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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


it's exciting to see a local boy make good on the national stage.. coming back home.. even in the opposition's uniform

Press conference at 4 pm to announce the Trout acquisition.

That would be the kind of Trout you find in a river or lake.

Thank you for a new thread, JW. It's too bad for all of us that you aren't in charge of this site anymore, but we wish you well.

(I appreciate the honesty, at least, of labeling it "series thread". As well as "jump to newest comments", especially since the threads get long for a whole series.

Thank you, JW.

This series feels like a loss.

Definitely, Cyclic.

Since the NL East plays the AL West this year, why did we play the Blue Jays? Who, after routing us, dropped 3 of 4 to the team we're about to face, the Angels.

The Blue Jays are clearly our regional rival...

I have no doubt the Phils have acquired Trout. Ekim Trout, that is, Mike Trout's hitherto unknown twin brother. Who will go on to be the greatest no-hit utility IF in franchise history, continuing the Phillies' long and storied history of choosing the wrong brother.

Hola, señor weitzel

So if Ruf gets a call-up (still not something I'm letting myself believe possible), the bench could be


And if Martin keeps making positive steps, he'll be replacing Manship any day now. DeFratus should also probably be replacing Garcia. No clue why that still hasn't happened.


Could actually, maybe, be sorta decent?

That might change them from historically bad to just mediocre...if both reach their ceiling in short order.

"You guys shouldn't be strung along like this."

The phrase "strung along" implies that Beerleaguer is getting ready to close shop completely. Or am I reading too much into it?

"The Blue Jays are clearly our Daddy..."

Fixed that for ya!

Ugh, I didn't realize this...

"Lee's mound opponent is 27-year-old right-hander Matt Shoemaker, who has made just four major-league appearances."

...I'm stretching out my hat-tipping hand right now so I don't injure myself later.

Well, tonight won't be a major league appearance, so that won't change...

I'll second GBrett's 2:02, exactly what I was thinking.

Cyclic: Yeah I think that actually would be sorta decent, but only if Bastardo is towards the bottom there. It's not just Sunday's implosion, but overall, he's just not as good as 2012. If he's used more for 6th/7th inning, and Adams & Diekman can truly be solid setup men, then it might not be so bad...

NEPP-- I'm just hopeful at the possibility the bench and bullpen won't be absolutely abysmal much longer.

I've schedule thread headers through the Dodgers series, all with "Jump to's"

What's the deal anyway? Is Comcast simply moving on?

Comcast can not figure out a way to make enough $ off this site.

A new thread? I'm confused.


Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ 19m
Phillies today: Revere CF, Rollins SS, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Byrd RF, Brown LF, Chooch C, Asche 3B, Cliff P.

& because it made me chuckle:

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 17m
Mike Trout is not in the Phillies lineup tonight. A misunderstanding, I guess.

I guess Beerleaguer's more of a message board than a blog now. That's too bad, but I suppose there's nothing inherently wrong with it, so long as the quality of the posters remains reasonably intelligent.

beerleaguer AT

cseidman AT

jhall AT

mwisniewski AT


Perhaps we could ask nicely for daily headers?

Cyclic, I better stay out of that effort because I'm way beyond the point of asking these guys nicely.

It's not like doing what JW just did really takes much time and effort. H8ll, some of the regular posters here have offered to help out and WP even offered to take the site over.

I just chalk it up to malicious neglect and laziness. It's not like they're churning out page after page over at CSN.

Wait, what was the "strung along" comment from?

I'm guessing Ryno feels its more important to split up Howard and Brown than Utley and Brown.

Not that it matters as Brown isn't hitting anything this year let alone LHP.

Also, its a damn shame catchers aren't allowed to bat higher than 7th...otherwise, Chooch would make a fine #2 hitter dropping Rollins down to #6.


Seems a lot stronger to me.

And BTW, JW, thanks.

It's too bad that your colleagues are "too busy" to do regular updates.

I like to think everybody here is reasonably intelligent. The problem is most of us aren't vaguely intelligible.

It's not like doing what JW just did really takes much time and effort. H8ll, some of the regular posters here have offered to help out and WP even offered to take the site over.


FWIW, I got an offer from another site that was better and accepted that one instead.

Though I will still probably post here 10% of the time.

That should say "Split up Howard and Brown instead of Utley and Howard"

Stupid lack of an edit key.

Eskin's reporting on this supposed Trout trade is just ridiculous. I mean even Gelb is referencing it in his tweets now!

"Wait, what was the "strung along" comment from?"

It was jw's first post, right under the new header. But, after I wrote that, he deleted it.


NEPP: "FWIW, I got an offer from another site that was better and accepted that one instead.

Though I will still probably post here 10% of the time."

NO! You are one of the most important voices on behalf of the Moronocracy. We will not let you leave.

I took the 'strung along' comment the same as BAP. I assume the site will be put down soon.

Look at the flowers, Lizzie...just look at the flowers.

beerleaguer AT

would be the way to go for future inquires on the lack of posts.

Best not to bother the other guys.


some text

RIP Beerleaguer

Best not to bother the other guys.

Posted by: Cyclic | Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 02:48 PM

So...did you get a nasty email response or something?

NEPP, is it true? Congratulations. But I'll miss you here.

It was polite actually.

It was time.

I didn't take the comment the same way as bap.

Its deletion however....

@Cyclic: Oh, that's good at least. I didnt really expect anything else than polite.

I imagine "strung along" had more to do with the lack of attention rather than ending the website.

Considering the negligible (for Comcast) hosting fees associated with a site like this one, plus the clickthrough they get coming from here to CSN and advertisements, it's probably fairly simple to just let it keep going as-is until the commenter base loses critical mass.

I expect you die, Mr. Bond.

NEPP: Is this a new blog or are you referring to TGP? Or were you just being facetious?

I'm a contributor at TGP now.

"I'm a contributor at TGP now."

Ah, ok.

"I know it was you, Comcast. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!"

If the Phils had Trout in LF instead of Brown would they even still be a playoff team?

If we replaced the currently negative WAR Dom Brown with the guy on pace for 8-9 Wins?

We'd probably be at least borderline playoffs...maybe.

Probably like 85ish wins with Trout there instead of Brown.

I'd imagine we'd play Trout in CF though...

congrats, NEPP.

How many innings do we need from Cliffie to stand a chance today? 8?

Figure if he's good for 10-11 innings, we should be fine.

Fun with WAR:

Chase Utley leads all 2Bs with 1.9 (Dee Gordon's 2nd with 1.5).

Jimmy Rollins is tied for 2nd among all SS with 1.3 (Tulo has 3.5).

Chooch is 6th (of 7 qualified) with 0.9 (Posey has 1.5).

Byrd is 7th among RF with 0.6 (Stanton has 2.2).

Revere is 10th (of 11) with 0.0 (Blackmon has 2.0).

Brown is dead last (11th) among LFs with -0.6 (JUpton and Smith are tied for first with 1.4).

Among pitchers...

Cliff Lee is 7th with 1.2 (Jose Fernandez leads with 1.6).

Roberto Hernandez is tied for 39th (0.2), AJ is tied for 46th (0.1) and Kendrick is tied for 52nd (-0.1).

That last game against Toronto hurt Burnett's numbers something fierce, apparently.

As if they needed anything else but the DBacks should fire Kevin Towers solely for the Justin Upton trade if nothing else. He actually makes Amaro look like a competent GM.

WAR means absolutely nothing to us. Its all about Versatility, Production and Ruben Amargo gut..

To be fair, WAR doesn't actually mean much to me either, but it's fun to examine sometimes.

"I've schedule thread headers through the Dodgers series, all with "Jump to's"

See guys? Relax, we have until [looks at Phillies upcoming schedule] NEXT FRIDAY?!?!?! OMG, THE WORLD IS OVER AS WE KNOW IT!!!

Ancient scripts known as The Beerleaguer Calendar and the Beerleaguer Codex have always ended on May 25, 2014.

For us, that day is Judgement Day.

From the Book of Beerleaguer:

"And when the Wetzel had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Production, and Versatility followed with him."

We can just shut it down now. That post was beautiful.

The Mayan calendar ended in 2012.

Beerleaguer calendar ends in 2014.

> I have no doubt the Phils have acquired Trout. Ekim Trout, that is,
> Mike Trout's hitherto unknown twin brother.

I thought Ozzie Trout was Mike's inferior twin.

NEPP just earned himself some TGP page views with that little opus. Brilliant.

Might I offer up that Free AEG was the third antichrist that triggered the beginning of the end?

Alas, if/when CSN no longer wishes to retain BL's web presence, my offer remains to take the domain off their hands. They know where to find me.

I'll be especially intrigued if a mysterious countdown clock appears in the site header...

Countdown to... Beerleaguer 2.0

Now with 1000% more Ruben Amaro insults!

> I'd imagine we'd play Trout in CF though...

He would have to if they wanted him to leadoff.

Or SS. Don't forget SS.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 27m
Papelbon said he feels better. He is available tonight.

Season = Saved

"Papelbon said he feels better. He is available tonight."

Convenient, since it's a forgone conclusion that there won't be a save situation...

I'd actually laugh until I bled if he came up 1 "finished game" short of vesting that option.

If anyone is going to one of the Angels' games, please applaud & cheer Rauuuuul! loudly for me. He's one of the former Phillies I retain great fondness for. Class act.

Ibanez is definitely one of my favorite phormers.

"Countdown to... Beerleaguer 2.0

Now with 1000% more Ruben Amaro insults!"

You should be the pitchman for the website. You've definitely hit on a tremendous selling point.

I figured we could hire TMac for that.

"I figured we could hire TMac for that."

If TMac is involved, I rescind my offer.

Who better to call out to customers?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 44m
Ryne Sandberg got food poisoning from a Shake Shack burger. Lost six pounds in two days. My entire world is shaken.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 20m
Sandberg got food poisoning from Shake Shack burger at Citi Field. I told him to stick w Jake's Wayback burgers. Awesome.

SHAKE SHACK ‏@shakeshack 9m
@DBTH @magelb First we've heard of this. Food safety is extremely important to us. We're trying to connect w/ Ryne directly.

Psh. Shake Shack. Stick to Jake's or 5 Guys (or local joints).

I hit too much to play for RAJ - he's looking more for everlasting potential, a placeholder, not production.

> I've schedule thread headers through the Dodgers series,
> all with "Jump to's"

"Beerleaguer 2: Cruise Control" (NEPP playing the part of Keanu missing from the sequel)

Trust me. By game time, Mike Trout will take the field in a Phillies uniform.

IF we are not 2 games above .500 come All Star i would like to be traded.

In Philly, Ibanez put uphe has put up a .264/.329/.469 (.798 OPS) with 70 HRs in 433 G

Since then, he has put up a .230/.301/.449 (.750 OPS) with 51 HRs in 287 G

Never thought he would have been that productive and that he would have hung around for 1, maybe 2 years, and put up an OPS under .700 OPS in total.

Cliff shouldn't you be more concerned with how many games back they are in the East?

MG, those numbers look even better if you take out 2014. .779 OPS (114 OPS) in 2012-2013.

I don't think anyone expected it of Ibanez, MG.

* * *

MLB Play Index ‏@BRefPlayIndex 4h
To finish with 90-wins (.556)

#Braves 69-56 (.552)
#Nationals 70-54 (.565)
#Marlins 70-53 (.569)
#Mets 72-53 (.576)
#Phillies 73-53 (.579)

Totally doable!

Those numbers look even better when you look at who the Phillies used in the OF in 2012-2013.

Ryno, I've still got cramps, I'll let ya know in the 8th whether my vagina still hurts or not.

Yeah, better he potentially injure himself in a meaningless game where they already had a 3-run lead rendering himself completely untradeable.

I guess I was misled by my sources. Looks like the Trout deal will not be completed by game time. But it definitely will be before the series is over. I trust my sources.

The Angels come in just a game over .500 (19-18), but their pythag sits at 21-16. Make no bones about it, they'll trump up the Trout "home coming" singularly, but this is a better team (and that's before accounting for the inevitable poodle-baking that is interleague play for the Phils).


I forgot the game would be blacked out in my area.

Always fun to be reminded that I'm blacked out as, evidently, the Angels are within my home market. I suppose the ability to, you know, actually find an Angel game on TV in my neck of the woods is secondary.

Why do they make you listen to the commercials on the radio, but not watch the ones on TV?

Cyclic, I've always wondered the same thing. I always opt for the audio overlay, even when I can watch the game. When you are watching, but get the radio feed, the feed just goes silent during commercials. But when you elect (or are forced...) to just listen to the radio, you get a hefty dose of "lock your car/keep your stuff" and Mama Dietz. Always been a head scratcher to me.

Phils LF since 2011:

2014 - .214/.293/.275 (.567 OPS) with 1 HRs
2013 - .265/.324/.464 (.788 OPS) with 29 HRs
2012 - .290/.340/.420 (.760 OPS) with 13 HRs

Phils were average offensively in LF and got considerably less power than the average due to Pierre playing there so much. Last year, Brown had a lot of power but had a slightly below OBP.

This year Brown has been an unmitigated disaster so far and the Phils are last or 29th in most MLB categories in LF. Wonder how long before he starts to get booed.

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