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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Im so confused so send Frandsden down in favor of Brignac?

Frandsen will have no place on the team when Ruf is healthy, he can't hit RHP and his defense is awful everywhere. Good move.

Cedeno should be the next to go. His glove is barely average now and he never could hit.

Perhaps Clout, but who is going to play 3rd if Asche goes down. Im assuming that Galvis will be ready by Opening Day? Can Hernandez play 3rd in a pinch?

Excellent move. Good to see the team's management is able to make obvious moves.

Note CH played third today.

Why is Nieves a lock to make the team?

Or the better question is why does Roob think Nieves is the backup C.

The guy will make Rod Barajas, Brian Schneider and Dane Sardinha look good.

Rupp should be the guy, but we all know he won't be. Not old enough, I guess.

Brignac can play 3rd. In fact, I'd venture to guess that he can play it better than anyone on our roster right now. Of course, he can't hit to save his life but neither can Galvis, and that's essentially the guy he'll be replacing.

I think the Phils will carry 6 extra players to start the season:

Mayberry Jr.
Backup C
Gwynn Jr.
Brigniac (sp)

11 pitchers

They need to keep Reid B because he can play 3rd and there is nobody else capable of doing that behind Ashee. When they need their 5th starter, they'll send Hernandez down and add 12th warm body to the staff. When Galvis comes back, Reid B goes.

Great decision to offer him a contract. Hell of a GM we've got.

bap: What are you talking about? His name contains the letters RBI, and he leads the team with a 1.063 OPS.

BAP yes but i think Galvis bat has ever so slight more potential. The fielding should be about the same. Galivs is just more of a natural at fielding. Making the transition for him will not be a stretch. I think Galvis has the potential to become a .250 guy. Brignac more of a Mendoza guy.

Galvis is supposedly going to go home from the hospital tomorrow, but I haven't heard any revision of the earlier reports that he would open the season on the DL.

The new pitching coach has taught KK the curveball, and Chooch says it was very effective today.

And thus was the most puzzling move of the off-season obviated.

If I had to guess on why it happened now, rather than in 2 weeks? He's more likely to clear waivers now than he would be then, as every team is either already topped out at 40 or over. If they waited until Galvis was back, the odds someone has a need (and space) increases... And we all know Amaro loves hanging onto guys as long as possible.

@NEPP exactly. I don't know what a player like him would have received on just a minor league deal, but I'm guessing that was a 700K mistake. But hey, it's a minor mistake compared to the dumb multi-year contracts with tens of millions of dollars remaining that ownership might as well burn.

And Corey, I apologize for playing journalism professor, but when you compare two things or people to each other it's "between." When comparing more than two it's "among." Writing pet peeve, sorry.

New threads on a daily basis... who cares about the grammar?

What's that Jimmie? I should never say "Who cares?"

Nice to see some good hitting, base running and scoring for a change. Nice bit of pitching by the much maligned KK today as well. With opening day right around the corner, this would be a good time for the team to start playing some decent baseball.

KK's curve really looked good today. If McClure can teach a good curveball, and someone from between the mix of special instructors and Dubee disciples can teach a solid changeup, we could have some pretty nice off-speed options from our pitchers.

Would be awesome if McClure could help Biddle even further polish curve a bit over the next few years.

On the flip side, lotta patient ABs by Phillies, very little crazy swinging at all, and even less at stuff out of the zone. Revere and Rollins looked particularly nice. Even Howard's outs went the opposite way or up the middle.

Also: nice to see Chooch throw some guys out looking to steal.

pblunts: The only way Frandsen would have made under MLB minimum ($500K) is if he spent a significant portion of the season off the big-league roster.

I'll be the first to say that re-signing Frandsen to an MLB deal was dumb. In fact, I think it was the worst move of the off-season, when viewed from a purely need-centric standpoint.

But less than half a million over the MLB base isn't something to get upset about unless it stopped the FO from cutting him in the event that they find something better (which could be done fairly simply). In this case it didn't, so it's hard to be upset.

"BAP yes but i think Galvis bat has ever so slight more potential. The fielding should be about the same"

Well, Galvis is a lot younger, so I guess hope springs eternal. But Brignac's minor league numbers were way better -- good enough, in fact, to make him a top 100 prospect for many years. At 28 years old, I think it's fair to say that he's never going to fulfill that promise. But it might not be totally out of the question that he could still be a low average/low OBP guy with a little pop -- as opposed to Galvis, who's likely to never be more than a low average/low OBP guy without much pop.

i'm amazed that freddie is going home today. usually the treatment involves many days of IV antibiotics, in isolation. his release is very encouragng. unless he is having a nurse come in and do the IVs at home.

Was thinking the same thing.
Was it confirmed as MRSA? Maybe it's not as serious as speculated?

Touche Bap

bullit: Visiting nurses cost money. They are borrowing one of Sarge's hookers.

bullit- Versatility is the answer.

I think I saw a movie once where those two jobs were combined by one very versatile actress.

lol, Conway. Bubba, i am thinking the same thing. must not be MRSA. an interesting thing about MRSA is once you are diagnosed with it, every time you subsequently enter the hospital, for anything, you are put in isolation. i'm not sure how long this protocol is in effect.

Nieves has been great at handling the pitching staff this spring and we feel we need a veteran presence behind the plate who knows how to call a game.

Also has been a .300 the last two years and his PRODUCTION (RBI/BB ration) is simply outstanding. In fact, we feel if Chooch does unfortunately get hurt that we are in very good hands with Nieves.

this is a fascinating time lapse film of the conversion of the historic austalian cricket field into an mlb field for the season opening. the write-up is good, too.

Speaking of patience at the plate, I saw an article today that noted the top 10 in MLB in balls taken per strike, and a Phillie actually made the top 10.

Player Plate Apps Balls Per Strike
Freddie Freeman 629 4.99
Josh Hamilton 636 3.88
Pablo Sandoval 584 3.76
Miguel Cabrera 652 3.72
Chris Davis 673 3.45
Brandon Belt 571 3.45
Carlos Gomez 590 3.17
Matt Holliday 602 3.10
David Ortiz 600 3.09
Domonic Brown 540 3.00

thanks WSJ. i wonder what ruf's rate is. although he only has half the PAs.

i guess that rate also reflects the degree of the reluctance of pitchers to throw strikes to those players. or am i mistaken?

It was definitely MRSA.


Phillies notes: Galvis could leave hospital soon

Phillies infielder Freddy Galvis, who is being treated for a MRSA infection, could be released from the hospital as soon as Monday, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Sunday.

“They’re taking him off the intravenous meds,” Amaro said. “They are just going with oral medication, which is a good sign. Right now he does not need a PICC line, which is good.”

Galvis developed the infection after suffering an abrasion on his left knee. He will open the season on the disabled list and there is no timetable for his return.

Bullit, I have no idea, it very well could reflect that these guys aren't getting many strikes to swing at. I guess with that being the case, it also shows these players' ability to avoid swinging at balls out of the zone.

I'm just shocked. Shocked.

I was assured by BL Conventional Wisdom that Frandsen was a lock to make the roster because he had a guaranteed deal.

bullit, thanks for the link to the conversion of the cricket field into a temporary baseball field.

my pleasure, GBrettfan. the history is interesting. the only part of the field they couldn't remake was the pitcher's spot. it's hallowed ground. i understand the games were packed with fans.

Well I'll be taking next Monday off from work to watch Opening Day from home. Have to say it will be strange to open the season in Arlington, Texas vs. the Rangers. I am tired of inter-league play!

From Matt Gelb.

Bobby Abreu has a sore left (non-throwing) shoulder and will not take BP. Has played 9 innings of RF in last 11 days. Decision due Wed.

@Phillibuster. I hear you and agree to an extent about the dollars. It's more of the principle of yet another hatchet job by Amaro. But hey, it's not my 700K he just lit on fire.

Saw that the Twins released or DFA'd Worley. If he's not hurt, getting him back here can't be a horrible move, can it?

**Bobby Abreu has a sore left (non-throwing) shoulder and will not take BP. Has played 9 innings of RF in last 11 days. Decision due Wed**

Good luck in retirement, Bobby.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 19m
You'll never guess No. 1. RT @Ken_Rosenthal: The Harried Eight: Teams under extra pressure this season. Column:

I am back everyone.

wb cf.

Dear lord, even the Toronto announcers are playing up Rollins/Sandberg schism.

Eh... Not a good AB by Howard there, but not terrible. Nice to see him pull back to 2-2 after going 0-2 (although that curveball called strike was just plain nasty).

WSJ: Dom had lots of troubles developing baseball skills, but strike zone recognition was never one of them. He's been good at that since the start.

Solid work by Buchanan. Got a little lucky, but stuck around the zone without giving up a meatball.

I imagine that chart also doesn't tell us as much as we'd like it to. Chase Utley always takes the first-pitch strike, but that doesn't mean he's swinging at stuff outside of the zone, indicating poor pitch recognition.

I never paid a lot of attention before, but... Aumont shakes off the catcher a lot, doesn't he?

Freddy Garcia was released by Atlanta.

I'd take a flier on him, if for no other reason than the chance that he would be motivated to stuff 2014 down the Braves throat.

Let him round out the rotation until Hamels is healthy and reevaluate in May, possibly for a Contreras/Chan Ho Park role in the pen.

Also, that's the second time the Toronto PBP guy's tone indicated he was expecting a HR from the Jays, only to have the ball caught well shy of the warning track.

howard lead off the 2nd, ended the 3rd and will bat 2nd this inning. 3 innings in a row.

Er, this was the 5th, Bullit.

to er is human. ;)

Cody Asche would probably concur.

Color me surprised that we're a week away from opening day and Aumont is still here. Not only that, he even has at least an outside shot to make the opening day roster. Right now, I count 8 relievers competing for 7 spots: Papelbon, Bastardo, Diekman, Lincoln, DeFratus, Camp, Aumont & Rosenberg. I see the first 5 as locks, and I see Camp & Rosenberg as the current favorites for the last 2 spots. But that could still change.

Adams actually returning could squeeze things a little more.

Interesting - courtesy of FanGraphs (2013 data).

Player A swings at pitches outside of the zone 29.8% of the time
Player B swings at pitches outside of the zone 29.0% of the time
Player C swings at pitches outside of the zone 26.8% of the time
League average swinging at pitches outside of the zone is 31.0%

Player A Dom Brown
Player B Chase Utley
Player C Jimmy Rollins

All three are below league average, but I was surprised Rollins's rate was the lowest. League leader (I picked 500 ABs as the minimum) was A.J. Pierzynski at 49.6%, league low was Joey Votto at 20.0%

"Adams actually returning could squeeze things a little more."

Until he gets injured again, which will probably take about 2 to 3 weeks.

Cesar Itzuris waived. RAJ must be licking his chops.

BAP: Camp isn't making the team. Or are you changing your mind about how much spring training matters?

cutter: Spring training absolutely matters when the guy is competing for a job. What makes you think that Camp isn't making the team? He's a veteran. He has been pretty good in the past. And he's still here, with only a week to go in spring training. All signs are that he probably WILL make the team. If not him, then who?

BAP: So nothing makes you think he is making it except for some narrow defined criteria that you have made up in order to criticize the way the Phillies do things?


Smith, Duran, Susdorf... are we sure it's post-Clout Day?

Name-changing troll: I realize I'm playing right into your hands by engaging you but, since you're the one making the absolute assertion, how about you cite me some criteria for why he ISN'T making the team? I just cited you experience, past performance, and present performance for why he probably IS. You apparently think those criteria are arbitrary, so I'd love to hear yours -- though I doubt I will.

Also . . . where the hell did I criticize the Phillies, or even imply any criticism of the Phillies, if they end up keeping Camp?

Ok, I'm done engaging the troll. I promise.

Phillies’ opening-day opponent hit with injuries

Darvish, who was named opening day starter more than a month ago, has been slowed recently by a stiff neck and the club is considering lefty Martin Perez or right-hander Colby Lewis if Darvish can’t answer the bell.

The ideal solution for bench would be if Hernandez can play good enough defense at SS and 3B to get by, short term.

I just cited you experience, past performance, and present performance for why he probably IS. You apparently think those criteria are arbitrary, so I'd love to hear yours -- though I doubt I will


These are all arbitrary to you because you think "HAHA...Dumb Roob will only keep experienced guys." You said something similar about them keeping Frandsen but I know you will back down off of that because this is a message board and nothing you say here matters so post whatever ridiculous nonsense you want.

Also, one year of a sub 3 ERA and a 1.0+ WAR out of a 10 year career qualifies as him being good in the past? Ever hear of an outlier?

Also, Steve Sudorf is still here. Is he making the team?

I thought Nieves was all but guaranteed the backup C spot. Now I'm not so sure...


I can't even wrap my head around your point.

I'm the one who said Shawn Camp will probably make the team, and I'm the one who said he has been pretty decent over his career. You're the one who says he sucks and has no chance to make the team. Yet, by your tortured logic, I'm the one who is preemptively criticizing Amaro for keeping the guy?

You're a buffoon.

No word yet RAJ wants me to shake off the MLB jitters thats so he is exposing me more.

One of the more encouraging things about the Frandsen move is it looks like Sandberg will have a large say in the 25 man roster. I certainly have more faith in him than Amaro.

Shawn Camp is 38 years old and odds of him helping are low. That said, odds of most of these bozos, including Lincoln, Rosenberg and Aumont, actually helping are low.

I'm reading a lot of reports that says Adams will be ready by mid-late April. Maybe he will be but I'm concerned about what he has left.

From 2008 to 2011 he was a premier set up man with an ERA of 1.71 and a WHIP of .902. His last year with Texas those numbers rose to 3.27 and 1.395 respectively. He was signed by the Phils after the 2012 season and did three stints on the DL last year. He was shut down for a strained back, biceps tendinitis and eventually the three shoulder tears that ended his season. In the offseason he had surgery to repair his shoulder and another for a sports hernia. The year before the Phils signed him he was coming of surgery for TOS.

IMO that's a lot of bodily trauma to come back from and regain elite status at age 35. I'd be thrilled if he pitches the 8th like he used to, but I need to see it to be convinced considering all he's been through.

FWIW I think BAP's 2:30 post about the bullpen is spot on

The Phils have been getting a lot of bad press nationally this spring. The Sporting News released their Power Rankings today and ranked the Phils 28th, with only the Cubs and Astro's behind them.

Vegas has them around middle of the pack according to Bovada. Fifteen teams have lower odds to win the WS and the O/U is 76.5 wins. I know lines are set not according to talent, but in an attempt to get equal amount of money on both sides of a bet. That said, I think the people in Vegas are far sharper than a lot of baseball writers.

Kashmir: I really don't see the Frandsen move as having the slightest relation to Sandberg. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, I'd say the timing is less likely to be sandberg-oriented, because he got cut right after Galvis (the first-choice 2B backup) went out for an indeterminate period of time.

If we're talking 2B backups, Frandsen probably offers the best combination of defense/offense with the likely exception of Hernandez. Since they got that extra option on Cesar, however, he's probably starting the year in AAA.

Mind you, I'm not complaining about not having Frandsen, but... I don't get why his getting cut has Sandberg's fingerprints on it.


First off- You first said Camp was "pretty good" then said a few posts later, "pretty decent." Which is it?

Secondly- I never said that Camp sucks. Just pointed out the reality of his numbers that was in contrast to the overly rosy picture you initially painted. I can see the confusion with how quickly you moved the goalposts. Maybe in another few posts you will say "Camp sucks," and somehow you will try to make this argument me saying he will make the roster.

Just admit- you probably had no idea who Shawn Camp was until minutes before you typed your post and then when you read stats you quickly backtracked hoping no one would call you on your nonsense.

Lastly- the very first words out of your mouth were "He is a veteran..." You have used that excuse numerous times as a means to mock the Phillies for what they do. At least have some integrity and stand behind what you say.

Oops- forgot who I was talking to.

Phillibuster: I see it being Sandbergs move for 2 reasons. #1 Sandberg is the new boss and he is sending a message that you either produce or you get benched/demoted (first Rollins, now Frandsen). #2 if the minimart saga taught us anything, its that Amaro is way too stubborn to simply admit a mistake and cut bait.

Sandberg is the new boss and he is sending a message that you either produce or you get benched/demoted (first Rollins, now Frandsen).

Posted by: Phanatic | Monday, March 24, 2014 at 08:14 PM

You're kidding right? The move was made because with Galvis starting the season on the DL, they needed to make room on the 40 man roster for a backup SS. Frandsen doesn't play SS.

Phanatic: Frandsen had 34 PAs this Spring. If you believe that Sandberg is the sort who will make roster decisions based on that - especially when the guy in question did exactly what you'd want from a RH PH, posting an .869 OPS vs. LHP in 2013 - then I don't see how you could also think he's the guy you'd want making those decisions.

Michael Martinez was one guy. He was a young guy. He blew things up in ST and AAA, and he (allegedly) played a lot of positions with at least mediocre defense. Was spending so much time on him a terrible move? Definitely. But you're acting like Amaro never cuts players, never DFAs guys with guaranteed contracts, etc. That's just not the case. Both Chads, DYoung, Quintero, Betancourt, Mather...

Amaro's made a number of dumb moves, but the trope that he hangs onto guys ad nauseum is overblown, and trying to perpetuate that only makes legitimate complaints of his actions harder to accept. Heck, even the Rule 5 trope is exaggerated with him, and all because of Martinez. They had no problem releasing Inciarte last year, and Munson this year.

Philli, I'd second what Phanatic said about Amaro's stubbornness in admitting mistakes. That's what leads me to believe Sandberg had a large role in Frandsen being DFA'd. Amaro signed Frandsen over the winter and bragged about signing him for below what he'd have got in arbitration, which was expected to be around 1.2 - 1.3 million.

Regardless of who's right I'd still prefer Sandberg pick the 25 players he wants.

Kashmir: Right, but I just pointed out that said stubbornness is completely overblown - especially since just about every comment about it stems from a single player. Amaro's made dumb signings in the past, and he's held onto some of them for too long, but he's also been perfectly willing to cut them eventually.

And again, what does Sandberg's alleged philosophy of "produce or get benched" have to do with anything in this situation? Frandsen had very few PAs this Spring, and last year performed adequately for a RH bench bat who can avoid embarrassing himself at 2B. With Ruf out 6-8 weeks (and I'm no Ruf booster, overall), Frandsen became the primary anti-LHP specialist on an MLB contract.

Again, I'm not saying I dislike the move. In fact, I'm all for it. I just don't see any evidence that Sandberg is the primary responsible party for it occurring.

"We're in the situation now with some of the injuries and things that occurred this spring - we have to increase the roster space," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

Like I said, the only reason Frandsen was sent down, was because they had to make room on the 40 man roster for somebody who can play SS. No other reason. If Galvis hadn't contacted MRSA, Frandsen would still be on the 40 man. Bet on it.

Frandsen is neutered by RHP and he can pretty much only play 2B and 1B (playing him at 3B was painful for everyone involved). He's far too limited both offensively and defensively.

Now, if he decides to stay in AAA and Utley goes down, he'd be a very good option for the everyday 2B at that point given that his glove plays well there and he's probably as good a hitter as Cesar.

Mike: If Galvis hits the DL, then doesn't that become moot?

Rats. My post got lost because I punctuated it by telling Phlipper/Reality/Cutter to go perform a physically impossible act. I used an asterisk in place of one letter, but Comcast detected it anyhow. Evidently, they put a lot more work into filtering out naughty words that everyone has heard than at filtering out trolls who ruin the site.

The quick summary, if anyone is interested, was: (1) I didn't realize that calling someone "pretty decent" is backtracking from calling him "pretty good;" and (2) I didn't realize that, if I say the Phillies will probably keep a pitcher who is "pretty good," I'm actually making a veiled criticism of RAJ because, in the same post, I refer to the pitcher as a veteran.

And, with that, I promise not to engage this clown anymore -- at least not until he tricks me with yet another name change.

Buster, I'm not sure what you mean. Galvis is the only person on the 40 man roster besides Rollins who can play SS. If he hits the DL he is still on the 40 man, but can't play, so there is nobody to back up Rollins. Unless I'm missing something.

Mike: I might be mistaken, but aren't they allowed to carry an extra man on the roster if a guy hits the 30-day DL? Or is that only the 60-day?

Philli: That's the 60-day.

"The move was made because with Galvis starting the season on the DL, they needed to make room on the 40 man roster for a backup SS. Frandsen doesn't play SS."

Except that the Phillies only had 38 guys on their 40-man roster when they optioned Frandsen to AAA. They didn't need the roster spot to add Brignac or Cedeno to the 40-man.

They sent him to AAA because they prefer Cesar (as well they should), and because the other backup utility infielder needs to play SS. The opening up of a 40-man roster spot was not by design; it was by happenstance. Frandsen has a guaranteed contract so they can't demote him & keep him on the 40-man roster. They have to take him off the 40-man & expose him to waivers. But any team who claimed him would be on the hook for his $900K salary.

Buster, I don't think there is a 30 day DL. Just a 15 and a 60. I'm pretty sure the only way a guy can be removed from the 40 man when being placed on the DL is if it's the 60 day.

Ah, I must have been mixing my sports. I know NHL IR allows for a replacement even for a 7-day IR stint.

Except that the Phillies only had 38 guys on their 40-man roster when they optioned Frandsen to AAA. They didn't need the roster spot to add Brignac or Cedeno to the 40-man.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Monday, March 24, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Well that's true, but then they wouldn't have had room for Gywnn/Abreu and Shawn Camp/Jeff Manship/David Buchanan, one of which is going to be the fifth starter.

BAP: I'm not entirely sure they prefer Cesar to Frandsen, but I won't complain if they do.

Doing so also neatly leaves a spot for Ruf when he gets healthy and Galvis recovers, should they decide that's desirable.

Armando Galarraga released by the Rangers. Worth a look this late in ST?

Playing the typical Negaldelphia attitude towards Adams here. If he truly is finished. How many games will he cost us before RAJ pulls the plug?

Seems it's going to be a 2 team race (Braves and Nationals) for first place in the division. And a 2 team race for 3rd place (Phillies and Mets) with the Marlins again alone in last place.

The best thing about the team this year is that there's no reason to worry about how many games the bullpen will blow in the late innings. As long as Hamels is out, it won't be nearly enough to make a difference one way or the other.

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