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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


These guys aren't the decimated Rangers or the Cubs. It's time to see what we got. Let's do this, Phils.

I feel like the Brewers have had the same team for like 7 years

For some reason I feel like the Phillies games have been inordinately affected by MLB.TV issues this season.

I've been able to see more Orioles games without trouble, and they're in-market for me!

The Battle of the Kyles.

Holy cow, speaking of the O's, they're absolutely wrecking the Yankees today.

14-4 in the 8th.

Delmon Young has had quite a hand in wrecking those Yankees today.

I'm looking for world domination by these Phillies.

I'd settle for domination of Milwaukee.

Is anyone else having MLB.TV issues with this game? This is the first time it's completely failed to load on either broadcast.

Nice pitch there to Gomez.

No, none at all, PB. In fact, the quality is remarkably high for me today.

Boo that cheater.

Put one in his ear!!!!

Weird. I had good quality for the O'S/Yankees (again, in-market, so extra odd), but it won't even give me an error for the Phils.

Wow. Great hit by Segura.

That pitch was on the ground

Chooch nails him at 2B!

Well, at least GameDay is super timely!


Hey, nice pick.

Chooch caught Segura being naughty.


The boo's turned to Chooch, now back to BOOOOOOO

Brewers, you can not stand up to these Phillies.

Tight strikezone so far.

Phillibuster - I've had issues loading several Phillies games this season. My connection is strong, and other games load easier.

To add insult to injury, it works fine on my phone.

And where the heck did that miss?

Jake: Yeah, and as I said, it appears to be only the Phillies games. Or at least primarily. I check other ones to make sure it's not my connection and they've been totally fine.

I predict a great offensive game from these Phillies.

PB - I think its a result of the UI overhaul. Still a few bugs to fix.


Just in time to see Ben fly out.

You guys did note that any bookmark you may have used from last year has been updated, right? For the latest, updated systems, version of, make sure you're going here:

Jake: Could be. Also could be the Flash Player version, since they don't let us update it at work, but it also strikes at home on my PS3.

Ugh... Would like to see Chooch take a while on this one.

WP: No bookmarking involved. I always go straight from the "Current Subscribers" page of www.MLB.TV

Chase with the Phlu.

4 pitches, 2 outs.

Phillies top of the order.

Nice work, Chooch.

Now to see if Ryan can continue to hurt Lohse.

Is he standing even farther off the plate than usual?

Also: Who cares if he hits doubles???

Big spot, Byrd...

I like that Byrd does the same bat waggle as Chase, where he interrupts the pitcher's line of sight to the catcher's signs.

So, there's a way around the MLB TV blackout for in-market games?

Is that why Chase does that?

Limoguy: Maybe? I mean, other than using a VPN in another market, anyway.

Honestly, I have no idea how I was getting that game, but maybe it was only on YES?

Also: I'll take the error!

Cyclic: He strikes me as enough of a douche to opposing teams (which is why we love him) that he'd intentionally do that.

I'm not sure it has any effect, but maybe that one time in a thousand?

TMac: "Redemption begins here in the first."

What the heck does that mean?

Did McCarthy call Ruiz Rupp? Or Ruf?

Green Light him here.

I imagine they're redeeming themselves for Sunday's game, Blo.

I was thinking the exact same thing, Blo.

These walks must be driving RAJ absolutely bonkers.

Really need to get Lohse here. He can settle in and be really tough.

The offense came up huge here in the first frame in support of Kendrick; yes, even though it was only one run. For Chooch to be down 0-2 with two outs and work a walk, and for Byrd to come through and knock in a RISP. I've become too accustomed to this team's offense doing less with RISP and no outs. Even though it is disappointing to leave the inning with the bases loaded, considering the circumstances of how their half of the inning started I am surprised to see a run on the board.


Well, it sucks to only get 1 in that situation, but it's hard to complain about making Lohse throw 28 in the first inning after it only took 4 pitches to get 2 outs.

Dang, Cesar!

That really hurts. Putting up 3 runs there really would have helped.

NCPhilly: I loved it, but no way we get that run without Segura trying to catch the ball with his chest.

True. Also got to worry that this A-Ram/Lucroy/Davis spot can get that run back quick.

ARam decided he'd rather go sit down.

They gave Byrd a hit for that?

Interesting fact: Genet is the only lefty in the Brewers' lineup today. You'd think they'd at least pick one more to give KK a hard time.

Also, did it look to anyone else like Brown thought that ball was going to land foul, and slowed down before he got to it?

That was a nice play by Asche.

Oh boy. Brewers with some redemption I guess.

"Genet is the only lefty in the Brewers' lineup today. You'd think they'd at least pick one more to give KK a hard time."

KK has had significant reverse lefty-righty splits in each of the last 3 years. It's still hard for me to believe that, since he spent the first 3 years of his career getting absolutely battered by LH hitting. But it's true.

Very hittable 3-1 fastball. Oh well that lead didn't last long.

With a name like Scooter, you know he's not a power bat.

Odd strike zone

BAP: KK's career numbers include a .731 OPS vs. RHB, and an .816 OPS vs. LHB.

However, you're right about his more recent years. I must have been thinking of his earlier career as well.

Although the .760/.701 split of 2012 isn't that significant. Nor the .763/.708 split of 2011.

"KK's career numbers include a .731 OPS vs. RHB, and an .816 OPS vs. LHB."

That just shows you how bad he was against LHP at the beginning of his career. But it's definitely not true anymore.

Would love to see an Asche HR today

Great AB by Asche

Really nice approach by everyone since Rollins. Make Lohse work

Nice, solid PA by Asche there. If he can take some walks, he'll become a much more useful piece than many would fear.

Also: c'mon Moyer, you can at least get it into Chooch in the crouch, can't you?

Impressive that he's been able to improve so much...must be that cutter he worked on.

Vanover calls a tight zone but this is a bit stringent.

Apparently not going to get anything above the belt today and has to be notably above the knees too.

Wow. Really? Fake bunt for KK? I mean, I remember that tremendous 11-pitch AB he had in the playoffs, but he doesn't strike me as a hittin' pitcher...

Bunting is overrated anyway.

NEPP: His changeup is also night-and-day different from the one he had when he first came up, if I remember right. That's a solid pitch against your average LHB.

Who brings a beach ball on a windy day?

Think Lohse has lohst it?

Rare 4 pitch walk.

Lohse loohsing it?

If they get though two innings with only 1-2 runs, it will be a farce. Lohse has no control

So close. Ah well.

God dangit Chooch smoked that ball

Adder-all over that fastball. Now he just needs to straighten it out.


Geez, that was a great catch in RF.

Wow, hell of a catch there.

Braun's really going to be booed now.

I still find it hard to complain about forcing their starter to use 52 pitches in 2 innings.

Also, KK is getting manhandled on those high balls.

Man Brown stinks in LF. Gomez likely would have been in there regardless but Brown still has no clue on judging the route of a ball & muffs too many routine plays.

... And those bunts to his feet.

Oh, Kyle.

Seems we got bad Kendrick today.

This inning will end well...

Damnit KK.

C'mon Kyle. Channel your inner Doc. Buckle down and get 3 Ks swinging.

HOF Philly killer.

Was that a Romero #6 jersey walking up the stairs?

Boo. Boo, boo, boo.

That wasn't even a terrible pitch, but it didn't break sharply enough, and it was apparently too obvious in that count.


Bad Kyle.

Also known as the real Kyle.

Came into today at .386/.430/.690 with 14 HRs in 186 PAs

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