.

Great approach, Phils.

So much for my assumption that they'd sellout tonight. There's more empty seats in the first 5 rows than there are filled ones. Are Phillies fans really that "fair weathered?" It's Lee v. Strasburg (and a BOGO) for chrissakes!!!!

Woo, Chase.

I don't expect anything, but at least it should be 3-4 more pitches on Strasburg's arm.

This is unexpected.

Come on, surprise me, Marlon!

Haha, Werth is gonna hear about that drop.

If that happened to the Phillies, cue the 3 run HR.


Werth should never stop hearing about that drop. ;)

Thanks Werth. You're aging gracefully.

Holy... why I...

(ok now cue the Cliff Lee clunker)

I know I'm beating a dead horse here (and certainly don't mean to steal MG's thunder on the topic), but if the Phillies cannot sell out a Friday night game, against a hated division rival, with two legit ace pitchers, with a damn "buy one get one free" ticket promo, in a series that even the manager deems as important enough to shuffle his rotation, when there hasn't been a game in weather this nice in a couple of weeks, well I think it's safe to say that it should be very eye opening to the Front Office. And to say "they didn't sell it out" is being generous. The stands are half full!

My concern, however, is that they won't react by working to remedy by making the team more competitive to drive attendance. Instead, they'll take the opposite approach and cut every cost imaginable and we'll be right back in the mid-90's all over again.

Okay, back to the game. Gonna try to enjoy a 3-run lead until I see bullpen action.

Brown's AB was thoroughly unimpressive. He looked so lackadaisical.

Winning will bring the fans back.

I'm more interested in the Phillies winning than I am in how full the stadium is anyway.

I'm also more concerned about Beerleaguer comment traffic than Citizens Bank attendance

Jeez, that looked like a great pitch that Moore just golfed out

Cyclic, I'm absolutely right there with you (and I'd go to these games if I wasn't 3000 miles away). It really all does play together in the grand scheme of things, though. I'm hopeful that their more recent actions of investing in name players (though, arguably of the older variety, but to the tune of a top 3 payroll) trumps their previous m.o. of cutting to the bone. Winning (or lack thereof) will be directly impacted, and could be as soon as the trade deadline.

Here's hoping that this big May home fest is successful on the winning side, and the attendance will take care of itself.

"I'm also more concerned about Beerleaguer comment traffic than Citizens Bank attendance"

Yeah, we're f8cked.

Walking the pitcher on 4 pitches.

This lead is definitely safe!

I'd have a beer with Matt Stairs. But I would really rather Jamie Moyer announce the baseball games.

Never thought for a second they'd sell out tonight. There should be more than 30k, don't know if there is can't watch, but they're not selling out anytime soon.

Can't help but wonder if that's as close as we're ever going to get to a Revere HR.

And if they don't get good crowds, that would be more than fans' fault than the team's.

Bobby, I agree. Maybe that's why I'm so surprised. I can't imagine that anyone that calls themselves a fan could find a more compelling game. I Rollins was right and this "fan base" really is a bunch of frontrunners. It would explain what's happened to BL, too.

I know we don't have high expectations for the season, but it's still baseball on a Friday night - the only game in town. And it's not like it's the Astros. There are players to watch, and as you mentioned, good pitching matchups. I fear Rollins was right.

When Ruf returns could Dom be trade bait. He looks lost. Hopefully a slow start. looks like Juan Pierre but taller. Power numbers are alarming. Never a fan of Dom but still make have value.

Funny part Phils are still outdrawing the Natitudes. So that's one of many fanbases in the MLB that can't knock Phils fans.

I cannot understand Matt Stairs. He mumbles. It's like having mushmouth doing color.

Really Chase?

Friday night dance at the park.

I kind of missed the start of that little brouhaha. How'd it start? Span thinks Lee hit him on purpose? Or was it that Span was upset Lee threw after Span called time-out, did I hear that?

WP, you're making me feel guilty for not going to the game. I don't get to as many games as I'd like to. It's more cost-effective to watch from home even if you don't buy concessions.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 14m
Utley's error is Phillies' second since April 14. No other team in baseball had fewer than six errors since then.

* * *
Impressive of our Phillies.

When Ruf returns everything will be so much better.

Lee needs to get through this inning to avoid the toxic portion of the pen.

Lee's got this.

Uh, oh. Frandsen.

It's not like I miss Kevin Frandsen, but he's certainly a better hitter than Nix or Galvis.

I'd rather Frandsen face Lee than our BP, though. Esp. since it was lefty v. lefty.

Good job by Lee.

Cody Smasche!!!

Frandsen is RH.

Thanks, BAP. I'm officially embarrassed for forgetting that.

GBrett: Don't be. It's not like Kevin Frandsen was particularly memorable.

Mayberry is useless.

Good test for back end of bullpen coming up.

Adams needs to get this guy down 0-2 can't let him slip away

I think they resoundingly failed the test.


Well, there you are.

Still the worst ERA in the league! I'm not giving up on Adams, though.

I would much rather have Frandsden than Nix. Plus Franny was a gamer and high spirited. Something our old geezer core needs from time to time.


Good thing we didnt push for Hanrahan because our bullpen is stocked.

Adams stunk tonight!

Was there any question the BP would blow this game. Needed cliff out there in the 8th

Why such a long face Adams. Shake it off. Tomorrow's another day.

What would make Sandberg think that Adams, who lacks an out pitch, should be inserted into an 8th inning one-run game?


I'd rather have Frandsen than Nix, too, PLM. He had some big hits for us, and yes, he played hard...although as an IF he fell short.

Unbelievable. And yet, entirely foreseeable.

UN. REAL. How isn't Bastardo in this game?

Gee, Diekman sucks. Who'd a guessed.

Anybody still gonna' bitch about fair weather fans?

OK then. Thanks for playing.

Bodes well for the rest of the season, doesn't it?

LA about the LaRoche pitch: "Tried a fastball right down the middle of the plate."

At least Diekman had VELOCITY

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