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Sunday, April 06, 2014


Postponed the home opener, huh? Yeah, let's sweep this series to give us tomorrow's off day to look forward to Tuesday.

Has that ever happened before?

I love at the end of the last thread- aksmith...who has probably never heard of Brad Lincoln...declared him a bum after spring training innings.

Almost as silly as MG and his tin foil theories

Damn that loss of elite power.

Reality - Do I think Lincoln has a rotator cuff injury? No. Clout said that.

Would it surprise me if he the Phils medical staff didn't properly evaluate Lincoln right's shoulder (one he had inflammation last spring in March which caused him to miss a good portion of Blue Jays' camp and was a nagging issue most of the season) and it is causing him issues now?

No that wouldn't surprise me either.

Burnett doesn't have a feel for anything here early on and looks really flustered.

YEah, it looks like everyone picked a good day not to comment. About to join you.

A batting tee would have been more effective.

Good a chance as any we'll see Lincoln today if he is indeed the long-man/mop up role. Likely a Manship citing too.

Where's the article talking about how Lincoln's shoulder was a nagging issue last year?

Iceman - It was this spring when I was listening to a game and they were talking about Lincoln.

Lincoln said he got inflammation in his right shoulder in the middle of spring training last year and it caused him alter his mechanics a bit & caused him some command issues last year with the Blue Jays.

He did add that he felt completely fine now and that McClure/Nichols had been working with him on his splitter to get him to use it more and get more ground ball outs hopefully.

Can't blame the offense so far. Villanueva has been really sharp with his command especially his fastball and a good slider. Just getting ahead of the Phils hitters today on the first strike and mixing and matching well after that.

I see Brown's average is up over .400. Just a few days ago, BAP declared him 'a mess' after 6 PAs.

With the off day tomorrow, you could have pinch hit for Burnett. It's early, but he's the tying run and you're down four.

Asche just missed a huge chance to get the Phils back into the game. Decent pitch to hit and he just muffed it back to the pitcher.

Anyone else notice that Asche is a bad baseball player?

I'm just making sure I'm not the only one that has noticed this. All the standard caveats apply that he's young, has time to adjust and improve, etc etc. But I've yet to see a single flash from him in any aspect of the game that points to him becoming a future everyday player.

Hopefully he's just a slow learner.

Villanueva looks like he is starting to tire a bit. Phils need to get at least 2 runs this inning though and get back into the game.

Good observation by Moyer on the telecast. Revere does look like much more of a base-stealer this year. Getting great jumps.

Take away that first game and Asche has looked pretty anemic. The boy better step it up what with Franco waiting in the wings.

That's as close to a tie as you'll ever see. I'm not sure what constitutes irrefutable evidence I'm the MLB, but I don't think there's enough there it overturn it.

I've just arrived after missing yesterday's game and nearly half of today's. So I'm ready for some baseball! I did see Revere score a run and the challenge on the out call of Chase at first.

Oh, and damn, Howard's line drive went right to 'em and doubled up Rollins.

I'm sorry that I missed Cliff Lee's gem yesterday, but I'm happy - and unsurprised - that he's back to the Lee we love.

What happened with AJ? Being AJ? Did he just have one bad inning, or has he been shaky?


I guess we'll get to see Brown lead off again. Maybe Asche and Burnett can strand him next inning too.

Or rather, Brown hits second. Byrd leads off.

Villanueva cruised through the lineup the first time but he really tired the 2nd time through and was lucky to get away with only allowing a run.

Classic swingman I guess.

Lincoln sighting!

Just a really poor outing by Burnett. Struggled with command badly early and late and couldn't even go 5.

But he's still out there in the 6th.

Not AJ's sole doing this inning.

What was Rollins thinking there?

I can't believe Jimmy didn't think of stepping on 2B, esp. w/Bonifacio the batter, but apparently his momentum was carrying him forward and he couldn't readjust. He knew he goofed.

Nice play Jimmy.Sure Ryno was impressed.

That one is Burnett's. Hopefully we see more outings like his first one and not too many outings like this one.

I meant 6. This is kind of like the Phils' last year.

Defensive miscues, too many BBs allowed which the other time cashes in on, and not much offense from the Phils including XBH.

Sandberg left Burnett out there too long and with the day off tomorrow should have given him the hook after the 5th

NEPP! I know it's AAA but Rupp has 3 hrs. How many do you suppose Nieves will have all year? The Philly way,no need to give a kid a chance when you can play a veteran.

3-3 isn't a terrible start but given the favorable pitching match ups and opponents including let 2 games get away from them due to managerial/bullpen miscues & letdowns it is disappointing.

Just tuned into the game. Is the wind blowing out? When the wind is blowing out, no lead is safe.

4 unearned runs in that inning - not good.

Thankfully, we have depth in the mop-up-guy role. Good job with that, Rube.

Oh for the days of Carlos Marmol when he had the potential to walk the entire ballpark.

Very low # of comments for Sunday game, although given that 90% of posters here over past few years were front-runners and bandwagon jumpers, this might be about normal.

Story of today's game: Burnett: 59 strikes, 50 balls.

Do that a few times and you're on the next bus to LV.

I guess Manship is ahead of Lincoln on the bullpen pecking order with Lincoln as the mop=up man.

Really would have thought Manship was in that roll.

Iceman: The MRI shows the inside of Lincoln's shoulder looks like a plate of Fettuccini Alfredo.

8 runs on 6 hits for the Cubs and not a single HR.

That's pretty tough to do.

Iceman: Asche was a mediocre prospect with mediocre tools who has worked hard to develop the baseball skills he has. If everything falls into place, he can be a mediocre player. If not, he's Jason Donald.

Grand slam #2 for JRoll? Would be sweet.

Cubs' relievers making this a little more interesting at the end.

Cubs dangled a tease at the Phillies at the end. Oh well.

Oh, for the days when Howard might have crushed that.

I don't want to get negative in the first week of the season, but in 4 of the 6 games the offense scored 3 runs or less. In 3 of 6 they scored 2 runs or less. Very 2013ish in results. The big difference is the Phillies starting 8 are all healthy.

So...since I missed it and this game was a dud, how did yesterday's game look?

Correction on the 2 runs or less comment. I wrote that before the Phils came up with two 9th inning runs.

Kashmir - Yeah it is something worth pay attention to although Burnett simply imploded today.

First week has gone kind of like how I expected this team would go - if they are healthy (including Hamels) they can be competitive (~.500).

If (and when) a couple of injuries happen though to the regulars, the complete lack of depth anywhere on this team is going to get quickly exposed and the Phils will hit a stretch that will sink their '14 season.

1 for 15 with RISP today. Howard stranded six, per post-game show.

"So...since I missed it and this game was a dud, how did yesterday's game look?"

Well, you alluded to missing "Lee's gem." He gave up 10 hits; was just luckier that they didn't plate them a la the season opener. Lee got a "W," and looked better than his first outing, but then again, he couldn't have done much worse either.

The Phil's beat a bad team yesterday. With the walks/defense, they beat themselves today.

MG, I'll take .500, but .500 against a depleted Rangers squad and this Cubs team does not equal a .500 team for the season. There are a few signs of optimism, but they gotta be better than what they showed today.

Thanks, WP. Yes, I saw the final score and assumed Lee had pitched excellently. Guess not.

I heard that Cole pitched well in his rehab start today.

I guess "well" is relative. He gave up 2 HR to the Threshers.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 4h
Cole Hamels' line in rehab start today (Class A Clearwater): 4 ip, 3 h, 2 r, 2 er, 0 bb, 4 k, 2 hr.

Back in the day, a BL headline "Phils eye sweep" would have been considered a jinx.

Howard made good contact today. Just has warning track power these days.

Jinx headline + bad pitching + bad defense= a sure loss.

Clout: that sounds good about Asche. The Moronocracy told us Donald was a star over and over. Shame we dumped him. Wonder how he is doing?

Reality: He signed a minor league contract with the Royals in the off-season, but didn't make the team.

He's 29 now, but maybe he's a late bloomer.

In other ex-Phillies news, Jonathan Villar went 1-for-3 with a home run, two RBI, two runs scored and a SB today.

Over/ Under on the rain holding off until after 6PM tomorrow?

Strange to postpone on a daytime forecast of 60% chance of rain, totaling 0.5 inch.

What did Ed Rendell say about the wussification of America.

Good versatility shown by Revere in CF -- equally adept (or is it inept?) at taking bad angles to the ball and getting clanks off the glove when charging a liner. Can never have enough versatility.

Ruiz should go back in two spot; move Rollins down - his bat is gone.

Anybody notice Moss off to a good start in Oakland?

Bubba: In one of those early-season scheduling oddities, the league had scheduled a random off-day on Tuesday, with the same series to resume on Wednesday. With an iffy forecast for Monday, & Tuesday's forecast looking good, the league probably figured that it was safer to just reschedule.

I understand the rationale, just don't agree.
Cancelling on a forecast is pretty weak.
Old School, I guess.

Phillies are .500 so far in April. After watching all six games, I have a feeling that that .500 number will be the same come the end of the season. I saw some good things and enough negative things to cancel out the good. About what you'd expect to see on a .500 club.

I'm not really sure what to think 6 games in. Better bull-pen work and the Phil's are 5-1, even with 2 horrible SP perfomances.

All in all, 3-3 is fairly decent on the road. If they can post a winning record at home, that might be enough to sneak in with a WC playoff.

What is everyone worried about? We are doing what the good teams do, play .500 on the road, kill em at home.
Even when the Phils were good, they were bad on getaway day(the last day in each town, including home). I'm going to keep track this year. So far, their 2 worst games.

"I guess "well" is relative. He gave up 2 HR to the Threshers."

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 4h
Cole Hamels' line in rehab start today (Class A Clearwater): 4 ip, 3 h, 2 r, 2 er, 0 bb, 4 k, 2 hr.

Yes, he is cooked. Giving up 2 HRs in a rehab game is indicative of how his season will progress. Nice to see Cole still has his haters.

Ha! I hardly hate Cole, nor am I down on him. I had heard he pitched well before I saw his numbers, that's all. I'm not worried about him.

If Cole is pain free and regaining his strength, that's all I really care about. The actual results of a rehab assignment don't mean anything. In fact, he may have been working on something with his pitches rather than trying to get out A level hitters.

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