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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Matt Gelb (@magelb)
Comcast SportsNet is threatening additional blackouts for some Phillies games in 2014.

Additional blackouts?

I think they consider it a blackout when the camera shifts to Murph in the stands for 15 minutes while the game is going on.

Since when do baseball games get blacked out? If that was the case no Phillies game from 1988 to 1992 would ever have been seen!

I look for Frandsen to sign with the Rangers.

Possibly KC. Omar Infante maybe heading to DL. I believe their backup 2B is Jason Donald, so yeah.

Wouldn't Brignac be considered a lock now? Unless you now count Andres Blanco as competetion...

Mike Adams' arm is still attached.

What does the blackout thing mean in terms of who can and who can not see the game?

* * *

I liked Frandsen. He played hard and was a good hitter. He sent out a thank you Tweet to the fans, which was nice. I wish him well.

* * *

Back-to-back HRs = fun! and reminiscent of the good days of Phillies baseball. I watched them on the highlights online, and I had to laugh when the announcers said "Big home run from Howard, which they're counting on a lot this season for the Phillies to get back on top in the National League East." I wish that was a realistic hope!

Fun to beat up the Yankees, even in a ST game.

I wonder how/if that affects games...if not I simply don't care. If it does, fvck Comcast. Bad enough they already ran this place into the ground.

NEPP - It's unlikely to affect us, the mlbtv watchers. If the Phillies feed isn't on the mlbtv package, I'm pretty sure all that happens is we'll get the other team's feed. One less game to listen to poor Matty Stairs mumble his way through nine innings. Did they not give that guy an audition? Because if they did, they're player scouting isn't their only problem.

Love Matt Stairs. He will absolutely never have to pay for a drink if he's in Vegas. However, diction lessons should have been part of the hiring package. Sarge is a dope, but at least I could understand the useless garbage he was saying. Although all isn't bleak. Moyer is outstanding. I could see a Murphy/Moyer booth being one of the top teams in the league. Too bad it's TBag and Mumbles to pair with Moyer.

The phillies feed will still be available on It's run by the league. It's their media rights they license out to the tv companies to rebroadcast. If cash changes hands it's phantom money since they had to pay the club(which paid the league) for the rights anyway.

So far, the moves on who staffs the bench as spring training ends have been the right ones.

The bullpen might be the tougher decision because it's a choice among who sucks least.

clout: agreed. The waiver wire should be a fun with guys like Abreu, Gwynn, and Brignac in competition. Hard to imagine upgrades not shaking off from a roster or two by start of year.

Did Manship basically lock down 5th starter today?

Comcast is stupid. They already have a team that less people want to watch, and they "threaten" them (us) with a blackout?


I already watch less games because the team isn't that good anymore so HTF is that a threat?

It just goes to show you that you can rise to the level of programming exec at a pretty big media company and the Peter Principle kicks right in.

In other news, Randy Wolf is available as pitching depth. (NO!)

Stairs sucked the first time I heard him and still sucks today.

Some guys are cut out for TV and some aren't. I am sure he's trying hard and he's probably a swell guy. But Matt Stairs shouldn't be doing MLB baseball games on TV. And if he was better then some of the others he auditioned with, then some new characters should have been added to the mix.

Maybe Comcast can hire Ruben to take his spot next year, once he gets the axe.

How did Adams look today?

Seems like he's still on track to be ready by mid-April

From TGP

"Adams made his Grapefruit League debut tonight, and even though he pitched a scoreless fifth inning, he allowed two hits and looked a bit uncomfortable on the mound. Additionally, his velocity appeared to be way down.

Adams was a 94-96 mph guy in his prime. He's throwing 84-87 tops here.
— @DennisDeitch"


Yikes. Welp. So much for counting on him.

According to Salisbury, Mario Hollands "appears to be headed for a spot in the season-opening bullpen".

This guy is so invisible and deceptive that the Phillies could add him to the 40 man roster as the #41 name and nobody would notice.

Adams is zakonchennyy.

sounds like adams may be cooked. who is next in line to set-up? diekman?

No, no...I was told that Adams would come back at 100% and that doubting that was just silly.

The Phils haven't given us too many reasons to be optimistic this spring, but the bats have been coming around lately. Normally I put very little stock in ST games and stats, but since the Phils haven't hit for the better part of two years it was worrisome a couple weeks ago. Now the bats look like they're coming alive, and if it's not a ST mirage the timing couldn't be better. I can't wait for opening day.

Given the early schedule, and how the Rangers pitching situation works out, we could very well see the Phillies jumping out to a 7-3 record. As fun as that would be, it's possibly the worst thing that could happen. Amaro will only be diluted into thinking that this team is a contender again, and if we reach our ceiling of a .500 winning percentage at the ASB, Amaro will go another deadline without making any moves whatsoever.

Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 14m
Sources: #Nationals have signed Frandsen or will sign him. He was in their camp this morning.

So, he's poised to be one of those former Phillies who becomes a Phillie killer, for a division rival.

I doubt that Adams will return with the effectiveness that he had in the prime of his career, but I have equal doubt that his goose is suddenly cooked after exactly one season in his career in which he faced significant injury.

I'm also not overly concerned about a dip in velocity in his Grapefruit League debut.

Adams at 75% is still probably the third best relief pitcher on the 2014 Phillies.

Yeah- how dare the Phillies actually try to win games.

Honestly, if we're at .500 at the ASB, I'd be fine with not making any major moves unless we're made an offer we can't refuse.

Lee will still be around (and moving him then might actually get a better haul than moving him now, simply due to the reduced monetary commitment). Rollins is likely back next year (and might be more willing to waive his NTC once he has some records). Utley will be back next year (and no less moveable than he is this year, since his 10&5 kick in around the 2014 ASB). Howard will either still be unmoveable, or he'll have an awesome year and become moveable. Brown will either be worth about what he's worth now (next to nothing, since people are waiting to see if 2013 was an outlier) or worth more. Ditto Revere. Byrd will probably be unmoveable (as he is now, given his contract), but if not then he'll be worth more. Hamels will still be Hamels. Burnett will probably not be back next year, but if he is he'll be moveable as well (or he'll get a QO and we'll nab a compensatory pick). KK's contract will be up, unless we re-up him, in which case he'll still be moveable. All of our BP arms will either be unmoveable or not worth moving.

Essentially, nobody we'd move at the deadline this year would bring us back significantly more than in the off-season or next year's deadline, unless there's a team who loses an ace or star position player for the remainder of the season before the trade deadline.

Anyone know what the Nati'nals are paying K-Fran?

"we could very well see the Phillies jumping out to a 7-3 record. As fun as that would be, it's possibly the worst thing that could happen"


Also, if Franco continues to destroy pitchers in AA and AAA this year, then he can be brought up early/mid-2015, at which point we have the ability to move Asche. If Ruf comes back healthy this year (and does as well as a number of people here seem to believe) he'll be worth more in the off-season as well.

Even if we don't trade them, then, we'd have possible platoon options at both 1B and 3B (although that'd squeeze the bench something fierce, unless Cesar/Galvis get better at SS/OF) should that be desirable.

Stutes officially released. Bit surprised there.

I will seriously be livid if the Phillies get off to a 7-3 start. Anything above .500 and I'm done with this team.

I like the idea of Franco giving Howard the occasional night off against LHP.

The benefit of having Howard pinch hit off of the bench in these games (and coming late into the game while Franco shifts to 3B) makes Ache worth keeping. If this is the case, I could live with César at SS or Galvis in the OF for an inning or two here and there.


I was focused on laughing at the notion of a "diluted" Amaro. What would a watered-down Amaro look like? :D

WS: That wouldn't even be necessary unless we also carried Ruf (in which case we could match up both 1B and 3B power bats against the SP du jour), since we'd have the roster spot for a second UTI and outfielder.

Now, I don't think we're looking at a manager who will play 2 platoons, or even one strict platoon (if Chollie was old school, Sandberg is apparently of the Ancien Régime, based on his comments to the press), but it'd be an option.

Will: Keeping Franco on the roster as a platoon 1B is absurd. He's not going to progress as a hitter unless he plays every day. Mayberry can fill the platoon 1B role just fine until Ruf returns.

CT: I think he was responding to my comment about possibly having him available for that role in mid/late-2015, not this year.

Although I had Ruf as the 1B portion of the platoon, not Franco.

"The benefit of having Howard pinch hit off of the bench in these games"

You mean the opposing team having to possibly burn their LOOGY, right?

Colonel: Sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant that Franco would play 3B to face RHP and would play 1B on some occasions in which they face a lefty. Franco would play every day.

I'm also not really advocating a strict 1B platoon, but maybe a 30% reduction of Howard starting games in which they face a left handed starter.

Honestly, I don't see Ruf in a Phillies uniform for too much longer. That's not to say that I think they should trade him, but the writing is on the wall that Amaro doesn't see the value in keeping him.

From Heyman, I wonder which player it was.

After one particularly sloppy game down here, Sandberg, a serious kind of guy, ordered extra work on game situations, something he's done three or four times here.

This time, it wasn't a good sign when one very prominent Phillies player, rather than silently do the extra work, began to whine about the task, whereupon he was cut off my just-as-serious veteran coach and former Phillies great Larry Bowa, the former manager and Sandberg's lieutenant, who told him in his own colorful way that, yes, he had to do the work.

"one very prominent Phillies player...began to whine about the task"

So, this probably narrows it down to Lee, Hamels, Papelbon, Howard, Utley, Rollins and Ruiz.

My money is on Pap or J-Roll.

Pretty much the entire article is loaded with opinions more than facts, WSJ. I'd take with a grain of salt the "whining player" getting "cut off" by Bowa, since I could easily see that being one player making a joke about it, and Bowa - just as humorously, but perhaps with a bit of an edge 'just in case' - told him to 'get off his lazy @55.'

> Utley will be back next year (and no less moveable than he is this year,
> since his 10&5 kick in around the 2014 ASB).

Utley already has 10 years of service time per B-Ref.

MLBTR: "Frandsen's deal is a fully-guaranteed MLB contract worth $900K, Jerry Crasnick of reports (Twitter links). It also includes $300K in performance bonuses and a $400K awards package, Crasnick adds. In essence, then, Frandsen will receive the same contract he had with the Phillies, but with some additional upside."


So, the least he will make is what the Phillies offered, with the potential of nearly doubling that figure - and a move to the team that's got to be the favorite to win the division.

Pretty good day for ol' Kevin.

Article: "Hamels, perhaps the key to the team, is said to be shooting for an April 20 return"

Wow. That would be awesome. That means he'd only miss 2 starts right?

If he makes the bullpen, I could easily see Hollands getting those starts. (and lasting 2-3 innings in each)

Dickie: You are correct. Don't know what I was misremembering, but I think he hit 10&5 around a week after the trade deadline last year.

'Buster, agreed, but I could also see it having some truth to it as well, with Bowa going into hothead mode. I believe the line for Phillies wins this year is 76.5, but for entertainment purposes we need a line for how many times Bowa's entire head turns cherry red and nearly launches from his body.

If we're under .500, I could put the over/under at 81.5 pretty easily.

WS: I would wager good money that those same bonuses were available on the Phillies contract. There really aren't any these days that don't include the awards ones, and I'd bet he had at least a couple-hundred K in performance incentives as well.

Then there's that playoff money. $30,000 to $300,000 range.

True, but they gotta get there first. I'm not saying the Phillies are going to keep them out, but they were sure the favorites to clean up with the division last year, and ended up with exactly as many playoff games as we did.

I don't get the Frandsen move from the Nats standpoint. If you were willing to pay him the 900,000, why not just claim him off waivers. Instead they waited till he became a free agent, and now may have to pay him an extra 700,000. I can only imagine the vitrol here if Amaro did something like that.

I'm intrigued by the amount of mockery you're dishing out. Remember what happened last year? They were still "in the race", and didn't make a single move. And remember who the general manager is; Howard isn't going anywhere. If he doesn't hit, he can't be traded because he isn't worth anything. If he does, Roob uses it to justify the contract. I don't understand you. Why would you be content with a .500 record when instead we could acknowledge that this is a lost season, trim the TRIMMABLE fat (for all the wise-asses who'll caterwaul that you can't move JRoll or Howard anyway), and get another high draft pick?

Maybe the notorious chokers will have a steadier year this year. They are due. Frandsen certainly has the scoop on the Phillies. Then there's that new nasty Strasburg slider.

Oh and also it'll take a bomb of a season to get Amaro fired. That's why a 7-3 start would be a negative long-term event.

Frandsen also lucked out with the timing of the Texas Profar injury. Just a lucky guy.

Jackamac: What "TRIMMABLE" fat is there that would get us anything useful? There is zero reason for a salary dump this year, because our farm won't provide us with enough players of an appreciable talent level that one or two big-name FAs will make the difference in 2015.

You're not going to get anything good in exchange for these players if they're playing terribly (which is what they would have to do in order for us to be 20 games under .500 at the break), so no, there's no valid argument that "moving all the guys" will put us back in contention appreciably sooner than sticking to their guns in 2014. Especially since odds are good their trade returns would only be higher in the off-season or 2015 season (or at least not significantly lower).

In 2016, Rollins will be gone. Utley may be gone (unless he's good). Lee may be gone (unless he's good). Howard will be in the last year of his contract (possibly moveable if he recovers some of his form). Burnett will be gone. Byrd will be gone (unless he's good). As of today, the Phillies have $71.5MM in salary commitments for 2016 (add $28MM to that, if both Utley and Lee's options vest, and $8MM if Byrd vests or they take his team option).

Only Brown, among all our current players, figures to have even the potential for a major payday by then.

In the meantime, I'd rather watch a team that has an outside shot at relevance, and doesn't make me want to turn off every game after the 3rd inning. Even if I'm guaranteed to lose a year, unless it will reduce the turnaround, I'd rather not enter every game with the mindset that there's a loss coming.

Good for Frandsen. But he would have made zero difference for the Phillies. The Nats just moved Lambardozzi, so maybe he becomes their backup second baseman?

And anyone who has watched the Phillies in interleague play over their history has to know they're not getting out to any 7-3 start and they're not going to benefit from Darvish being injured. The most mediocre AL pitcher is usually enough to shut them down at will. They have, I believe, the worst interleague record in all of baseball since it was introduced. Of course, I'm not going to bother to look it up. No reason to luck for bad things with this team. They're right on the surface.

Phillies jumping out to a 7-3 record. As fun as that would be, it's possibly the worst thing that could happen.

Posted on March 26th!!

Yeah, I'd sure hate it if they got out to a good start.

Seriously man?!?

Phillies jumping out to a 7-3 record. As fun as that would be, it's possibly the worst thing that could happen.

Worse than 10-0?

I sure hope the Phillies don't surprise the world and win the World Series this year. Lord knows they'll never trade Cliff Lee if that happens.

Also, anybody who legitimately thinks Amaro is getting fired this year... Well, it just doesn't seem terribly likely. The team could go 0-162 and Amaro would still hang on until at least halfway through next season.

The roster, as assembled, should be good enough to have an outside shot at the playoffs, sit near-ish to .500 (though more probably a bit below), and likely won't post fewer than 70 wins. Do you really think we're worse this year than last year?

Amaro wouldn't get fired this year if the team went 0-162, because he can't play for the guys on the field (he tried that for a while, but he showed even less aptitude for that). The only reason he doesn't finish out his contract is if ownership decides they want the new guy (for 2016) to have a few months to ease familiarize himself with the organization before facing his first off-season.

There's 28 games from opening day through April 30th. Eleven games come against teams that won 90+ games last year - Texas, LAD, Atlanta, three against Arizona who was .500 and 14 against teams with sub .500 records - Chicago, Milwaukee, Miami & Colorado. Twelve of the 28 games are at CBP - Milwaukee (3). Miami (3), Atlanta (4) and NYM (2).

With Texas and Atlanta missing key players it would be great if the Phils could end April with a winning record. A little mo in April would be a big boost if they're going to contend for a wild card. Several injured Phils will hopefully be ready come May 1st.

Big picture I don't think the Phils have enough talent to be a playoff team, but with a good start and players staying/returning healthy it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

Amaro will be fired after this year. The idea of contending for a wild-card is laughable. If you read between the lines of every report that's come from ST, it's that the organization is in a state of disrepair. Players, managers, front office all fighting with each other, and it isn't a very talented team to begin with. This is doing to be a disastrous season.

This was a 73-win team last year, and I don't see how you can argue it's going to be much better this year. Frankly, I think it's going to be worse and they'll be lucky to win 70 games.

"I sure hope the Phillies don't surprise the world and win the World Series this year. Lord knows they'll never trade Cliff Lee if that happens."

The absolute worst thing that could happen for the organization long-term is that the Phils finish around ~.500 (80-82 wins) which ensures Amaro is around another year and this team brings to ride year another year out of the deteriorating core.

You don't see how turning 2013 Halladay/Lannan into Burnett, turning DYoung/Ruf into Byrd, turning MYoung into Asche, and turning early Revere+Mayberry into a full year of Revere will improve the team?

MG: Do you really think that Amaro is going to be fired significantly in advance of 2016? For that matter, do you really think that Amaro thinks the current team is one he'd like to bet all his money on, such that he wouldn't try to improve it for the 2015 season?

You (and Jack immediately before you) appear to be riding the trope of "Amaro thinks the current team is WS favorites!" well beyond what it deserves.

Blanton officially released.

If you think the Phillies will win a World Series, you deserve to suffer through a 90's-esque replay of last-place finishes. You guys seem to abhor reality and cling to non-existent hopes of success.

Philibuster - No but Amaro does think this team can contend and after what occurred with Hamels this spring I don't think they can. Always though it was more of a question whether this team could be competitive (~.500) this year or more of a 70-75 win team.

If you asked me to make a prediction today, I would say they finish 77-85. Just a question of whether that gets Amaro fired enough and what kind of shape they are in at the deadline (eg clear sellers).

Amaro's contract is up at the end of 2015 so the Phils don't even have to technically 'fire him' if they don't want to. Just not renew it.

Either way Amaro will be gone by then. Just a question of whether this team implodes badly enough early on this year that he gets fired towards the middle of the season (say highly unlikely >10%) or if they end up with a poor record, say >75 wins, this year and Amaro gets canned at the end of the season.

Given up on Amaro being a competent GM even on an operational basis. He has to go for this team to start to improve even if a lot of the same decision makers will be in place including Montgomery.

I'm with Phillibuster on this.

They're hardly divisional favorites and they're among the outer rim of wild card contenders, but the team certainly looks better on paper than it did in 2013.

How awful would Burnett - Kendrick - Carmex/Manship have to be to be a step down from what we got out of Halladay and Lannan?

I think Byrd could sit indian-style facing toward the outfield wall and hold his bat upside down for the first three innings of every game and still outperform Delmon Young.

This team definitely has problems, but they're fewer and more manageable than they were last season.

Speaking of problems, who else suspects a Blanton reunion? At league minimum, what the hell? If it doesn't work out, they've lost nothing.

"You don't see how turning 2013 Halladay/Lannan into Burnett, turning DYoung/Ruf into Byrd, turning MYoung into Asche, and turning early Revere+Mayberry into a full year of Revere will improve the team?"

Assuming they don't have other injuries and the only real difffence there is Halladay/Lannan to Burnett given that Halladay was arguably the worst starter in the NL last year & Lannan stuck. Even if Burnett is above average, it will be a notable improvement.

Rest are marginal improvements at best.

Assuming they don't have other injuries, two thirds of the outfield will be a significant improvement.

Ache may represent a marginal offensive upgrade, but I have to believe that he's got better range than Michael Young, and if they do somehow scrape up enough wins to contend, Franco has the potential to introduce some much needed power from the right hand side of the plate in the second half.

Call me crazy, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll take any bets that they'll outperform 2013.

MG: There's a huge difference between thinking a team can contend and thinking that it's so likely he'll want to try more of the same next year. This year, the Phillies can contend. Is it likely they reach the playoffs? No. But if you really think Amaro does, then you're buying into BL diatribe about him way more than is realistic.

Your implication seemed to be that if the Phillies did poorly this year, he'd be fired. Again, that's very materially different from "he won't get renewed for the 2016 season." I happen to agree with the latter of those points, and I even think it's possible he gets fired in August of 2015 if they're doing especially poorly, or they have a candidate lined up for the job that they really like.

As I (and you) said, this team is better than last year's (on paper). The moves Amaro has made in the last 1.5 years have only helped the team - not enough, sure, but it's pretty realistic to say that nothing within the realm of feasibility for the last two years could have helped the team "enough." He made bad calls with some extensions, and he made some bad trades (up to and including the Pence dump), and we're still living with the aftereffects of those, but acting like Amaro is actively hurting the team's chances today is disingenuous.

Yes, it's his actions who've put us where we are, but he's not signing massive contracts to guys over 33, nor is he trading away near-MLB talent. Could he again? Sure. But that applies to every GM, and it sounds like you're mostly ignoring his recent body of work because it doesn't fit with the narrative framework you've established.

WS: In a rare instance of me throwing down a concrete prediction, I will say that - barring significant injury - the Phillies will at least post a 2014 pythag higher than their 2013 pythag.

Yep, I'll actually be shocked if the Phils don't sign Blanton (or at least try to.) And it won't be the worst idea either, as long as he's willing and able to work in the 'pen once Hamels returns.

(disclaimer: I haven't looked up his career RP numbers, so if those show that he's horrible in relief, then scratch my endorsement.)

He's only got 32.1 IP as a reliever in the big leagues, so it's tough to call that a reliable sample. He was pretty terribly there last year, but here's the upshot...

If we use him as a starter for 2 games, then release him, we still only owe him $500K at most.

Any chance of bringing Roy Oswalt back?

This year's team might be slightly better, but the bar was pretty low.
Regarding Blanton

The Good - (Reaching here) 108/34 K/BB ratio in 2013
The Bad - 2013 ERA 6.04 ERA
The Ugly - 2014 spring training ERA (+7.00), I know, it's just spring training but he wasn't exactly setting the world on fire

It sounds like Blanton had made a bunch of mechanical changes to his delivery and started the spring with a few scoreless innings, but that ended pretty abruptly.

I just saw that Cole Hamels wrote a personal essay about Opening Day. If you'd like to read it, here's the link:

Very refreshing listening to the Tigers radio team analyzing the Phillies players.

Philibuster - But the Phils are trying more of the same thing next year with the contracts that Amaro gave out late last year & this offseason when he resigned Utley, Hamels & Chooch among others.

Only reason Amaro hasn't signed big-name FAs is because he didn't have the payroll flexibility to do so because of prior moves & because of the multiple perceived needs that he has tried to address through FA.

The last 2 years the Phils have had a bottom 5 roster in MLB in terms of fWAR/bWAR and I doubt things are much different this year given the current projected Opening Day roster.

MG: So before anything else, I'm going to get this out of the way: using WAR as a basis for quantifying efficacy of roster construction wins zero points with me. I don't like it as a statistic for anything other than fun little "player A was worth more than player B" comparisons for a variety of reasons.

That out of the way, I agree that the Phillies haven't been good the last two years. However, the only fixes that would be more than a double-dose of Delmon Young (or equivalent thereto) are the short, 2-3-year deals he's been signing.

Is it ideal? Of course not. However, with the situation we're in, they're the most effective way to both prevent any given season's record from being so abysmal that even more casual fans stop paying attention, while simultaneously not tying up tremendous sums of payroll past the 2015/2016 seasons (which we were already stuck with, so - again - not exactly exacerbating the situation).

If you're advocating Jackamac's "Blow it all up, and who cares what we get?" approach, then I just plain disagree. Saving payroll for its own sake is pointless unless you're one of the minority owners, and they're not going to get enough quality in return for the players moved that it's worth moving them just so we can watch the team be absolutely terrible for 2 years, instead of just below average.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Phillies still have a chance to reclaim RHP Seth Rosin. Rangers claimed him on waivers from LA. Not a lock for their bullpen.

Just back from the sunshine and optimism that permeates the air during springtime in Clearwater. Lenny's was packed as usual and Phillies fans were out in sellout numbers at Bright House Field. So many variables: kinda sucks about Freddy and Darin .... good news about Hamels' progress .... hitting picking up a bit in recent games .... and we have Cliff Lee on the Phillies. Drinking a couple of shots of tequila at Frenchy's, my buds and I actually saw some real possibilities for this team. And did I already mention that Cliff Lee is still a Phillie!

Phils facing two relievers in opening series. I actually think they'll be favored to win, or at least close to it.

I sure hope the Phillies don't surprise the world and win the World Series this year. Lord knows they'll never trade Cliff Lee if that happens.

Posted by: Moronocracy Logic


Hope I'm not supporting the notorious troll here, but I absolutely love this post.

Phillies Dude... thank you that's a great post.

Wow. Pretty darn solid PA against a LHP by Howard there, after giving up a totally useless first strike. Worked out a full-count walk.

So Abreu in RF

Really looking like he'll get every chance to make the Phillies

“Drinking a couple of shots of tequila at Frenchy's, my buds and I actually saw some real possibilities for this team”. Are you still at Frency’s now? The 2014 Phillies - They Look Great Through Beer Goggles! Just kidding PD, it sounds like a lot of fun actually.

We should all pick one day were we agree to drink a few beers before arriving to Beerleaguer in time for a 7:05 p.m. game. We’d be left with an extraordinary 1,000-comment thread (likely to be pretty lively) that we could refer back to as “The Day Beerleaguer Had a Virtual Happy Hour And Nearly Exploded”. It would be awesome or a disaster, with no in between.

Cyclic: He's been tried there before. I think right now they're doing it to make sure that his shoulder won't implode after a stint there, like it did over the weekend.

Presumably it's why he moved back his opt-out date to Sunday.

Abreu in RF at CBP would be.... interesting to watch.

I used to do this game some times during Phillies games where you try to finish 1 beer per inning.

Really gets tough to keep up A) when Cliff Lee is on the mound and B) when the offense is being the Phillies offense

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