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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Three hits and a walk, no outs, and one run.

Can't make it up.

Galvis is going to hit. Wow.

Is there a rule against Ryan Howard traveling the base paths with a cane or walker?

We're really leaving Galvis in to hit in the biggest AB of the game.

Awesome managing.

Ruben is a laughingstock under the standard he set for himself a few years back - he said he shouldn't have the job if he can't field a contender with this payroll.

A Galvis K would be close to the best possible (realistic) scenario here.

I'd try that lineup, MG.

We'd better at least tie it now. That is, if Freddy can muster a hit. Maybe a HBP?

Iceman - I would be fine with that too. On the days Chooch sits, they could roll Revere into the leadoff spot.

I just hate giving a marginal offensive player like Revere the most ABs on the team. If he BB more and had a .350+ OBP it would be fine but he only has 2 BBs this year in 22 G which is pitiful.

F off Sandberg.

Curt, well do I remember those words of Amaro's. He should fire himself.

Cannot believe that Freddy Galvis and Cody Asche are taking the two most important PAs this game.

And here comes the GIDP.

But it works!

Hey maybe Asche should have just PH there so we'd have runs and no outs.

Eh Ryne?

HAHAHA! Wow. That's called stumbling into good fortune by Sandberg.

Good for Asche! A tie game!

Does that clear the bases if it doesn't hit the ump?

get out of the way next time, ump!

Hmm...maybe Asche should have just gotten the start.

Mr. Singles!

Asche has been looking hitterish lately. It was malpractice to send .040 Freddy out there.

Byrd has been a marginal upgrade over D. Young so far
I take offense to this. As another BL poster once quipped, Marlon Byrd can sit Indian-style in right field, with his back facing the infield, and still be an upgrade over D. Young.

Now would be a good time for the "offense sucks" crowd to declare BL amnesty.

some text


Whatever it takes. Now can Adams/Papelbon preserve a 1-run lead.

Maybe Asche's warming up. Isn't he supposed to be a slow starter?

220, 221, whatever it takes.

I kind of feel like the Phillies are playing themselves. The D-backs relief pitching and defense seems vaguely familiar.

Make 'em pay Howie

I believe that's Justin DeFratus wearing Trevor Cahill's uniform.

Very poor AB there, Ryno.

Nice inning. Let's see if the bullpen can lock it down, and put the bullpen/offense debate to rest at least for one night.

Walking Utley to get to Howard...against a RHP?


And sadly it Ryno didn't wait for his pitch.

Interesting no Adams.

Howard back down to a .786 OPS...been a very rough week for him.

Lead off walk. Yup it's the Phillie BP live and in person.

Is Adams hurt or is Sandberg just a fvcking idiot?

Or both?

A good bullpen slams the door here. The Phillies bullpen... ?

Remember when Bastardo sat 92-93 instead of 89?

Remember that magical 5 months when he was unhittable?

Is Adams hurt or is Sandberg just a fvcking idiot?
It seems Bastardo is higher up on Sandberg's depth chart, at least for now.

And that was a great pitch just as I hit post.

don't need a designated 8th inning guy. just have your freshest LOOGY and ROOGY warmed up.

clout, can you give me an objective report on what the offense has done tonight, now that nine innings have been played?

Galvis is just awful right now.

I don't think doom and gloom with Papelbon all that much, but I'm on the doom side of things here.

It's been a while. He's due to blow one.

Everyone knew Prado was getting a hit after that error. Now get out of it.

Goldschmidt will hit a ball 550 ft here.

Maybe we should have left Adams in?

This comeback is about to be for naught.

Ugh...and here comes the blown Save.

What on earth kind of a slide was that?

This is probably not sufficiently definitive to get reversed.

Definitely out it looks like...

I feel like Iceman is right, Papelbon is due for a BS.

Actually, it does look pretty definitive. He was out.

he's out. this is taking forever, though.

Wtf do you mean not definitive? His glove is on his leg while his leg is off the bag. You see it at basically every angle.

He's out. Conclusively.

That angle they just showed is 100% definitive.

He's out.

Huge break for us.

Wow. Not hard to see why they're 10 games under.

Like I've always said, I love this new expansion of replay.

"I feel like Iceman is right, Papelbon is due for a BS."

Is Papelbon ever NOT due for BS?

Iceman: I'm not watching the same telecast as you. There was one particular angle where it looked definitive, but the D-Backs' telecast didn't show it until 3 or 4 minutes later.

Great pitch.

That's Paptastic!!!

Faces the minimum. We win.

tasty win

Win attributable to the offense.

I was going to type "Maybe Pap won't blow the save after all" as soon as we won the replay review, but I was afraid to jinx it.

Win attributable to the bullpen.

Win attributable to 3 Diamondbacks errors, but I'll take it.

3 innings of shutout ball...they really picked up the pieces for Lee tonight.

"Is Papelbon ever NOT due for BS?"

True, and why watching the 9th inning of a close game is often so nerve-wracking. I spent the latter half of '08 worried that Lidge was going to finally blow one. I was sure he wouldn't be able to remain perfect through the postseason.

Win attributable to the offense and the bullpen.

Let's be honest here: Win attributable to Trevor Cahill.

Manship's first win in 4 years. There's no stopping him now.

I would have turned this game off last year after they went down 5-0 because they almost certainly would have lost. But, I do not feel this team can be counted out. Plus, Arizona's bullpen might actually be worse than ours.

Cahill and the errors helped, for sure, but isn't there a saying that the good teams capitalize on opponents' mistakes? Which does mean the Phillies hitters deserve a modicum of credit for coming from behind to take the lead, even with the errors and the relief pitching.

And the BP does deserve credit for not giving up another 5 runs.

Win not attributable to the .033 hitter who stranded 8 base runners all by himself, or the idiotic manager who insists on starting him.

We're averaging one five-run late-inning comeback every 11 games or so.

Gotta love the late life!

You can't keep Galvis in the lineup when he only gets a hit 3.3% of the time. I don't think we will be seeing much of him for the time being.

Phillies pitching (of 15 NL teams):
8th in xFIP
8th in SIERA
14th in BABIP

Maybe Asche earned some more playing time with his big PH.

This year's team has a lot of flaws but is much more watchable than the 2012 and 2013 editions, at least to this point.

A rare bad start from Lee, and the offense/bullpen bailed him out. Good win.

Maybe Lee should suck every time out...we're 2-0 in starts this year where he gives up at least 5 ER.

Great win, it's fun to have some come back from behind wins.

Freddy Galvis questions:
Why was he playing?

Why bat him 8th ahead of Cliff Lee, a clearly better hitter?

Why not PH for an .030 hitter on one of the several occasions that arose?

Please answer without the use of the word "versatility".


Broken down by starter/reliever:

Phillies starters (of 15 NL teams):
5th in xFIP
6th in SIERA
14th in BABIP

Phillies relievers (of 15 NL teams):
12th in xFIP
11th in SIERA
9th in BABIP

Well so far this time seems to have lil' more bit' in them than last year. Seem like last year and to some extent year before they would pack it up if they were down 2 or more runs. Or perhaps is the new coach.

i like MG's lineup. Iceman's tweak even more.
and i like replay. i don't care if it slows down the game.

The lineup had an .033 hitter (who went 0-5) and still managed a 6 run late-inning comeback. Not bad.

Ryan Braun swung his bat while standing on the dugout step, hitting teammate Segura in the face.

Shockingly, Segura has neither a fracture or a concussion.

But he did require plastic surgery to repair the injury.

Replay is fine, but it should take no more than 60 seconds.

Galvis probably should be sent down or he isnt all the way healthy. At this point just call up Reid.

Nice to see the offense and bullpen pick Lee tonight.

Still wonder what is going on with Bastardo so far. His fastball was 89-90 and he has had almost no command on it in any outing so far this year. Desperately need him to show some signs of improvement quickly to help stabilize the pen.

Agree with Marc H that this team so far is more compelling & interest to watch than the '12 and '13 teams. As long as they stay healthy, they'll at least be competitive (~.500).

The Bullpen is the sour spot so far. We dont expect them to hold the opposing team 100%. The Phils could easily be 14-10.

Galvis looks a bit overwhelmed right now. Perhaps sending him down to get some ABs and some confidence would be the right move. Reid Brignac had a good spring and is passable option while Freddy gets straightened out.

4/26/14: Revere hitting .303/.319 w/ 27 hits 2 walks and 8 SB

4/26/13: Revere riding the pine batting a cool .200

Having a dependable hitter/speedster leading off could be helping the offense.

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