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Saturday, April 05, 2014


So it only took Papelbon till he was 33 to figure that out? Kinda scary to think about.

Sandberg's bullpen usage has been a bit odd to say the least. He has seemingly penciled Lincoln into the garbage time long reliever role for no real specific reason we can see and he seems determined to destroy Diekman's arm. Hopefully he figures it out sooner rather than later.

On thing to remember on Chooch...he's 35 which is ancient for a catcher. He's gonna need a lot of off days to stay fresh.

Thus, we are going to see a lot of Nieves unfortunately.

Lee said after the game that the 2 catchers are both good game-callers, but with completely different styles. Said Nieves is conventional and Chooch is unconventional. Not sure what he meant.

I know it's early but we need to sweep this series to get a good jump on the season. Get the broom out.

Low scoring 2-0 wins are great and all, but I'd just as soon not have to get used to nail biters against the dregs of the NL who happen to pound out 10 hits.

Don't forget that there was this thing called spring training, and during said spring training, all the fellas currently in the pen had a chance to play. Lincoln was spotty in his spring innings and I completely see that Sandberg is waiting for a low leverage opportunity to get his feet wet.

So it only took Papelbon till he was 33 to figure that out? Kinda scary to think about.

Sandberg's bullpen usage has been a bit odd to say the least. He has seemingly penciled Lincoln into the garbage time long reliever role for no real specific reason we can see and he seems determined to destroy Diekman's arm. Hopefully he figures it out sooner rather than later.

Posted by: NEPP | Saturday, April 05, 2014 at 11:22 PM

Nah its kinda like when I hit about that age and said eh i should can no longer get away with lying about my age and going after the 21 yo chics. Maybe he is admitting that his Spring Chicken stat is no more.

This Brad Lincoln thing could it be Sandberg is more comfortable with the guys he has coached in the minors?

PLM: Or it could be that he's working through a torn rotator cuff.

Lincoln is the long man/mop-up guy, and the Phillies haven't been blown out yet, so it's no surprise he hasn't even warmed up.

What worries me about the 'pen is that Ryno has just the three guys he trusts with the lead, even when it's 13-8. If he had four guys he trusted, we wouldn't have seen Diek come back out for the 7th inning in the first game against Texas.

i heard that the bravos team batting avg is below the mendoza line while the phils' is above .300

carrying just 2 catchers makes nieves almost immune to being pinch hit for. i doubt sandberg will put chooch into a game late on his day off, as chollie was wont to do.

bullit..Cholly did bring in Ruiz on his days off late in the game on a few occasions. Or could it be my memory?

sorry, PLM. poor sentence structure on my part. i was saying that chollie would be more likely to put chooch in on his day off. seems like he did it about a half dozen times last year.

"Imagine Jimmy Rollins admitting he needed to take more pitches, or bust it down the line... It's a small first step."

Imagine reading a blog written by a non-hack:

Rollins was third on the team in pitches per plate appearance and 38th in the NL.

In 2013, that is.

"When David Buchanan felt like he was getting off track in the middle innings of his start Thursday night for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the righty found direction from his catcher, Cameron Rupp.

"Rupp stuck with me and he made sure that I stayed in line with him," Buchanan said. "He called a great game."

Manager Dave Brundage also made a point of Rupp's game-calling after the win, working with Buchanan and three relievers to work a two-hit shutout.

Rupp made it clear before the season started that his biggest focus coming in was working with the pitchers and gaining their trust.

"Working with the pitching staff and getting them to trust me," Rupp said on Monday's media day. "I want to work on pitch-calling this year, doing a better job and trying to get guys not to shake me as much."

If Thursday night's opener was any indication, that process is already well under way.

"He calls his own games and that's part of his job -- preparing his pitching staff," Brundage said before Friday's game. "Him and (Koyie) Hill are the two leaders behind the plate and I expect a lot of our catchers, from leadership to running our staff. First and foremost, defense comes first and offense comes second."

Pretty clear on why Nieves is here and as long as the Phils' pitcher post good results with him behind the plate he'll be the backup catcher regardless of how terrible his offensive and limited defensive skills are.

If Lincoln is the mop-up/long-man, what is Manship's role on the team?

Is it possible the Phils' medical staff screwed up again when they evaluated Lincoln and that his rotator cuff might be more injured than they thought? That wouldn't surprise me in the least

This team desperately needs Adams back and for him to give them meaningful contributions in the 7th-8th innings.

April starts:

11-12 in '12 (5-5 after 10 games)
12-15 in '13 (5-5 after 10 games)

18-8 in '11 (7-3 after 10 games)

If they win today (got a good chance too), they are 4-2 and have 22 games left this month.

Can't believe how down/indifferent people are on this team though and for them to get start to change opinions a bit, they'll have finish April strong (say no less than 16-12) and continue to play well into May to begin to start change people's opinions.

With their schedule, they do need to finish north of .500 in April to get out of the block and give themselves a chance. More importantly though, I am more interested to see what Hamels (and to a lesser degree) Adams can give them this year.

Without a healthy and productive Hamels, they have no shot of the playoffs. Really want to see what he looks like when he comes back & gives them after 5-6 starts which won't be until June really.

Where are the stories on this rotator cuff conspiracy theory? I haven't seen anything on it.

Maybe MG can be Fox Mulder on this story much like he was on Dubee's hatred of Aumont.

Uh, MG: the guys who figure to be the Phils main 7th-8th inning guys (Bastardo, Diekman, Defratus, Hollands) have pitched 10 total innings, and given up 3 hits. Let's not panic.

Buster Olney retweeted:

No Harper. Frandsen playing outfield in the majors for the first time since 2010.

OMG, BL would have a field day with this had it happened on the Phils.

"OMG, BL would have a field day with this had it happened on the Phils."

Especially since he's batting 2nd & against a RH starter, no less. It's as if Cholly is managing the Nats: if a starter sits, his backup must assume the same spot in the batting order.

Iceman - It took me 2 minutes to find this on Dubee & Aumont:

"He's hard to give a lot of stuff to," Dubee said, "because what he's doing, he feels comfortable doing."

"I don't mind headstrong guys. If you don't believe in what you're doing, you're not going to be successful. On the other hand, you have to have some serious self evaluation to see what's working and what isn't working."


MG- that's what I'm talking about. You were ranting about Dubee's irrational hatred for Aumont well before he got demoted last year. You Fox Mulder'ed the hell out of that one.

When Lincoln is diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, that will be another feather in your conspiracy cap.

Ryan Lawrence ‏@ryanlawrence21 4m

Cole Hamels began official rehab assignment today at Class A Clearwater. He gave up a home run to the first batter of the game.

In all fairness clout suggested the Lincoln torn rotator cuff theory the other night.
My question then , and now, is why would you bother to hide the injury anyway?
I don't think the presence or absence of Lincoln is going to have that big an effect.

I Lincoln was healthy during Spring Training, then he is just not very good. His stuff is pedestrian at best. If he's injured, at least he might be better when healthy. So, sort of a silver lining if he's actually not healthy.

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