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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


He protected himself. The fingerprints matched his glove hand.

As I stated in the last thread, we were due for some more Komkast regurge...

Abreu has some serious puffed up stats in the VWL playoffs.

The craziest thing about this whole thing is Gaudin's wife is pretty damn hot.

Didn't realize how crappy his numbers were since '10. Oh well.

It is a minor league deal and he won't exactly blocking a more deserving candidate.

Abreu was the DH last night for the first time in a long while and I thought NFW can't be. He was trying out for his old team.

"If Gaudin can keep his hands to himself, he could be a useful arm out of the bullpen"

Couldn't you just see that printed on the back of a 1988 Topps card next to the "Talkin' Baseball"

Heyman says abreu is a done deal.


I look forward to the sports radio clowns filling there hours with anti-abreu morons.

Called it.

Here comes Abreu

If it is a major league deal that seals that either Mayberry or Ruf is gone. Saw it was a 2 year deal.

With Chad and Bobby, the Phillies average age will exceed that of my slow pitch softball team. But unless Ryan shows up really fat, we'll definitely outweigh them.

In his defense, all those walks and that wall shyness prolonged his career.

They paid Howard all that money to be the young guy forever.

Minor league deal. $800,000 if he makes the team

I like just because. Always liked Abreu. Who cares if he doesn't run into walls.

Nevermind on the two year thing. That was retracted in the second message to my phone. Also saw it was a minor league deal.

I wonder is David Bell is looking to get back into baseball.

Pat Burrell just turned up the volume on his cell phone so he doesnt miss the call.

Its only a matter of time now.

Hey, if they're trying to catch lightning in a bottle for a discount, Abreu is about as good of a lottery ticket as you can get.

This HAS to rule out Vernon Wells, no?

Wade IS writing a living mystery novel.

Gaudin and Abreu. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow (sarcasm). Gaudin Might have Some value. But Abreu. Even TTI would have trouble with this one (no sarcasm intended).

Is RAJ plugging for Senior citizen's discounts when he has to pay meal money?

Awesome. I was always a huge Abrue fan and hated the day when Gillick dumped him for a pile of magic beans and then turned around to spend the savings on signing A. Eaton and taking on F. Garcia's salary.

Hard pressed to find a series of worse transactions in Phils' history.

Abreu on a minor league deal is fine. If he stinks in spring training, he gets cut.

It will certainly have the Phils in the spotlight for the first time all offseason.

I just got a haircut and packed my bag. I am driving to Clearwater as we speak.

Ya estoy de vuelta!

Is there anyone who still imagines that Howard, Rollins and Utley are on their last Phillies contracts? The oldtimers game in 2020 will be a split squad affair.

But he's not even signing Major league guys to minor league deals.

800,000 dollars? I think they could've got him for 80 dollars.

The "Candy Eater" is back!

No, not Bobby. I am taking about Joe Blanton.

MG~ not disagreeing but that's the LH bat RAJ came up with? Let's say he makes the team. Can he even play defense if he has to. Not that he played it all that well in his prime.

Does anyone know Amaro or Wade's cell numbers?

I am returning tooooooooo.
I am gassing up the Cirrusssssssss....

If Abreu makes it into a starting lineup, will the announcers note that he's a gold-glover on the defensive setup like they do with Rollins?

Because that would be hilarious.

DPat - Ibanez got 1 yr/$2.75M from the Angels. Probably the closest comp.

DPat: I'll be nice for a post to you and give you a chance.

Answer these questions:

1.) Would you agree the Phillies need a left-handed bench bat?

2.) Who do you think they should be looking to sign at either a major or minor league level that would fit that bill?

3.) What contract does the person that answers #2 get?

End this mess now. I cannot stomach Abreu coming back this spring. I loved him the first time around but that was nearly a decade ago.
This is embarrassing.
Why are they bringing him in? What can he do?

    Awesome. I was always a huge Abrue fan and hated the day when Gillick dumped him for a pile of magic beans and then turned around to spend the savings on signing A. Eaton and taking on F. Garcia's salary.

    Hard pressed to find a series of worse transactions in Phils' history.

    Posted by: MG | Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 03:27 PM

Wow. I never even realized that. My Gillick-worship is gone forever.

Rube is piling going crazy at the 'Value Village' this offseason which is still probably better stocked than an actual JCPenney or Sears.

Between Rube and that moron on the Seahawks my admiration of Stanford as an institution of higher learning has rapidly evaporated...Ivy league of the west my ass. CCP of the west more like it.

"If Abreu makes it into a starting lineup..."

You do realize that he immediately became our best OBP guy...

Also, a minor league deal isn't fine. It is taking spring training ABs away from players who have a future. This is a waste of time. And it is what you get when you bring losers like Bowa back on board. When Bowa managed the team he thought it was still 1980. Now he thinks it's 2001. Awful.

Re: Gaudin "It is a minor league deal and he won't exactly blocking a more deserving candidate."

Far be it from me to speak for BAP, but I suspect that this is the dynamic he's been trying to explain. Yes, you're correct in that because there's a poo-poo platter of other options, he's definitely not blocking a more deserving player. However, by signing Gaudin for this spot to begin with, it says to me that RAJ is unlikely even looking at or pursuing a "more deserving player." History has shown that RAJ doesn't make these signings with the intent to then "one up" them with a better alternative, but more so because he can then "check that box" and move on to something else. So when we never get that more deserving player, despite whether or not Gaudin works out and how easy it is to let him go, we're left with pretty much what we had to start with, which is essentially nothing.

Yeah, thanks to Abreu, we wont get to see Jiwan James and Tyson Gillies in split-squad games damnit.

Bring back Madson!
Bring back Moyer!
Bring back (xxx - any former Phils player over 35+ who played with the team when Bowa managed)

You can't make this stuff up. I'm speechless.

NEPP - Exactly. Who are the Phils taking away ABs from in the OF in spring training? C. Thomas? T. Gwynn Jr?

Non-prospects like Collier or Gillies?

Phils have a pile of junk in the OF at Reading and above right now unless you count Altherr who is probably the only real 'prospect.'

I actually like the idea of Abreu as a 5th OF/designated pinch hitter. As, if avoiding making outs is truly the objective in baseball, Bobby Abreu can still do that better than a a league-average hitter. That has value, even if it is merely as a bench piece.

The problem I have with it is that the Phillies are one of the teams that aren't a logical fit for Abreu. We've already got one big bat on the bench who's not a good defensive OF, which means that if Abreu does make the team, it'll be because Darin Ruf was deemed expendable. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a team that's spent the last year craving a RHB thumper. (A RHB thumper who also can actually get on-base, too, even if his eye is not as good as Abreu's.)

Forgot K. Dugan too. He wasn't even invited to spring training though.

If Amaro wants to trade Ruf, I fully support that idea actually because I don't think his value will be higher, that he has a clear spot on an NL roster especially with Howard at 1B, and will be 28 this year. Ruf isn't going to be a worthwhile piece of this team when they do indeed potentially start to upturn again.

Just depends on what he can get but if he gets a younger piece that helps them moving ahead forward then he should do it.

I really think if Abreu makes the team- it is going to make Mayberry expendable. Mayberry's value to them was being the right handed batter off the bench AND being able to play center field. They signed Byrd who can easily slide into center when they decide to give Revere a breather or want to use Ruf or Abreu late.

Plus Ruf is a more natural fit to play first base as a right-hander if they need to give Howard a breather or platoon him in any way.

I just wonder what the people complaining about this are looking for. This is a minor league signing for a guy who has value as a left hander off the bench and an OBP guy- if he happens to make the roster. He would be nothing more than a depth guy.

TTI~ Thanks for being nice. I thought you might have that in you.

Answers: 1. Yes they do.
2. Difficult to answer at this point because players like Sizemore are already off the board.
3. I don't have a problem with the dollars involved. Very reasonable. If he's cut, no harm, no foul. It's his age and his poor defense that are issues. He may be tearing it up in winter ball, but can he turn on a 95mph fastball late in a close game when he needs to?

The problem is that if you have Ruf and Abreu as your 4th/5th OFs, you're basically relying on a super-sub guy to be your back-up CF/competent defending OF replacement. Much as I love Li'l Cesar, I think that's a ridiculous burden to put on him, as it sets him up to fail spectacularly.

As MG alludes to, because Ruf's a late-bloomer, his value is very much a use it or lose it proposition. If he is to be the odd-man out, then you should look to move him as soon as possible. Because his value probably won't be any higher and there's a real chance he could decrease it with regular play at AAA. (Should he revert to his .749 OPS play from LHV in 2013, for instance.)

We need late inning defensive OF replacements? What, to make sure we preserve those key victories which will mean the difference between getting the 2nd WC or not?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 29m

Phillies used 18 position players in 2004. Just five are still active in baseball. All five are Phillies property.

You need a passable late inning defender to pull double switches. With Abreu and Ruf as bench bats it makes that much harder.

You need a passable late inning defender to pull double switches. With Abreu and Ruf as bench bats it makes that much harder.

BayStars- Hence Rube's obsession with versatility.

To continue with the Major League references:
"It's all coming together"
"My kinda team"

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