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Sunday, April 20, 2014


1. Ben Revere, CF
2. Jimmy Rollins, SS
3. Marlon Byrd, RF
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Carlos Ruiz, C
6. Domonic Brown, LF
7. Jayson Nix, 3B
8. Freddy Galvis, 2B
9. A.J. Burnett

Horrible lineup + Ryu = Not even worth me staying up, even being on the west coast

I wonder if Utley is banged up...very odd to bench him against Ryu.

Burnett v. Ryu. BAP's right, that sounds like a loss. Plus, Chase is out of the lineup. Plus, we've already won 2 games in a row. Still, there's a reason they play the games...and hope is alive and well.

I have come to the conclusion that my guys Chase, Rollins, Howard and Chooch want and know how to win. Separately they may be able to help a younger team or a contender get over the top. Together well unless surrounded by a great supporting cast just not sure. On another Rosenberg will get set down. We just talking to coaches here who will replace him.

Zolecki Tweets: Ryno said he's thinking about long haul by resting Utley. Wanted to get him off his feet after long past few days.

NEPP, for whatever it's worth, Ryno insists that he just wants to give Utley a blow.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 2h
Ryno said he's thinking about long haul by resting Utley. Wanted to get him off his feet after long past few days.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 2h
Sandberg said Utley is fine. Just getting a rest. Available off bench. Also, Papelbon feels better and is available tonight.

It's probably been mentioned on here, but over his last 10 starts, Cliff Lee has struck out 92 batters while walking just 3.

For the math illiterate, that's a 30.67 K/BB ratio.

Over a 10 game span!

Also, since 2008, Cliff Lee has a 3.6 BB%.

Since 1950, no pitcher with at least 2000 IP has a walk percentage lower than 4.2%.

Cliff Lee is amazingly amazing.

Burnett throws a knuckle curve?

Hi, Fatalotti! Nice to see you again. Cliff Lee is indeed impressive!

Always love when the Phillies pitcher throws more pitches to one hitter than all the Phillies in the previous inning saw combined.

Based on Gameday, strike zone seems tight

Welp. The Flyers game is over. Let's go Phils

Burnett is a gamer who knows how to pitch. The bullpen is rested.

"Always love when the Phillies pitcher throws more pitches to one hitter than all the Phillies in the previous inning saw combined."

Oh, yeah, that's always fun.

But hey, Howard just got a hit! I hope he can keep this up.

I'm sure nix and galvis are good for a couple of RBIs here....

Freddy is my candidate for star of the game.

I don't have cable anymore, so I can't watch any games for the time being, but I'm sitting here looking at Howard's 2014 season so far. He's quietly destroying the baseball. 149 wRC+ so far.

Here's a little piece of information that surprised me, though. He's got a .333 BAbip on the season, which immediately seemed very and unsustainable to me. But then I looked and saw that he posted a .349 BAbip last year. Sure it was only 317 PA, but still, perhaps with an increased walk percentage that he's flashed thus far this season, and some BAbip luck, and of course, the return of near vintage power, we could be in for a surprisingly good Ryan Howard season.

Surprised to not see a bap post about Nix and Galvis starting in the same game

Beerleaguer could do without the idiot troll posting as "Sensible Rube" and a myriad of other not-so-clever trolling handles.

Too bad Mrs. Nix didn't have another son named Chad. I'd be all over that one. Although, he'd probably be named Chayd.

Crazy stuff happening here. None crazier than Jayson Nix getting a start though. What a rally killer.

Someone seems to have gotten through to Howard with the crucial message: Swing the bat fewer times. Just trust that pitchers will throw a lot of balls to you.

Fatalotti - You make a great case for the 'flimsiness' of the BABIP stat. Big sticks make big hits; no? Why should Howard "revert to the mean" whatever that may be?

But Utley will look good coming off the bench with the game on the line...after most of us have gone to bed.

"Chayd Nix" - LOL! That's great!

Just seemed intuitive to me that with Howard's lower body issues, he'd expect a lower BAbip. But, you're right, he's posted consistently high BAbips throughout his career, so the .349 in the early going, while high for any player, should not have been that surprising to me.

Come on, Rollins

Burnett gotta hit maybe Sanburg should have batted him 4th

Rollins daydreaming at the plate again

bAre down here Marlin.

Isn't a higher BAbip common for hitters who strike out a lot?

I would say this is our opportunity.

Wow that sure sucked from our 2 and 3 hitters.

Why the heck didn't he leave Marlon 5th and put Chooch 3rd?

I would be wrong.

Walk him.

High heat here. Nothing to hit 3-2

Lining up Lee-Burnett-Hamels for a series like this makes it pretty easy to watch.

Not easy to watch: 2/3 of the lineup and the entire bullpen.

I wonder if Tom McCarthy knows how inferior he is to Vin Scully.

Nix is Martinez part 2.


Ruiz is a streak hittin' Choocher.

Ah, the old unintentional intentional walk to Brown.

wow. that was chooch's first triple since 2010.

Ha, the dodgers are impressed with nix/galvis as well.

Yeah Rush, Scully is still the best.

Damnit Nix.

Not a good idea to squander chances against Ryu.

REALLY feels like a loss now.

Nix-Galvis-Pitcher...not sure you can find a bigger Phillies black hole in the lineup in the last 10 years. Maybe Kratz-MiniMart-Pitcher.

Nix, Galvis and could legitimately argue that Burnett should bat 7th in this lineup

layme nix

Nice clutch hitting tonight.

These Nix brothers are really cramping my style.

TBAG states Dodgers catcher is blocking the plate. Really? Ruiz was out by 10 feet. The Phillies announcing crew is a complete embarrassment. Burnett is beast mode as a hitter.

Rollins needs a strategic AB.

LA & Franzke also discussed that the catcher could have been called on not giving the lane had Chooch slid into home, but he was trying to ensure the runners could advance.

No sac fly? :(

Byrd got a hit! We've got a run!

Burnett runs like a guy with a hernia.


Ryan need to break this open
sac fly ok

Yes! Howard with a sac fly thanks to Revere's speed! 2 runs!

Big RBI Piece.

It's painful to watch Burnett run, knowing that he has a hernia.

Knowing what it feels like, you gotta wince every time Burnett gets a hit and has to run the bases. Brings back painful memories.

I hope all that running didn't tire Burnett out. No way our BP can hold a 2-0 lead.

Vin Scully telling the story about Ruiz losing his dad at age 7. Every season I look forward to Phillie-Dodger games so I can hear all these interesting stories about our players. Scully is truly a legend.

Revere could have been standing on second and still not able to throw the guy out at the plate

They ought to use Burnett when they have to go DH

Burnett is on fire. Groin it, hit'n it.

wake up jimmy time for an extra base hit

Rollins should recognize the pattern at this point and take a stance.

Jimmy failing with RISP tonight.

Burnett has more hits than Galvis and as many as Nix (on the season to date).

WoW, that's a strike.

Poor Freddy. He can hit a bit if he starts regularly. This season will be just another adjustment for him.

Diving fool. Go Ben.

He's not a good enough hitter to stick as an everyday guy though, wouldn't you say, Meyer?

Awful route by Revere...good thing he's fast.

No, not at this point. I hope the successful adjustment to a true utility player/hitter will add another level to his play.

i'm beginning to think maybe we should herniate some of our other pitchers. esp. the bullpen.

Matt Stairs is putting me to sleep

This is shaping up to be one of those 11-inning 3-2 losses where clout will show up tomorrow morning & pretend that it's all on the bullpen.

Chooch's arm is absolutely terrible.

And here come the Dodgers. Time to pull AJ.

Well, that was perhaps a bad time to make that point, as that was actually a good throw. But he almost never throws anyone out anymore.

Huge strikeout. Get this 3rd out, AJ.

All they need is a little single - or a wild pitch. Nail-biting, knowing that AJ's tired and a runner's on 3B.

And as I hit "post", there's the single. Tie game. Burnett's pitched well, but he won't get a W.

Justin Turner gets a ph. Finally hangs a curveball.

I feel like Burnett's being initiated onto the team with the traditional "See if you can get a W with minimal to no run support."

well wasn't that revolting

For the record, I would have left Burnett in to face Crawford. Diekman is awful.

It was impressive on the part of Dee Gordon.

Diekman is awful punctuated with unhittable. It's anyone's guess whether he'll get the out or give up runs.

If Diekman can't get a guy like Crawford out he's got no value.

AJ gets the quintessential LG. 6-ish innings and 2 runs.


But we need some runs, and someone Tweeted to Corey Seidman:
"the lack of run support tonight came from the manager & GM. You don’t put automatic outs 7 and 8"


For BAP:

Corey Seidman ‏@CoreySeidman 27s
Base-stealers are 14-for-17 off Carlos Ruiz this season. That's about 10% worse than his career caught stealing rate

I'm surprised that didn't end in disaster.

What are the odds they get to the 9th and the game is still tied? 100/1?

"Diekman is awful punctuated with unhittable. It's anyone's guess whether he'll get the out or give up runs."

In fairness, it's not really that random. He's very, very good against LH hitters & very, very awful against RH hitters. So, it was certainly a defensible move to bring him in against Crawford. The danger is that, when the dynamic trio of Dom-Nix-Galvis goes down 1-2-3, Sandberg will leave Diekman in to face the RH heart of the Dodgers' order -- a move which has about a 95% chance of failure.

Good points, BAP.

Dom's already down. Nix and Galvis are sure to follow.

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