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Friday, April 18, 2014


After last night's action, Phillies are tied for 5th in the NL in OPS+

They are tied for 13th in ERA+

Beerleaguer was broken for a while.

Cyclic, it looks like you'll get Lee and Burnett, rather than Hamels.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 17m
Ryno said Cole Hamels scheduled to rejoin rotation next week in LA. Most likely Wednesday to split up lefties.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 19m
Sandberg said he is leaning toward having Hamels pitch Wednesday at Dodger Stadium.

Thanks for the game thread, Mike.

So I didn't glimpse the future of BL last night? Appeared to be a different format for a few brief seconds.

Was wondering why the eyebrow-raising o/u (10.5, -120 over). That's high even for a Coors Field game. Forgot about Pettibone's start there last season.

Like the under. The 'Bone bites back tonight.

Ike Davis traded to the Pirates.

Smart pickup by the Bucs...he'll be a solid platoon bat for them at 1B.

I was so hoping Chase's flyball would be a HR.

Hopefully I'll be wrong, but Pettibone & Coors Field strikes me as a match made in hell.

Looks like Pettibone might be in trouble.

Nice catch, Utley. Whew.

BAP, that's one reason I was really hoping Chase's hit was a HR rather than an out.

So close to a phenomenal play there.

Too bad. Pettibone could use the out.

Get Hollands up in the BP.

What's the record?

This zillion-pitch AB can only end badly.

Pettibone making Hamels' imminent return that much more welcome.

Morneau up with bases loaded. Great.

Well, this is fun!


Now that I've demonstrated my soothsaying skills by calling Pettibone's stinker, I'm going to double down on my soothsaying: the bullpen won't fare well in Coors Field either.

God bless Gameday - at least I don't have to listen to McCarthy's faux-upbeat BS.

Finally! Only 30+ pitches and 4 runs later.

That's not exactly a hard call, BAP.

I sure hope that they send Pettibone down to AAA when Hamels is back instead of dumping a rising star like Manship from the bullpen and making Pettibone the long-man instead.

Gotta keep him stretched out for that "just in case" scenario that might never happen. Same with Brad Lincoln suddenly being a starter again now that he's in the minors.

"That's not exactly a hard call, BAP."

Yes, I'm starting off with a few easy predictions, to build my confidence. Within a few weeks, I expect to be correctly calling the specific AB on which Ben Revere will hit his first career homerun.

Aaron Harang through 7 innings: 0 runs, 0 hits, 6 walks, 121 pitches.

I doubt he gets the no-no, but what is it about being on the Braves that turns totally mediocre pitchers into aces?

Aaron Harang through 7 innings: 0 runs, 0 hits, 6 walks, 121 pitches.

I doubt he gets the no-no, but what is it about being on the Braves that turns totally mediocre pitchers into aces?

I look forward to that, BAP.

Meanwhile, our batters, seeing how long Pettibone's half-innings are going to be, are doing what they can not to drag out the game further.

bap: Which will come first, a Revere HR, or a Howard triple?

Took a shower dang Petti had hopes for you.

Conway: a Howard triple.

Pettibone pitching like he's a full-fledged member of our BP. Almost comically bad.

Ok, enjoy your evenings, everyone.

What a crock of SH!T.

Worst is that this will make them send Pettibone to AAA rather than someone like Manship.

I just hope that Burnett continues to be able to pitch and that Hamels comes back as expected.

Are those Sandburg's real teeth?

Nepp I had hope he would have a got outing. Sent Rosenberg down and kept(upon Cole return) Petti up. Now well hmmmmm

Howard could easily hit a triple. A couple of things would have to happen of course:

Laces it to RF
Blackmon turns his ankle trying to field it
Stubbs suffers a congenital heart defect racing to back him up
Ball takes a couple of odd bounces off of angles as the 2B and SS race to back them up.

If all those things happen, I'd give it a 50/50 shot of happening.

Well, since Pettibone took three inning for the Rockies to score seven runs last year, he's doing much better in allowing them seven runs in two innings.

I think we can see the outcome of this game. Pettibone gives up 10 runs through 5, and our BP gives up another 3. Our offense doesn't score until a relief pitcher enters the game, and we lose 13-3.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 4m
Phillies could have Pettibone go for a bit tonight and then demote him for a reliever. Eligible ones on 40-man: P. Aumont and J. Horst.

Aumont or Horst?

Or they could just grab a fan out of the stands...probably have the same results.

Kinda shocked that the Braves pulled Harang with a no-hitter going. Regardless of pitch count, that'd easily be the highlight of his career. He's a journeyman crappy pitcher. Throwing a no-hitter would have at least given him that. Having him throw 150 pitches wouldn't automatically mean his arm would fall off.

Wow, no runs allowed that inning!

Aumont or Horst?

Or they could just grab a fan out of the stands...probably have the same results.

Posted by: NEPP

* * *
Pretty much along the lines of what I was thinking.

End of 1st qtr Broncos 7 Eagles 0.

Demote Petti after and bring Up Ken Giles. Aumont and Horst should never see a MLB roster

Half that 40 man roster is a waste. Can dump plenty of guys off 40 man to bring up Giles(i.e Garcia, Horst, Nix etc)

More entertaining than this game. Watch this:

Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN 19m
ICYMI (and don't): Martin Maldonado pulled a Roy Hobbs, and there is video evidence:

I still dont understand why Nix is on the roster with Galvis back. They're the same damn player. Why do we NEED to be 3 deep for each middle infield spot?

Why do I see Worley redux with Pettibone as a starter? A guy who doesn't even go 6 IP most starts, has moderate command, and doesn't have enough in his arsenal to get through a lineup the 3rd time though.

Either needs to really improve that change up and/or develop a cutter to complement his sinker. Kind of like where KK was when he came up. Needs to add a fair amount more or only as a future at the MLB level as a fringe swingman/long reliever.

I can't explain it, NEPP. I think all of us would have sent Nix down when Galvis returned.

Holy cow, Nix got a hit AND an RBI! We scored a run! No shutout for us! Woo hoo!

Pettibone is one of the "Baby Aces" the Phil's were touting a few years back. I'm sure he will remind us of Doc any day now.

***I'm sure he will remind us of Doc any day now.***

He'll get a major shoulder and/or back injury and we'll never hear of him again? Yeah, I could see that happening.

And why exactly was Gywnn benched?

Bat Nix cleanup tomorrow. Can't believe he has played so many MLB years. RAJ sent down Hernandez and unloaded Frandsen for Nix. Maybe RAJ thought he was Laynce instead. Truly stealing money good for him, bad for us

Curt: Check YESTERDAY'S box score.

Watching Petti tonite with his AAAA stuff makes you wonder why Hollands now a reliever. Could he be worse?

Adams did well.

This kid could pitch a complete game at this rate, or at least eight innings. And only give up the one run.

Hernandez batting over .500 at Reading,but he's learning how to play ss and 3rd.

Stanton just hit a monster walkoff grand slam to left-center in Miami. One of those that you knew was utterly gone the moment he made contact.

Can't wait for Rosenberg to come in. Can he give up 4 hr's in a row at Coors? WE WANT GILES

So last year Hernandez the 2nd baseman learns CF, now ss and 3b. Can't have enough versatile guys on our bench(i.e Nix). Why can't these guys learn new positions in the winter so we can use them on the roster now. Brutal

season = over

No lead is safe at Coors Field!

Or, well, maybe....

season = over

At least the "blame it on the bullpen" debate will get a rest tonite.

Rosey with some quick work.

Singleton hit his 5th HR in 9 games tonight. 3 for 4 overall. Slugging .774 on the season so far in AAA.

I think Franzke said that in 6 of 16 games, Phillies pitchers have given up 8 runs (or more). Pitching and defense!

This completely blows.

That's great for Singleton, NEPP, but he isn't a versatile utility IF, so....

I'm rooting for the Rockies to score one more and then the Phillies to get 2 in the top of the 9th so that my predicted score will be right. It's the little things. When your team is crap.

Good point.

Thank you, GB, for the Roy Hobbs link, one of those things we may never live to see again.

For everyone: I missed this game; was it as horrid and soul-crushing as the box score implies?

Poetic ending a Howard strikeout.

I don't know about soul-crushing, Unikruk. It looked like a loss from the 1st inning.

LA was barking about the strike-calling all night. But that's nothing new.

A tip your hat night for our phillies.

"Gotta keep him stretched out"

That's what SHE said!

2 hits in Coors Field? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that we won't be 5th in the NL in OPS for very long.

"coors is a wiffle ball field"

Unfortunately, that applies to only one team.

Perhaps a timely team meeting will help. Rube should step down now.

well, GBf, you got the total runs right. you were just too generous to the phillies.

Pettibone is one of the "Baby Aces" the Phil's were touting a few years back.

Maybe I misremember, but I thought Cozart, Colvin and May were the "Baby Aces" and Pettibone played the Joe Blanton role.

In spite of the offense's gaudy 5th place OPS+ rating, they were 11th in runs scored. SSS playing games with correlation and all that. (I see the team's OPS+ is down to 92 after last night's game.)

I'm guessing the true level of the offense is somewhere between those two points. Very, very average. To go with potentially** good SP, terrible defense and terrible BP, I'm still hopeful for a better season than last, say 75 wins.

** Assuming Hamels being healthy and Burnett proving that he wasn't just a creation of the stellar Pirates' defense. Currently at 2.74 ERA but 4.68 FIP. (Note to self: Small sample size, small sample size)

I got a chance to watch Lakewood play last night at Hagerstown. I was interested in getting a chance to see 3 players. J.P. Crawford, Larry Greene and Carlos Tocci.

Crawford had 3 hits and made a couple nice plays in the field. He is a tall, skinny, athletic young man. Physically you can tell he still has some growing to do. It looks like he could put on some muscle as he fills out and grows into a mature man. Overall, I was very impressed and excited to see what could be our future short stop.

Carlos Tocci is another tall, skinny young man. He has great speed on the bases and in center field. He had 3 hits. He needs to get stronger and fill out as well. He is repeating his low A ball season, but this is not a big deal because he is very young.

Larry Greene is our top pick from several years ago. Looks like a strong, stocky guy. For a big guy he seems to be having trouble driving the ball. He hit several weak grounders. This could be a make or break year for him. He has yet to show the talent that made him the Phils top pick.

Of the 3,J.P. Crawford seems like the best bet to make it in the bigs someday.

Clearwater pitchers are all ready for the big time. Lost the last 2 games on wild pitches. Do you have to be wild to be drafted as a pitcher by the Phils?It's time they find someone to teach kids how to pitch.

I was unrelentingly ripped under an old handle when I admired the "Miami model" of team management (disclaimer: I never once espoused any glint of anything but disdain for the unindicted criminal Jeffrey Loria).

Whose 40-man you like now? Miami's or this wretched squad? If Miami's young pitching gets it going, there's no telling where the Marlins end up this year. Today, I'd say it's a safe bet to speculate way ahead of the Phillies.

thanks, Lenny. i've heard greene described as fat. stocky sounds better.

brown seems to be having trouble with his newly bulked-up torso. has it slowed him up? and ryno must be loving rollins' uppercut swings, with the usual results. his swing in the ninth was classic.

18 hits to our 2. sheesh. it is a wiffle ball field. for the home team.

Pettibone's stuff was up all night long but he at least has a MLB caliber pitch (sinker) that induces a bunch of ground balls. Just needs to refine his repertoire a bit more and work on that change up.

I would be more worried about his shoulder and the Phils medical staff screwing up handling it going ahead forward. Really could Pettibone to develop into a KK type starter who is cost controlled the envy few years while they try to rebuild.

Good point about Nix. Yeah it is a really small SSS but his offensive and defense have stunk and they cut Frandsen and have C. Hernandez in the minors despite having him play 3b this winter.

Everybody in the lineup has gone cold over the last few days and this isn't a team with abundant power or guys who BB. If anything, Amaro has added a couple of guys who never take BBs including Revere and Byrd. When it happens, they are going to have huge problems scoring because it is still a station-to-station team that needs to string together a few hits to score.

Rally Red:
The problem is that the "Miami model" is intricately tied up with Loria, as it boils down to using an excellent baseball operations team to assemble a good, cost-controlled core who you ride as far as they'll take you until they get expensive, wherein you sell off the parts and begin the process all over again. But I'd absolutely concur that if you could transplant the Marlins' baseball operations department into the Phils' front office, the Phils' would be a better-run organization for it.

Boston Strong? Loooooollll. An entire city hides in their homes from kids who set off firecrackers. Yes soooooo Strong.

Camp up.
Pettibone down.
I don't recall for sure, but I guess Camp was already on the 40-man.

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