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Sunday, April 13, 2014


If you're a 30-something year old journeyman like Ty Wigginton or Brian Schneider or the Nix brothers, the Phillies will give you opportunity after opportunity no matter how badly you do, and they won't even think of cutting you loose until at least 2 months into the season. If you're a 20-something year old, well-regarded prospect like DeFratus or Cesar Hernandez, you get demoted to AAA 2 weeks into the season.

DeFratus certainly hasn't been great, or even good. But the guy pitched 46 major league innings as a rookie & posted a 3.86 ERA with a 4.01 FIP, so it's not like he completely disgraced himself. To demote him less than 2 weeks into the season, so that they can call up a no-hoper like Luis Garcia, is emblematic of everything that is wrong with RAJ.

You have a point, BAP.

Mike Schmidt's working w/TMac and Moyer today.


Howard is having a terrible start to the season in the field. I never used to think he was that bad; at throwing, sure, but not at fielding. But this year, ouf!


Howard is clearly bad enough to be benched or DL soon. E3 again.

If Revere in cf does Yelich try to score?

Thanks for the run, Howard.

Last night replay saved us from a loss attributable to Howard. Today, he spotted the Fish a run and put another 16 pitches on KKs arm. So far.

Revere's defense and arm are terrible for a supposed major-league CFer. Howard's defense is terrible for a little leaguer.

I'm not gonna go all Mini-Mart and suggest that Tony Gwynn should get an increased role on the team. But he has filled in surprisingly nicely for the last few days.

Key question: will Ryno go back to Pipp Revere or believe his lyin' eyes and stick with a legit major-league CFer in Gwynn?

time for a dom bomb

Baseball is the only sport where I think the primary officiating that's done (umpiring) would be done better by watching a screen. Being behind the plat is just not the best place to judge balls and strikes.

Nothing says "legit major league" player like a 3-year stat line of .245/.294/.326/.620.

Maybe put Revere in LF and sit Dom who looks like Juan Pierre at the plate

Not only is it legit, but he's good enough to bat leadoff for a whole series!

dom is having trouble getting his newly bulked-up upper body to work for him.

Juan Pierre seemed to me to be pretty good at slapping singles.

Dom's average is only .152 with bases loaded. That only pertains to 33 ABs, but I wonder what his avg. is with RISP.

On that Mathis grounder 5 feet to Howard's right, Howard literally did not move his feet until the ball was past him.

Multiple choice question: which of these Phillies will be the next to hit a HR, Howard, Dom "Slider-speed Bat" Brown (4 HRs since the All-Star break) or Galvis?

Mini's money is on Freddie.

DOM with RISP: .272/.350/.453 in 300 PA
DOM bases empty: .255/.308/.454 in 569 PA

His crappy bases loaded numbers means he's on fire when theres just a man on 2nd or 3rd.

Man on 2nd: .900 OPS in 92 PA
Man on 3rd: .994 OPS in 27 PA.

A cannon blast by Nieves!

The term station to station was invented with these phillies in mind.

Gwynn Da Man!

Question: are runners taking extra bases on his little-league arm subtracted from Pipp Revere's stat line?

Thanks, Lorecore.

Listening to TMac, Schmidt, and Moyer is like getting a root canal. Awful.

Wow, Howard! He looks better at the plate even while looking worse in the field.

Maybe the warm weather will help Howard bend down lower, too.

SF/LA are so soothing to my ever growing ears.

I'm finding it ironic that a tree will be planted in honor of Howard's HR, since he moves like a tree now.

this is the first that i've seen asche wearing knickers.

Basically everyone looks better at the plate this season. But I'm really surprised that the other fundamentals Sandberg has emphasized haven't improved at all.

At least the balls up the middle are getting caught.

Jamie said he'll have nightmares about comebackers.

We got good KK today.

Good KK but not efficient.

Bob Brookover ‏@brookob 1m
Bullpen alert. Kyle Kendrick at 80 pitches after four innings.

Mike Schmidt: not a fan of all this newfangled celebratin' on the field after walk-offs and fraternizin'.

I agree.

Team has no plate patience when there down by mid game.


Last 3-for-3 of his life?

"SF/LA are so soothing to my ever growing ears."

Never noticed the clash of initials. You'd think they'd be destined to hate each other, gang war in the booth!

Instead, they have developed into a delightful pairing.

That wasn't a big enough bobble to wave Gwynn home. Darn!

But the catcher was totally violating the new rules.

Shouldn't have sent him.

What's the point of having the new rules if the umps review the replay and still give the catcher the plate? It is a dumb rule, but I don't understand when it will and won't be enforced. Will it be up to the umpire, like the size of the strike zone?

if he had slid headfirst towards the back of the plate he might have gotten in safe.

KK only had a good feel for his change up today. Rest was hit or miss. In the first inning, he was failing towards 3rd a bit when he was having control problems. Already has kind of an odd approach towing the rubber because he is at the far end of the right side.

One can only hope that this new blocking-the-plate rule will go the way of Fox's glow puck from the 90s.

BAP i fully concur with you. However that was one heck of a Philly sub meatball he served. Garcia is well Garcia. I wouldnt call DeFratus a bust and i believe he will be back up.

The scout who thinks Garcia has talent should be fired instantly. It boggles my mind on what the Phils see with him.

I always love when MG tries to be a scout and says things that are foolish

Criticizing Luis Garcia is never foolish. He's a walking emblem to pitching sub-mediocrity.

Chase Utley is actively helping this team.


Need more.

Chase!!!!! On the anniversary of HK's death, let's all hear his voice in our heads. Maybe you already do.

Nice job by the Phillies pitchers today.

Chase is making a pretty compelling case to be NL Player of the Week.

And seconds after I wrote that, the Phillies announcers say the exact same thing.

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ 25s

Utley OPS: 1.440.


Dennis Deitch ‏@DennisDeitch 2m

Chase Utley is batting .500. He could go hitless in his next 26 ABs and still be a .300 hitter.


Bob Brookover ‏@brookob 1m

Chase Utley is hot enough to be a Milwaukee Brewer right now.

really encouraged by Howard's eye.

Hopefully Crap-a-bomb doesn't drop a load here.

Bake McBride Was Here: I just dropped a load in your mouth.

Load retained.

I know it is a weekend, but I can't believe that no one noted that Howard had a Howard today (HR, SO, E).

They need to update the definition of a Howard: an error, 2 strikeouts, and a fly out to the warning track.

Four games v. the Braves? Oh, boy.

I still think this is a 73 win team at best. But I would amend that win total if the Phils could take the Miami Marlins with them around the country and play them every day like the Globetrotters did with the Washington Generals. Maybe Giancarlo Stanton would consider changing his name to Red Klotz.

Over the next 4 games we'll see what the Phils are really about. My guess is not much. As far as the bullpen moves, I agree with the posters here. Let the young guys pitch. After all it's not like RAJ spent money on the 'pen this off-season for established guys.

I haven't been on here much lately. There has of lot of "downs" over the past 7 months. My wife was in a horrible car accident in Sept. where someone ran a light and she sustained very serious injuries. Four weeks ago yesterday I lost her to the Lord following surgery to repair her right shoulder.

Right now I'm finding some solace in watching our baseball team even though they aren't very good. At least Chase is providing something to cheer about.

A.J. to have an ultrasound tomorrow. Asked about the delay, Amaro said Jefferson has an early bird special on Mondays, with A.J. and the person driving him there(Rube), getting free breakfast before 10 AM.

DPat - That is awful. I feel for you, buddy.

Thanks AK. We happened to be in Orlando during the Winter Meetings and the whether was fantastic for the entire 11 days. Mid-80's for Dec. is great down there. Practically no rain at all. Even though she couldn't do much we had a fantastic time.

I realize now why God made it so as we will not have another chance to go together. I kept joking that I shoulda went over to WDW Dolphin, (or was it Swan?) where the meetings were held and showed RAJ how to do his job. We as phans see once again how he's pretty much failed miserably. I do believe the team will provide a lot of great moments this year. They've had a couple already. It goes to show that there is still some talent there and they'll play with pride.

Interesting that De Fratus and Garcia are the same age.

No love for Utley? The ball he hit out was aided by the wind a bit but it had that sound off the sweet spot on that bat when it was hit. Stanton didn't even really go back because he knew it was gone. Every call Utley hit today was well hit & he even had a few foul balls that he smoked straight back or just foul.

Just locked in right now and really fun to watch his ABs right now.

Interested to see how the Phils match up with the Braves and at least split the series while looking competitive.

Wow, that is terrible, DPat. Really sorry to hear it. My condolences.

Tip of the cap to KK who didn't have great stuff but was better after the 1st and was able to guy it out throw 6.

Throw Nieves a bone today too. He dropped 3 fouled tip strikes 3 today but he had a couple of hits and the huge double where he went with the change up down the Rf line. Phils are going to need these kind of unexpected and timely contributions if they are going to be competitive.

Strangely no criticizing of our backup catcher today. Things that make you go Hmmm...

DPat - So sorry about your loss.

You have a great sense of awareness, however, What a time to be a Phillies fan; in the face of that flippin' awful ESPN bottom 5 "Power Ranking" at the season's outset, there's good reason to be flat-out blown away by the following players:

* Utley
* Rollins
* Jake Diekman
* Tony Gwynn, Jr.
* Ryan Howard (Taking Walks Division)

and last but not least, Jonathan "bounce back" Pabelbon.

The team is playing (just as before - it only seems so long ago) as if they are on a mission. They do what it takes to put runs on the board. Today, baseball is fun again in Philadelphia.

Cole Hamels can't be activated quickly enough. Bring on the Braves!

I hope Luis Garcia didn't unpack his bags, because he's going right back down when Mike Adams goes off the DL tomorrow. Also, I hope some of the Phillies got free haircuts today.

He gets to enjoy the post-game buffet too...and about $3K from his game there's that.

I'm into this new approach by the offense. Last time I checked they were leading the NL in walks.

Thank you BAP & RR'67. I really appreciate your sentiments. I realize even moreso now that baseball is just a game, and it's supposed to be fun.

For me, it will also provide a way to get past the pain. My wife loved this ream too. She always slept with a Phillie Phanatic plush. She hugged that toy every night. I buried it with her. I'll never forget the joy this team and that plush brought her. She used to love to watch the games with me when they were on TV down here in the Richmond area. Gotta go. Peace, out.

DPat: I'm really, really sorry to hear what you've been going through. I wish you peace and calm and a quick path to healing.

So sorry for your loss, DPat

SF&LA said it wasn't so much a demotion of DeFratus, but they needed a fresh arm in the bullpen today because of the work load. They also said they didn't PH for KK in the 5th for the same reason.

I have no problem sending De Fratus down to get his act together. I have a HUGE problem with bringing Luis Garcia up.

DPat: Sorry for the timeing of my joke post, but I am a slow, 1-finger typist. Started before yours.

If what Franzke & LA say is true, then DeFratus should be right back up next week. Because, even with Adams in the fold (presumably replacing Garcia), I count 3 relievers in our pen who are worse than DeFratus: Rosenberg, Hollands, and Manship.

This will be typical Phillies luck if Burnett is done for.

bap: I think he has to stay down 10 or 15 days unless there is an injury. (Which is easy to do with a phantom injury:)

Big Piece better start to pick it up. I cant possibly bat .500 for much longer. It's his shoulders that is suppose to carry the team.

Wow, I'm genuinely shocked. I fully expected the most recent article to be about Lee's struggles vs. the Brewers.

BAP, you can't be serious that Hollands is worse than DeFratus! He and Diekman are the only two that don't make me cringe when I see them warming up.

The prospects traded for Joe retired before him, Matt Spencer and Adrian Cardenas.

Josh Outman is still pitching.

I forgot Outman was in that deal. Cardenas retired in 2012. Spencer may still be looking for a team.

Wait they still have to pay (Blanton) if he voluntarily retires?

He retired after he was released. Once he was released they were on the hook for all of his salary.

Thanks Edge.

I was always a pretty pronounced critic of Blanton on here but without him and his contributions in '08 down the stretch & in the playoffs this team doesn't win the WS.

It wasn't Blanton's fault either that he got resigned at 3 yrs/$24M by Amaro either.

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