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Saturday, March 01, 2014


I wonder if JW rolls out clout Day as he has in the past?

Guy hasn't pitched in 2 yrs. give him a little bit of time. Like some of the young arms today.buchanan and Giles really stood out. Cody A had a hard time at third today. Something to watch.......

MAG looked like crap today...Aumont like command pretty much all day.

How many errors did Asche end up with? Easily had 3 plays that should have been ruled errors from what I saw.

Galvis would have made those plays.

Asche played 7 innings and didn't record one out.

Is Scott Rolen hanging around to solidify the infield?

MAG hasn't pitched competitively in about 2 years...I don't expect him to blow everyone away in his first outing. Considering the lost development time/repetitions, I'm actually mildly encouraged by this performance. If he is up and part of the Phils' rotation by mid-season I'll be either very happy or very depressed, depending on the circumstances.

Schmidt will here on Sundays.

I can imagine the shape of the learning curves of MAG entering MLB as a series of waves leading up to a tsunami. I'll also go Bacon Hat until warm weather.

Since little league for some crazy reason I always knew that defense won games. Especially when I pitched. Schmidt and Rolen, along with Feliz and Polanco have spoiled me rotten at 3B.

People here losing their heads over MAG after his first appearance in a few years of not pitching competitively is hilarious.

MG suggesting he start at Reading is even more hilarious

i thought MAG looked like a work in progress. he might not even need a whole lot of time at LV. my question is, how does the elbow feel the day after throwing 51 pitches in anger?

I love sucking cock

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