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Wednesday, March 05, 2014



I actually really like that 1-6 in the Lakeland lineup. I'm coming around on Abreu in a spot near the top of the lineup and Ruf/Franco behind him might, (gulp), make sense...

This team is starting to show me some things.

Could not believe it - I saw a shift today! They only shifted like 45 times last year, I think the league leader was over 400.

In other news, Bill Baer projects a 4th place NL east finish for the Fightin' Amaros this year.

Well 4th is better than last... So there's that.

We might see a rare occurrence of 0 runs in 18 total innings tomorrow. Truly a feat.

"The Phillies utilized a shift on left-handed hitting Freddie Freeman in the game. Sandberg said the Phillies will use more of that defensive alignment this season. The club is using video and data to determine which hitters to use a shift against."

Probably were just waiting for that new comcast contract, Monty made them throw in an old computer and tv to sweeten the pot. Of course the computer will die soon when microsoft stops releasing the XP updates but...

Data, analytics, video, computers.

The only thing missing is talented players, or we might just be on to something here.

ruf made a nice play on a fielded ball, throwing a seed right to rollins glove positioned just above the base, as he attempted to get a runner who had drifted too far off second. very close play.

Sorry this is just a boring team. No ability to score runs. Strike outs by the basket. I saw a play the other night... a ground ball to first Howard got the out at first but had no inclination to get the runner at second. 25 million and we can't seem to play fundamental baseball. Going to be a long season.

"The Phillies utilized a shift..... Sandberg said that the Phillies will use more of that....."

Wait a minute... Does Ryne Sandberg actually have Ruben's permission and blessing on this? Cause you know, Mr. High and Mighty Amaro knows best.

could ruf be a RH slightly smaller (2" shorter and 5 lbs thinner) freddie freeman? their stats compare pretty well. freeman has the higher BA at .285 to ruf's .257. but ruf has a better HR avg. at 32 to freeman's 23. ruf's SLG and OPS are also higher - ruf .489 and .838 to freeman's .466 and .825.

this is not a guy you trade away for some dude. he's probably better than several 1B on opening day rosters.

We could get lucky - from MLBTR.

he Dodgers' surplus of pitching could force the team to make a tough cut in the form of right-hander Seth Rosin, ESPN Los Angeles' Mark Saxon writes. Rosin has pitched well thus far in Spring Training but L.A. might not have space for him on the roster, a situation that Saxon says could backfire like the team's cut of Kevin Gregg last spring. Rosin was selected off the Phillies' roster by the Mets in last December's Rule 5 draft and was then traded to the Dodgers, who now must keep Rosin on their Major League roster all season or else offer him back to Philadelphia for $25K.

the major difference is that ruf turns 28 in july and freeman is 25 come september. so time is running out for darin. gelb says pittsburgh needs a 1B, but would consider mayberry not enough of an upgrade. is ruf enough? i think darin would be a big hit in the bucco family. if he has to go, may he go to the other pennsylvania team. what does pittsburgh have that we might want prospect-wise?

we got rosin in the thome trade, right? why didn't the phillies protect him from the rule 5 draft?

Freeman was a 5.4 bWAR player last year.

I'm all for #FluffRuf, but jeez.

"we got rosin in the thome trade, right. why didn't the phillies protect him from the rule 5 draft?"

Is that even a serious question? ... Based on this F.O.'s total inability to run a baseball team?

lol. good one, Iceman. but ruf has only had 330 PA. what could he do in 3 rivers over a full season? what are the LF dimensions like?

Delaware Avenue: it was a softball. you smacked it pretty good.

you're on the internet already posting on beerleaguer, might as well google seth rosin while you're at it. He was a throw in to the Pence to SF deal. The Thome deal was like a decade ago.

oh, the 2nd thome deal. You are thinking of Kyle Simon.

Hamels is tired per Zolecki's Twitter. May not pitch in April. A Phillies injury lingering? You don't say...

I said I'd wait until Hamels' timetable changed to worry that he and the team are lying about his injury.

Yeah. They're lying.

No Hamels = Battle for 5th place.

"Hamels is tired per Zolecki's Twitter. May not pitch in April. A Phillies injury lingering? You don't say..."

Hamels is 'tired' and this is the reason he won't pitch in April? More injury BS spin from the FO if this turn out to be the case.

Should have wait on the 76.5 and the over because if Hamels is really hurt and isn't a meaningful contributor this year, this team won't even win that many games.

sorry. Lorecore. i knew i was being lazy. yeah, kyle simon. i was close.

Rotation for first month:


Based on Phillies track record, Hamels is more likely to be out for the year than back by May.

Lorecore - So basically Hamels likely does have a a significant shoulder injury which was the real reason he didn't throw the mound this entire offseason.

Looks about right although it might be a waive wire pickup or Buchanan possibly as the No 5 starter.

More likely Hamels does try to pitch this year, struggles badly, and ends up on the DL with a surgery that shortly follows that ends his year.

Just a quick glance around the NL, a Hamels-less rotation is probably around 5th worst in the league.


Marlins could be worse with so many young arms, but could also be pretty strong.

Fire Rube.
Shut down Cole and wait for a better year.
Trade Clifton and the (very few) other commodities.
Fill in the 2014 roster with the Manship-types and Gywnn-types.
Get a new, competent GM who can identify/acquire/develop young talent.

So there. That's my plan. At least until the next tweet.

I can't wait for RAJ's attempt to spin this one. I doubt it can beat out the acting job he did with Halladay, Howard, and Utley the past 2 years, but I'm still excited for it.

No wonder they're not hitting. What's the point?

Sam Hinkie to the rescue.

Watch Rosin match the Dodgers' roster too and be a capable MLB pitcher too this year.

It would be fitting and another red tally about Amaro's ability to evaluate talent.

To me the whole 'analytics vs. non-analytics' thing isn't the issue as much as the fact that the Phils have way too many people involved in the FO decisions, have shown a real inability to draft & develop talent, and evaluate talent to round out the MLB roster the past couple of years.

Steve - Yup. The 'face of the franchise' who was signed to a huge dollar extension is I bet going to have significant shoulder surgery.

Cole injured? What I cannot believe it. This FO would tell us the truth and lie to this fanbase!

And now they will be lucky to get to 70 wins. Just have the surgery now Cole and be ready for next year.

Yeah he won't throw an MLB pitch in 2014.

No MRI scheduled? Positively shocking.

wait Sean Osullivan isn't the guy we got from the Joe Blanton trade?

Ha, i swore thats who it was. Apparently thats Ryan O'Sullivan who is some org filler reliever. I remember him from last spring and just assumed it was same guy.

Didn't realize the Sean O'Sullivan is already proven trash instead of soon-to-be-proven trash.

In re: the worsening and rather puzzling Cole situation ... I will quote myself from my 8:18 post...

"Based on this F.O.'s total inability to run a baseball team."

For the record, he's still saying nothing hurts.

"I believe I threw 35 pitches . . . To my body it felt like a thousand. . .I’ve had all the tests done that would basically that they’re required to do and everything checked out," Hamels said. "So that’s the thing. And I knew nothing has gone wrong.I just think that just trying to get in the best possible shape that I can in sort of a rushed, competitive atmosphere, something’s going to not want to push it a little more so it prevents the injury, so ultimately my body’s telling me, ‘Hey, slow it down a little bit and start over in a certain way so that you can prevent injury but build up for the long haul.'"

Assuming this is a good quote, Hamels is talking in a tortured dyslexicon. He's basically saying nothing in far too many words. This is often a sign that a person is dissembling.

MG thought Rosin was garbage until they lost him, so I'm not sure what that says about 'his ability to evaluate talent.'

If Hamels shoulder eventually requires surgery that will be another albatross contract around the teams neck. How can a team have so many shoulder injuries to pitchers this early? Is it the program they wanted Gonzalez to get used to instead of sending him to the Florida Instructional League last fall?

Lore-- you're on the internet already posting on beerleaguer, might as well google sean o'sullivan while you're at it.

has david buchanan's stock gone up?

Iceman - He was and I saw the Dodgers worked with Rosin to modify his delivery slightly & Rosin has already seen positive results early on.

Just gotta tread water until Hamels and Adams are healthy.

Cyclic - Sounds about right and I imagine a similiar spin.

Hey Rube give me a call? I'd getting tired of yoga, smoking weed, and just sitting around all day while playing guitar in the nude.

With all Adams went through I doubt he'll be healthy this year. Three shoulder tears and a sports hernia operation since last season. On the DL 3 times last year. TOS the year before. His body's been through a lot.

Salisbury yesterday...

"Reliever Mike Adams, recovering from shoulder surgery, threw another bullpen session Wednesday. If all continues to go well, he could face some hitters in live batting practice next week."

See? We're gonna be fine, Chicken Littles. The sky is not falling.

Playoffs here we come! Buyers at the deadline!

Well, Jamie Moyer didn't actually retire. Maybe he can help out. After all, he's probably already dreading spending an entire season with Matt Stairs' motormouth.

sandberg looked like he wanted to kill lincoln after her threw that ball away, from his knees. all he had to do was hold the ball and stand up.

***I said I'd wait until Hamels' timetable changed to worry that he and the team are lying about his injury.

Yeah. They're lying.

No way...this sort of thing NEVER happens with this team. Why not pay for a fvcking MRI, Rube? WTF is wrong with this club with refusing to pay for MRIs when their expensive players go down with injury? Do they not believe in the magical tube that gives them images inside the body? Are they all Amish and the MRI will steal their souls if they use it?



"sandberg looked like he wanted to kill lincoln"

If he did that his name would be Mudd around here.

Will either/both game/s be on today?

lol, bittel. all we need is a pitcher named johnson for a civil war triumverate.

the yankees game is on both MLBN and TCN. tigers game is on neither. according to this:

cyclic, i did, thats how i found out the difference.

Thanks, bull.

new thread.

Maybe RAJ thinks an MRI is one of those new sabermetric stats. Hence, his aversion to them.

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