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Friday, April 04, 2014


Min 10 PA: Carlos Ruiz is one of the last 4 players in the league to never swing and miss.

NEPP: For all your huffing and puffing, what you are saying doesn't disagree with what I've posted at all. The bullpen lost more than 20 games for the Phillies last year. You do understand that is not the same as saying, "The Phillies would've won 20 more games last year except for the bullpen" right?
Posted by: clout | Friday, April 04, 2014 at 11:54 AM

Why are you deliberately stupid? There is no such thing as a perfect bullpen and even a historically great bullpen only gives you roughly 10 more wins as I showed repeatedly.

I mean why even bother to comment when you're just speaking out of our ass?

Your ass obviously...stupid iPhone

Glad to see Asche/DOM get the nod vs lefty - even if they don't turn out to be everyday players down the line, they absolutely must try for the time being.

So, we've got lefty-lefty-Jayson Nix-lefty. That'll definitely discourage the Cubs' manager from using a LOOGY.

bap: dude, they have 3 RHB in the starting lineup, none of which are batting consecutively. Would you rather John Mayberry start?

"Would you rather John Mayberry start?"

Actually, against this pitcher, "yes". I would start him and give Howard the day off.


lorecore: Wasn't really a criticism, just an observation. And, to the extent it was a criticism, it was directed at Amaro's roster construction, not Sandberg's lineup decision.

But, yes, now that you mention it, I think Mayberry belongs in the lineup somewhere. He's awful, but we're facing a LH pitcher who is especially tough on lefties & hitting LHP is the only thing he does reasonably well. I'd rather have him in there than Howard.

It still shocks a bit to see Utley and Howard split up, and the catcher batting higher than seventh.

Not as much as the creepy image I now have of Boomer Esiason, a man with a large collection of scalpels and anesthetic instruments in his home.

eh, true, i guess Mayberry over Howard makes sense.

Also, the forecast for Wrigley today is 30mph winds out to center.

The O/U line jumped from 8 to 13 (!). It moved so much that there are sportsbooks voiding people's bets on the 8.5 O, which s ridiculous.

Lorecore gives a nice thought and BAP follows it up with negativity.

What gives you joy BAP?

aksmith: bap was right, mayberry over howard is the smart move. My mayberry hate blinded me.

Fake posting is still happening, though not as much. That's obviously not the real aksmith.

Mayberry over Howard; the dumbest thing we all proudly agree on

With the winds gusting out, Fausto might benefit more.

His GB% is well over 50% and amongst league leaders awhile Wood's is almost the exact opposite.

That aksmith is not me. The troll is still here. In fact, I'm not going to post before or during the game so maybe he should move onto someone else for a while.


Good day to start Ruf. . . too bad about that.

The Moronocracy: No you are wrong, Howard should start every game this year!! only p8ssy's need days off!

No it is really me BAP. I was just being sarcastic but obviously that didn't come across on the Internet.

My fault.

Okay so that wasn't me at 1:31. Can we do something about the trolls coming here and posting under people's names?

howie willl really be trying to pull the ball today. i predict 1 HR and 3 SO.

Phils should win today 10-8.

Nix will hit for the cycle.

The real me is on Typepad. If he cuts and pastes my Typepad account, as he did to cut fastball, you can click on it to see if it takes you to my actual account.

Still trolling me. Sad to have no life, I suppose.

Jusat so you know if it is really me, i will tip my generic red cap before my post.

Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself. Stop trolling yourself.

Sound advice here BAP so thank you. One question- are we certain it is only one person pulling off this nonsense on here?

There is no I. We are Borg.

That was not me at 1:54, the first 1:55 post, and 1:56...Can we please put an end to this?

real aksmith - no. TGP has it figured out. Join in.

Beerleaguer is an impossible "hall of mirrors. I really thought JW cleaned house, but no.


If a crucial spot comes up in the 5th, 6th or 7th, will they use Mayberry to hit for Brown against a LHP?

The following posts were not me: 1:49, 12:45, 1:22, 15:62

a reunion of two cubs HOFers who should have been phillies: sandberg and fergie jenkins.

That was not me- THE REAL AKSMITH- at 2:04

25mph wind to right-center, huh? What is the over/under on Revere hitting his first homer today?

If Revere gets all of it and I mean all of it and there's a 40+ mph gust right as he makes contact...there's a solid shot that the ball will leave the infield in the air.

Ha so you're saying there's a chance?


Seriously though, I'd be more hopeful if it was the same conditions but with 85 degrees instead of 45. The ball wont travel as well in cold air so the odds aren't as good. If we're back here in July and the wind is gale force could definitely happen.

No, I agree. I recall seeing Revere hitting the ball to the warning track before. Can't remember what month it was but I can guarantee it wasn't April. I'm more concerned about his base running at this point anyway.

Sandberg on the BP:

"It might take a little time," Sandberg said. "I'm anxious to get them all out there and then basically go from there after seeing them. I'm anxious to still see Lincoln, Manship, and De Fratus. Then we'll make some decisions and continue to use the whole bullpen."

per Gelb

So I guess Lincoln isn't dead as rumored.

* * *

This is funny:

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 49m
Cubs fan holding "There's Always Next Year" sign at home opener.

Walking Man!

Gotta say, I love Chooch in the 2 hole. He should stay there once Rollins returns and Rollins should bat 6th.

I love Chooch.

Top of the lineup definitely needs him. Hope Sandberg realizes that, even against RHP and even when Rollins comes back.

I thought Awl was leaving this website but he keeps posting here. I guess he discovered you can't be as bombastic on TGP

No, we both post at both places. And honestly, TGP is miles better than this place has been of late...though still a shadow of BL's golden years.

I didn't get a chance to open the link about Freddy Galvis in the last thread, but Ryan Lawrence thinks he'll join the team when they get home.

Nice start by Carmex. Stuff looks good early.

I actually have a good feeling about Hernandez this year.

Will surpass everyone's expectations as the 5th starter.

Oh, Howard, stop reaching!

I think I could pitch to Howard.

Slop away

Slop away

Slop away

sit down.

I'm optimistic about Hernandez, too, Cyclic. Or at least not down on him yet.

Hernandez looks bueno. That is Spanish for good.

Ryan 8* for 14 already this season!


Now 0-7 against Wood.

One of the beat writers better ask Sandberg why he didn't start Mayberry for Howard today.

Howard no es bueno. That means not good in Spanish.

Slop away

Slop away

Slop away

sit down.

That describes the women I've been with.

Misser Peter no home. That's Spanish for Peter isn't home right now.

"And honestly, TGP is miles better than this place has been of late."

If I could imagine myself ever agreeing with that statement, I'd already be a regular at TGP & long gone from this place. But even if I could past TGP's arrogant and self-righteous moderators, there's zero possibility I will ever learn to like their non-chronological posting format. Hence, it's Beerleaguer & the trolls for me.

Travis got Wood.

Good lord. What is TGP? I can't take these trolls using my name anymore!


Looks like there's just .5 left to cover on that HR O/U someone posted above...

I'm still optimistic about Hernandez

If Howard stays healthy and doesn't get platooned (unlikely) he'll shatter the single season strikeout record.

BAP: I've been both places and the only person acting "arrogant and self-righteous" is you champ.

You are nothing but arrogant on here. You are staying here at BL because you want to be king of the dopes rather than engage in discussion with people of equal or greater intelligence than you.

Which is more unlikely, staying healthy or getting platooned?

Also, Asche will HR.

"I'm still optimistic about Hernandez"

Me too, despite that absolute meatball, coupled with 30 mph gusts. That won't be the last HR of the day, and the Phils get the same wind during their AB's, too. Aside from that pitch that he left up, his stuff has looked decent on a very cold day. Not easy to do.

Cyclic: Is there a 3rd option?

Who knew a lineup full of lefties was going to struggle against Travis Wood?

I knew.

Besides Mayberry for Howard or Brown, what would you have done?

I don't think they feel Hernandez is ready to play 3B.

Despite the off day, I didn't see any of the usual proclamations as toward expectations of this series. Here's mine:

The Phils must win 2 of 3 from what is an absolutely horrendous team, and should be able to sweep, if we're to take them seriously in any meaningful capacity. That said, it's baseball (specifically very early season baseball) and stuff happens, so I expect 2-1, but won't be shocked if they go 1-2. In particular, I suspect that the offense will slow down to something closer to what we expect, like the last 2 games (~3 runs/game), but the bullpen will show some improvement.

Sometimes you just need to tip the generic red cap to the opposition. Well played Cubs.

"That won't be the last HR of the day, and the Phils get the same wind during their AB's, too."

Unfortunately, you have to actually hit the ball in order to take advantage of the wind.

I know others disagree, but it's a relief to my ears to have the Moyer/Tbag duo.

Although Stairs seems like a great guy for sitting down with a beer, his rushed babbling--however interesting and enthusiastic-- adds stress to the viewing experience. It is a strain to decipher his words and his cadence doesn't seem to let the game breathe.

Also with just two in the booth, there is more opportunity for Moyer to offer his insight.

But Jack and his buddies on here assured us that none of this would happen once Charlie was removed.

I mean Charlie didn't know how to do things.

Watching Chooch bundled up on April 4th, as if he's in the third level dream in "Inception," has me incredibly thankful that I chose the extremely overly expensive lifestyle in Southern California. I don't know how you guys made it through the Winter.

c_o_c, It's the radio audio overlay for me. I suspect that Stairs/Moyer are an upgrade over Wheels/Sarge, but I'll take the "dulcet tones of Larry Anderson" (and Franzke) over TBag every single day of the week (and twice on double-header days).

WP: I kind of think the "absolutely horrendous" Cubs are about the same level team as we are.

They may even be a little better by end of year, considering they have a bunch of top prospects almost ready for the majors.

Nice play, MYoung.

Shocking that Jack is negative on the Phillies.

Jack, which righties would you like to have seen in the lineup today?

"Jack, which righties would you like to have seen in the lineup today?"

It's more of an indictment of the team that RAJ put together than of today's lineup. It's insane to have 5 LH hitters in your starting lineup, especially when 4 of them can't hit LHP to save their lives.

Bad defense

It's insane to chase ambulances for a living but people still do that too.

Utley looked so awkward on that play

Pretty sad to see

I guess it's a good thing only about 30% of their games are against LH starters

Imagine if they hadn't gotten Byrd.

This has always been a lefty heavy team. It's for this reason that I'll be disappointed if/when Ruf is at AAA once healthy.

Jack, you really think the Phils will finish as bad/worse than this year's Cubs team? Admittedly, they're in a better position for the future, but I can't see them not being among the worst in MLB this year.

Our prospects got no-hitted last nite.

"Pretty sad to see" -- an early entrant for the title of the 2014 Phillies video.

I guess it's actually only 3 LH hitters who can't hit LHP (Asche, Dom, Howard). I forgot about Revere, who does fine against LHP. Of course, there's also Jimmy, who switch-hits but can't hit LHP at all.

Howard with a hit against a lefty, delaying the "platoon experiment" by at least another couple of weeks.

WP: I think both teams will be around 68-72 wins.

Mayberry should've started over Howard

Rollins is playing today? Where is he batting in the order?

And, of course, just as I say that, Howard & Dom get hits.

Lefties doing some damage

Bengie Molina, even now retired, would smoke Ryan Howard in a foot race right now.

Howard, our awkward tortoise, tagging up to go to 3B. :)

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