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Friday, February 21, 2014


Credit where due - this is the first I've seen the "news" about Franco being in serious consideration for 3B. Thanks for adding something fresh to the discussion Corey. God knows BL needs it.

By the sounds of it, MAG is destined for Lehigh Valley. Especially if Hamels is still in line to start tossing bullpen sessions next week already. See you on the Escalona Express MAG! We never even got to know you!!!

Sandberg looks to improve Phils' baserunning

Juan Samuel stood beside first base to ensure Phillies players touched a blue spray-painted corner. The grounds crew colored each base on Ashburn and Schmidt Fields for a daily drill planned by manager Ryne Sandberg. This was not a punishment.


The Phillies were not a good baserunning team last season. They ranked 13th in the National League with a .306 on-base percentage and still made 61 outs on the bases, tied for second-most in the league.

Good thing the Phils brought back Samuel and retread Mackanin as 3rd base coach. Sure they will lead to a noted improvement on the bases.

Repeated from last thread:

awh: DIII schools already don't factor into this, because they don't offer sports scholarships at all. Literally all of their athletics budgets arise from alumni donations and the general fund, plus concessions/admission (if they charge it). Occasionally you see a DIII national championship televised (F&M made it there in women's lacrosse two or three times a few years back - before they got completely shut down for a year due to hazing) on ESPN College, but that's about it.

DI schools are a whole different kettle of fish, and generally have to follow different regulations about the allocation of funding (F&M wrestling is DI but they still don't offer scholarships, so it only affects their competition). The ability to lure the best athletes with massive payouts (and yes, a $50,000/year scholarship for a rookie freshman constitutes a massive payout - even if they'd be earning more than that in a true "pro" league), and being able to continue the payout in the event of a 4-year-guaranteed scholarship even if the player doesn't perform to the level they'd hoped, is a massive power that smaller institutions can't hope to match.

That said, even at DIII schools (F&M included), players who would do well for the sports teams get "unofficial" inside tracks to acceptance, and additional help finding grants/scholarships that [Nominally-Acceptable Student A] doesn't. Even while I was there, when the football team was historically bad (when the popular wager is whether their first Centennial Conference win would come before the first snow, you know they're bad), there were rumors that some of the players from wealthy families ended up on "need-based" scholarships thanks to their commitment to the sport.

"We knew that he might not be a starting pitcher, but now there are concerns that he might not even be a major-leaguer just yet."

Corey, you are aware that Aroldis Chapman, as great as he is - despite not taking two years off - actually had to spend about half a season in the minors before he was MLB ready, no?

I just don't get why the writers at CSN and just can't seem to "get" that.

Friday night glory hole now open at my house

"Literally all of their athletics budgets arise from alumni donations and the general fund, plus concessions/admission (if they charge it)."

Buster, thank you. That's EXACTLY my point.

If these smaller schools can figure out a way to make sports work despite not having cash cow teams, paying players at the big revenue schools isn't going to kill the rest of their sports programs either.

It's simply a CHOICE of how the school administration/trustees choose to allocate the capital in the budget.

I know you work for a college, but please let's not defend the greed of these big schools and their co-dependents at the NCAA.

MAG might be one of those tricky Cuban pitchers who has a lot of arm angles, hides the ball, strange windup and a slip pitch. Guy like that can succeed with a hurt arm and no fastball.

awh: That doesn't really follow. F&M athletics are poor by comparison to the DI schools, primarily because they don't offer athletic scholarships. If Penn State's football program averaged a 4-9 record every year for a decade, they wouldn't be pulling in much money either (well, if not for the TV rights, but they'd probably get kicked out of the conference and lose a lot of that too) - certainly not enough to cover all of the scholarships, much less pay the athletes on top of that.

At DI schools, there are regulations about where the income from athletics goes. I'll be the first to admit that a lot of it (too much) goes to administrators (like I said about athletic directors with 7-to-8-figure compensation packages), but let's be real here. Stadium maintenance in Happy Valley is likely as much as most of the F&M athletics program put together; to say it eclipses Sponaugle-Williamson's costs doesn't do justice to the word "eclipse."

I suppose you could make the argument that it's their choice to be DI versus DIII, but the fact remains that athletic scholarships are, in theory, an awesome thing. When the system isn't abused, they allow someone from a financially-disadvantaged background to attend an institution (for which they're qualified) of higher learning and earn a degree that will help them, their families, their communities and their descendents for a long, long time. The problem is that, regardless of cause, our culture has allowed the ridiculous cult of hero-worship we have for athletes to trickle down to the next level below. Or even two levels below, if you look at all the crazy benefits from being a HS football star at some schools.

Universities and athletics are simply too inextricable at this point. The former depend on alumni donations, and way too many alums feel a closer tie to the athletic program than the school itself.

Incidentally, I don't work for a college. I used to work for one, but at present I work for a (small, private) high school.

I, for one, am glad that the powers that be have been updating BL threads more frequently, so that we can carry the same "beaten dead horse" conversations into additional threads. It really sucked to have to drone on endlessly for days in the same thread.

El Duque did just that especially after he had rotator cuff surgery in '03 and he relied on various arm angles and deception. If MAG is really hurt and need serious surgery this season/next offseason, that is on the team's medical staff and yet another black mark on their ledger.

Was Delmon Young the only dead horse we had to beat last year?

This MAG hand-wringing is fun to watch.

The blue jays reported a guy too? Jack assured us this was a Phillies only problem. Seriously guys- he is a dope- stop listening to the gassy windbag

Phils will have no idea what they have with MAG until August.

Only thing I would really fault them on was if MAG turns out to have a bad elbow/shoulder and needs major.

The glory hole is at my house tonight cut. I thought we agreed on it.

I am preparing by fingering my bum while watching Sid Bream scoring from
Second on a loop

Who will MG grind his teeth over more this year: MAG or Adams?

Seriously dude take a Valium or smoke more ganja. You are too uptight.

Reality - thank about being concerned about my dental health as proper dental health is incredibly important.

I can ensure you that my oral health is excellent including no grinding on my molars or bicuspids.

You constant gay projections and slurs suggest you aren't though in a healthy mental state and you should see a psych or mental health counselor.

Where did I make a gay projection?

Hey troll...

I honestly don't get the appeal for you. Does it make you feel better? Turning this site into a place that people don't even want to come to to discuss baseball? How is that fun for you? It's just hurtful.

Reality - constant posting of others engaging in that behavior? That is textbook 101 projection.

Where is the discussion about Phillies ratting out college players going on, here or over at the Good Phight?

Thanks for the link, Klaus.

"The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt."

MG: How do you make the jump to "gay" though? I see your logical gaps apply to more than just baseball.

Cyclic: this site was killed dead by Comcast months ago. Anything that a person going around here making homophobic comments says is just shoveling dirt on a grave.

What was your handle before, Reality?

"Clout: Given the amount of money that student athletes generate for their schools and given that most never graduate (for the reason you cite), would you say they are fairly compensated for their services?"



It's up to the athlete if they decide to stay in school, work hard and graduate. Either way, it's paid for. That alone is adequate compensation, not including the opportunity to showcase your talents for scouts and earn a signing bonus and an opportunity for a lucrative career.

Since when is the amount of money generated by the working class correlated with their compensation? How much profit does McDonalds Corp make per year vs the salary of a fry cook?

The college athlete and the fry cook are welcome to showcase their talents outside of their respective organizations (McDonalds and a college team) and see how much they can earn on the open market if they choose to do so.

I'm still trying to figure out where I got "schooled" in the TGP thread yesterday...I'm guessing it was somewhere in the figment of bittels imagination.

On MAG, he's a $12 M was worth it even if the best writers are trying to write him off a few days into ST for some reason.

Franco has a shot to be really good

Jim Salisbury (@JSalisburyCSN)
Former Phillies draft pick Ben Wetzler will be eligible to pitch for Oregon St on March 2, NCAA ruled. He survives Phillies cheesiness.

Much ado about nothing then.

MAG was a great signing even if he never throws a pitch. 3yr/$12M is chump change, and it finally showed the Phillies actually made a high profile int'l signing.

And whoever is down on MAG must be the same suckers who think Howard is going to hit 58 HR this year because he said he's "got both legs" this year.

you know you are pathetic when even the NCAA thinks your being too harsh on student athletes.


Mike Adams is on the Facebook Phils feed long tossing and he got the 'LG' (looking good) caption.

All part of the Phils' enhanced analytical push. Slashes by the analytics staff that is roving around and taking daily 'LG' counts.

'Really Looking Good' which is worth at least two LG.

If J-Roll is able to find some magic over the next 2-3 seasons, then yes, he's a Hall of Famer. He'd damn close now.

He's not really damn close...go take a gander at Alan Trammell's career and realize he's not getting in despite superior numbers across the board.

NEPP - you've got a point there. To be fair, Trammell should be in.

He definitely should be and Whitaker should have gotten more than 1 year of consideration too.

Tramm was a 70+ Win SS and he can't sniff the Hall for some stupid reason.

It's utter garbage that neither is in. Right now Rollins is a Hall of Very Good guy that isn't worthy unless he has a resurgence over the next 2-3 years. Also there's the fact that he'll get compared to his contemporaries and he loses there too with Jeter, Larkin, and Ripken over the past 30 years as HOF level SS.

Jimmy Rollins has zero chance at the HOF, outside of having some of his best years to close out his career.

JRoll's leg injuries killed his chances of the HOF. Been a good player overall since '09 but he hasn't put up the kind of offensive numbers he needed overall to really make a HOF push and sadly I think he's done as a frontline starter too.

I believe that's 3 mentions of Mike Adams on 3 consecutive days for MG.

Not even Adams' wife obsesses over him as much as MG does. I'm looking forward to it continuing through the season.

I do think it's kind of weird that the Phillies- who, like any other team, fluff their players even when they are virtually unfluffable, are sending mixed messages on MAG. Hell, they aren't even mixed- Sandberg basically held his nose and looked the other way when answering a simple question.

Probably trying to lower fan expectations, but they're basically not saying a single good thing about the kid. It isn't a good sign.

No matter what David Murphy says, I'm still excited to see him once exhibition starts.

Franco, of course, broke out in 2013 by hitting .320 with 31 homers and 103 RBI at Double A and Triple A.

Franco, of course, didn't make it to Lehigh Valley last year.

"What was your handle before, Reality?"

Phlipper, then slider and a bunch of other stuff

Seidman is the night janitor here, guys.

Meh give the Cody kid a chance i say. They can hold back Franco one more year. Then sell high on whichever one they think is best. I wonder if they can teach Cody to be a utility ...Oops i did it again...

Wonder if Sandberg can come up with a drill to get players to work the count better.


iceman: darin seems to be the exception.

How many "LG" equates to one "in the best shape of his life?"

players who have the potential to be itbsohl.

asche, franco, ruf and brown. that seems to be it. maybe a few of the young RPs.

My previous handle was Fatalotti

Hopefully not but in typical Philadelphia sports history the Phils will chose the wrong one between Cody and Franco.

i presumed it was a typo when you said earlier they should sell high on wichever one is better. or were you predicting the phillies would screw it up?

NEPP, if you're really still curious about what parts of your argument were wrongheaded and well rebutted there, I'll gladly supply the examples. I wasn't suggesting it was done anything less than respectfully.

Basically you argued that most college athletes aren't really students because they make a choice not to study and to take lesser courses/courseloads, and it was pointed out that that misrepresents the reality of the situation. The "responsibility on both sides" argument massively distorts the actual centers of gravity in the NCAA system.

most troubling is that in a case of severe injury, the student-athlete, as in the case of one player discussed in the Atlantic article, the athlete is suddenly just a student with no insurance.

Using a deserving Trammel as the reason Rollins shouldn't get in is the inverse of saying everyone better than Jim Rice should get in, and just as wrong. Jimmy will be an interesting test case. His counting stats will be there. His rate stats wont. Also interesting tension, borderline clean players getting a boost versus no doubt cheaters. Would Trammel, Whitikar, and McGriff get in if they were on the ballot next year?

Trammell was on the ballot this year...he got 20.8%.

He topped out at 36.8% back in 2012.

@bittel: if you recall I responded to those. Those are merely indicators that the system should be tweaked not that they should pay them. CA already forces their schools to keep injured players on scholarship for example.

Jack, I sure had a good time 69ing with you last night

NEPP: fine.

So Nelson Cruz at 1 year $8m to Baltimore.

As to the thread header and Gonzalez going in the opposite direction of Franco, it's been said for a while now that Dominicans are better than Cubans, though Kramer might disagree.

1 year for $8 million seems like a heck of a deal for the Orioles to get Nelson Cruz.

$8 million and their 1st round pick...or did they give that up for Jimenez and this is their 2nd rounder now too

If the Orioles fall out of contention and Cruz stays healthy, they could command a kings ransom from a contender at the deadline for him.

If he hits well of course...he's pretty much a DH at this point.

Orioles are trying to get Santana too...sacrificing their 3rd rd pick (#90) as strategy if you want to minimize the draft hit.

Didn't the Yankees use that strategy a few years back? Try to pack all your draft pick compensation into 1 year. I think the Rangers have used that strategy with international signing this past year too.'s a fairly smart strategy in the current FA market. I can't imagine that the MLBPA is going to keep with the current QA rules as they sure seem to suck for these not quite elite but still QA receiving players.

The MAG events always seemed suspiciously odd. From $48MM to $12MM, and still outbid the competition. And now, this instantaneous fall from grace.
Hopefully, he just needs more injury recovery time.

2 years wasn't enough?

It definitely does look odd though... Makes you wonder what's up with him though.

So, MG is fixated on Adams. But every time MG posts about Adams, another poster has to go after him about it, mocking HIS obsession. Seems a bit odd, no? Pot meet kettle.

I wonder what the deal with MAG is too. Last year it was reported by most media outlets that he'd have to go to the minors for several starts and could then help a contender in September. Since then the contract was negotiated way down and expectations seem deliberately lowered every time the Phils speak about him.

Lsst year we were told he was a number 2 or 3 starter. Now it's very unlikely he makes the starting staff out of camp. With the lack of starting depth we should see him sometime in 2014, but that's a real ringing endorsement, isn't it?

Come see Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez face the Marlins on dollar dog night - Roberto Hernandez is on the DL.

I love sucking cock. Who wants to date me?

Who needs a P on a red cap. Back in my day, we wore white caps and they turned red because we used them to soak up spills on the floor. Sometimes they were black. Other times red. And we liked it!

We didn't need no fancy italics.

I said no fancy italics, dang it?

Stop breaking stuff

Nothing better to arouse 557 comments than a draft pick, the NCAA, a sports agent and a few words from a Baseball GM. This sort of lunatic mental masturbation fits right in with Sphincter Boy and his friends.

Article on the right:"Abreu catches Sandberg's eye."
Too bad we didn't get to see"Byrd's boobs catch Gaudin's eye."

Remember when BL was the best place on the Web to talk Phillies baseball?

What a sad pathetic joke it has become. You might complain about TGP but at least they actually discuss the Phillies and don't have to deal with homophobic troll posts and zero new headlines.

This place used to be awesome.

Say Abreu makes the team. What will be the Stairs comment on his first PH appearance?

I've read a response to 20 words or less eliciting thousands of words in 5oo+ intelligent but illusory responses over there. I'm sure this site needs to get back to the basics.

NEPP and I had a great date tonight. He likes it up the a$$.

Basic for this guy is actually getting out out to the ball field and playing the game. I can only imagine that our founder had that in mind.

In my exceptional case no doubt, I find myself attempting to help coach my son in a low level Babe Ruth league. Doubt if SB ever played the game.

Homophobic means the fear of a genus of hominids. Seems a bit irrational, doesn't it you homo?

I gave you an extra out to get you out SB.

I also mean same. You fear same?

You belong on TGF boy. Try something different.

Buy a baseball glove and a ball if you can afford it and get your sorry a88 to a ball field.

Thank you for quickly proving my point.

I believe I proved my point. Move on.

Is it just an odd coincidence that Washington St and Oregon are in the same conference as my beloved Stanford and I never tattled on anyone from schools in other conferences who didn't sign? I know my days here are numbered and wanted to grease the wheels for a job at my old school. I momentarily forgot that the Phils bring everyone back in some capacity.

It's also possible that you read much better than you write and you're close to a an illiterate. Coincidence be damned I believe you have problems with both

The troll is a dipshit. Two guys can't really 69 (not unless they are circus contortionists or something...)

Baseball is an amazing invention. The pitcher is the master. The hitter responds. Get back to the game.

Meyer is the $5 whore who took my pics of Ruben with the goat.

Every sentient being who may have even a bit of intelligent history of this site knows this can't be fact. The jackass that also happens to awake to be awake at this hour relives some moment of his past that only a his poor mother could retell.

Easy to see at this point that the IronPigs will be interesting to watch early on. At the least until June - MAG, Ruf, Hernandez to start.

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