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Friday, January 17, 2014


Sadly Buchanan might be #7 or #8 on the organizational depth chart right now among starters. Phils are going to have to sign another starter or two at the very leadt to to round out the rotation at Lehigh to start the year.

Let's talk about parallel universes.

"If DPat was upset at Byrd getting 8 mil a year, he's probably livid at JMJ getting 1.5."

Red~ Nope. Byrd is the only one I have a problem with. A raise of better than 11 times his previous years' salary for only the second good year in his career. Not saying he's not a good ballplayer, just that that's a helluva reward for a good year.

I expected KK and JMJ to get around what they got. Any word on Bastardo and Revere?

Looking for Lehigh rotation of: O'Sullivan, Biddle, Manship, Buchanan, and Hollands.

Hope the guy bounces back somewhat. He should, especially if used properly.

Second favorite Phillie. Don't forget EVERYONE's favorite, Mini Mart.

Wayne, how do you feel about me and my creations?

Phew, now that Mayberry is back in the fold, I can breath again.

According to my sources, the Phillies are hellbent on moving Papelbon and Howard.Ruben Amaro has offered to cover two years of Howard's contract and even sweetened the pot with a very low priced controllable asset like John Mayberry Jr (fresh under contract). An AL front office source says Amaro is ready to start the season with a young member of the Phillies organization covering first platooning with the likes of Vernon Wells (or another inexpensive veteran presence) for a season or so. So far, none of Wells representatives have returned our calls for comment.

I have a purple and green bowtie secured around my scrotum.

Amaro is completely insane. Let's see now 7.675 million on Kendricks now 1.587,500 on Mayberry totals 9.263 million. Yesterday the Rays signed Price for 14 million for 1 year. Why didn't Amaro go after Price using the money he gave Kendrick and Mayberry and another 6 million to get a real All Star Pitcher. Why? Because he is one of the biggest butt holes in Sports today without a common sense brain!

I wish I could triple my salary just by being a mediocre (at best) employee...

My post was a direct quote from a comment on CSN Philly. It was intended as satire.

Greatest arbitration in recent history.


Ross Ohlendorf 1-11

These new threads are coming so fast, I didn't get a chance to comment on Cedeno.

Cyclic, I'm glad you clarified that. I read it a couple of hours ago and thought you'd completely lost your mind.

Conway, that's because you've been lulled into complacency by the blog lords at Komkast who take this site for granted, and for whom this site is nothing but a nuisance.

Not a HASh Reference

a couple stupid tenders here, little overpay in arb over here, some worthless pickups there - you'd never know these jitbags were on a budget the way piss away a couple million on garbage.

seriously...who else in the world who cries about being maxed out on $$ spends month after month of giving away millions of dollars on resources with 0 to negative amounts of marginal utility?

Braves are taking Jayson Heyward to an arbitration hearing, based on the difference of $5.2M vs $5.5M, ouch. I'm sure Heyward will really appreciate that.

"seriously...who else in the world who cries about being maxed out on $$ spends month after month of giving away millions of dollars on resources with 0 to negative amounts of marginal utility?"

This is exactly the reason to be disgusted by this move.

Lehigh finally gets a 2B in Negrych.

Lorecore, Heyward would look really good in RF in south Philly.

Negrych is music to my LV ears.

I'll be honest. I never liked Utley. I would have traded him after the 2011 season.

you certainly couldn't accuse mayberry of juicing. but, seriously, i had such hopes for him. but then, i had hopes for francisco. mabes was a doubles machine for half a season. where did that guy go? either you have a good eye or you don't. some here predicted that eventually he'd be exposed and that he'd slide into mediocrity.
i do remember him taking so many strike 1 pitches that sarge would often chirp. and the fact that his stance was too bent over. i'll be very upset if this signing pushes ruf to another team.

speaking of utley, he better be starting his beard now. it takes more than a season to grow a full pedroia.

I really like Utley but trading him in 2011 may have changed the mindset of the future. The company did sell a sh8t load more of jerseys since then. Negrych although sounds a mite more of a grittier, scrappier, down'n dirtier sounding name than Utley.

We really need spring training if even ST. Utley is open for criticism.
Tough crowd tonight.

thanks for that link, awh. lots to chew on in that interview. especially this notion that you have to find a way to "fake the adrenaline" during the season. it's the biggest dilema in the post-greenie era.

Never really had much hope for Mayberry. Best i saw out of him was a 4/5thth OF'er .250 type of guy with the occasional HR. About what we saw out him in 2012. Dont know if he will progress this year or not. If he doesnt i still think he land a job somewhere in the future.

Philadelphia is holding a conference at Drexel University next weekend. Mike Gimbel to guest speak, pretty interesting guy if you ever heard of him.

27 days to pitchers and catchers.

Revere filed for $2.4M with only a shade over 2 years of service time and 0 'production' numbers, coming off an injured year.

Can't imagine him getting that. Phils filed for $1.4M - which is actually a pretty healthy offer. This might be the first time the Phillies go to the arb table since Howard in 2008.

Actually, i'm pretty sure Ryan Howard is the only arb case the Phillies have ever lost in franchise history.

Phillies arb hearing history:

Lost vs Ryan Howard in 2008
Won vs Travis Lee in 2001
Won vs Willie Banks in 1996
Won vs Dale Sveum in 1992
Won vs Dickie Thon in 1991
Won vs Kevin Gross in 1988
Won vs Alan Knicely in 1986
Won vs Jerry Koosman in 1985

Only the Rays (6-0) have a better record in arb than the Phillies.

The arbitrators have changed since then. Shyam Das has moved on too.

Just like Chase Utley, I love this stadium and the fans and as long as clout and the Truth Injection keep coming to the park to suck on my balls and lick my ass out, I can work up enthusiasm.

Jim Negrych was a great hitter at Pitt and the Pirates grabbed him in the 6th round back in '06. He's hit at every level, has an excellent BB/K ratio and plays the game hard.

So, what's the problem? There are two: Scouts hate him because he's a little guy (generously listed at 5-10) and has few tools. He can't really run or field, his arm is just OK, doesn't have much power and he doesn't look great in a uni. Scouts hate guys like this, while they adore guys like Greg Golson and Anthony Hewitt.

The only things Negrych can do are hit for average and get on base. This will be his 5th organization in 5 years.

I predict he'll be a fan fave in LV and BAP, starting in late June, will begin clamoring for him to be brought up and inserted into the lineup because if he only had a chance he'd win the batting title.

"I predict he'll be a fan fave in LV and BAP, starting in late June, will begin clamoring for him to be brought up and inserted into the lineup because if he only had a chance he'd win the batting title."

I doubt very seriously I'll be predicting a batting title. But, when one of our outfielders goes on the DL, Negrych is definitely the leading candidate to be the deserving call-up whom RAJ passes over in favor of Ronny Cedeno or Reid Brignac.

[Mayberry should bounce back}, especially if used properly.

Posted by: limoguy

The best way to use him, and hence, help him bounce back, would be to trade him to some other team (with trampolines).

I can't help gritting my teeth just saying his name. "Negrych, pack your s8it you're playing at the Big Park tonight. Dom's down with a neck injury. Yasiel Puig is driving you there. Yeah, we traded Tanaka for him and Grienke this morning. Don't be late."

Clout - From that scouting report, it sounds like you'll be the guy actually calling for him to be promoted and winning a batting title. Did I miss something there?

And on the arbitration front. I think the Phillies should definitely take both players to arb and they are likely to win both cases. I think the days of worrying about hurting the feelings of marginal talents on a losing team are long gone. F them. If they don't like their more than one million dollar salaries in one case for being a punch and Judy hitter with only a glove arm in the outfield, and missing a chunk of the season injured, and being a suspended steroid user in the other, then F them simply isn't strong enough.

I will root for both players to perform and actually earn an even bigger salary next season. But based on what they've done so far, the Phillies offers are very fair, and I think, realistic. And that's coming from someone who doesn't feel even a little bit sorry for owners having to shell out lots of money in salaries. The only reason I care about salaries is that the Phillies have imposed their own salary cap and that may limit my baseball enjoyment when a dope like Rube is spending it.

Mets sign John Lannan to minor-league deal with spring training invite.

It's a shame Revere suffered his injury when he did. All arguments on what he may have accomplished become arbitrary. I see Ben dover a barrel on this decision.

I can't wait for Lannan to no-hit the Phils this season, in the proud tradition to Phillie Killers who were let walk for entirely justifiable reasons. (Even if I was not averse to tendering Lannan.)

@Juums, the only "hit" will be to Utley's wrist ending his season.

Negrych will hammer Lannan but the meat will be swinging one-handed.

I will be at the bus station at 1130. Please bring the Zima

aksmith: You're right, if my choices are Negrych, Brignac or Cedeno.

Please mister

Is that Mike Gimbel of The Gimbel department store family?

Hola, tiene un correo para contactarlos?

I'd like to see Charlie working with the big toolsy left-handers on the roster when he's hanging around the old ball park. Lee, Hamels and especially Savery all need a little more carry time on their hit balls.

Now that Dubee is out, phillies should try to bring back Scott Mathieson from Japan. He's now the closer for the Giants with good numbers.

Lannan is still better than Martin or Buchanan or certainly than what the Phils will have stashed to start the season at Lehigh.

Is Amaro having that much of a difficult time getting any former starter to sign here on a minor league deal?

I am looking forward to betting against Lannan though when he starts at CBP though this year.

"I am looking forward to betting against Lannan though when he starts at CBP though this year."

Like the best WWE heels, MG always gives the crowd what they want.

While we're in Vegas, I can't seem to find the Phillies odds on signing Tanaka. Must be a clerical error.

People in the biz call that 'off the board'.

as in the 10000000000:1 odds they'd need to set a realistic bet just wouldn't be worth it.

Same odds as a Vegas clerical error then.

A Stanton trade last January was probably more likely.

Hey look, Rizzo baiting RAJ with a Stanford man Drew Storen.

I don't think the Phillies will sign Tanaka, but I don't think that it's impossible either.

I still remember how impossible it would be for ownership to sign Cliff Lee as a free agent after trading him away.

Rotoworld feed says "Phillies showing interest in Vernon Wells." No. Bad Ruben. Stop it.

Wells is a complete stiff. Doesn't surprise the Phils have been linked to him though since they expressed interest in him a couple of times last offseason (Dec 2012 and March 2013)

One area where it was feasible the Phils could improve this offseason given their resources and their horrendous production last year was the back end of their rotation, bench, and middle relief in the bullpen.


They have retained KK, signed Hernandez to replace Lannan, signed MAG, and on minor league deals brought in O'Sullivan and Manship.


They have retained Frandsen and Mayberry, signed Nieves, and invited several players on minor league deals including: OFs (Gwynn Jr, Sappelt, C. Thomas), C (Marson) and INF (R. Cedeno, Brignac, Blanco, Negrych)


They traded for Lincoln, acquired Munson via Rule V, and signed S. Camp on a minor league camp.

Also have invited from their minor league system to spring training so far:

Pitchers: Biddle, Giles, Hollands, C. Jimenez, and Buchanan

INF: Franco

OF: Castro

Hard to see going into camp where the Phils where the Phils have possibly improved at all in any of the 3 areas I mentioned against maybe the rotation which heavily hinges on MAG and Hernandez.

Most disappointed though in the bench which was subpar most of the year last year due to injuries and likely has 3 guys (Mayberry Jr, Frandsen, Nieves who might not even be above replacement value this year already committed to start the year on the bench).

Easier time to believe that the Phils will get 30+ HRs out of Howard than meaningful and worthy contributions out of those 3.

Forget Valle at C. Feel free to add. This has all the hallmarks of one of those depressing years in the late 90s before the Phils signed Thome.

If absolutely everything breaks right and magically their ancient starting 9 stay health & productive, they have a shot to contend for a WC.

I have a feeling this team is going to be worth watching if Lee/Hamels are on the mound like the Phils in the late 90s when Schilling was on the mound. Otherwise it is going to be overwhelmingly radio broadcast for me.

Richard Sherman: Still a smarter Stanford grad than Amaro.

"Richard Sherman: Still a smarter Stanford grad than Amaro."

I'm gonna be sick.

Of course lorecore would write some praise for Sherman. He's a troll like lorecore.

So, Wes Welker is going to the Super Bowl and there will be a Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups commercial airing during the game.

Somebody kill me.

Since I broached the subject of V. Wells for the minimum salary, I'll take the blame if Rube signs him. Didn't realize Amaro hung on BL's every word. He's really a DH, and a bad one at that. The Phils' interest is really due to his low price tag. Imagine an OF of Wells, Revere, and Brown.. Bewn would take his wind sprints DURING the game.

Bewn= Ben

MG~ Yeah this off-season has basically been underwhelming. There were many opportunities to improve the area of the team you mentioned, and they just didn't do it. And they had the resources. But we all know the FO has put self-imposed dollar restrictions on RAJ. And he hasn't spent as "wisely" as he could've, but that's another story.

Once again there are a lot of "ifs" going forward, the main one being health, which RAJ is banking on. But even if they stay healthy, and the core plays like they have in the past, they could make things interesting as you say but in the end it won't mean much.

I do think they'll score more runs than last year, but their 'pen will give up a lot too. Could they improve slightly from 73 wins? Sure (slightly). But they could also be a 65-win team. Not very promising is it?

RFD day 3.

"jackie robinson story" is on TCM. he's just about to start playing for brooklyn. jackie plays himself.

It wouldn't be a week in the off-season if MG wasn't typing a post saying how he can't see how the Phillies improved in any area or DPat writing a post talking about unmade moves.

It may be a coincidence but the LV Ironpigs Public Address Announcer quit around the same time as Brignac and Negrych were added to the roster.

"It wouldn't be a week in the off-season if MG wasn't typing a post saying how he can't see how the Phillies improved in any area or DPat writing a post talking about unmade moves."


TTI - Because they haven't with the possible exception of Byrd in RF and the crazy thing is that his value to them depends more on his defensive ability than this offense because their OF defense was so putrid there last year.

In Rube's defense, Ruf was not a ML Right Fielder.

MG: 2 things

1.) You admit Byrd is possibly an upgrade yet you say it is hard to see where they upgraded? I think everyone agrees on the bench. I think there is an argument that can be made that they are better (maybe only slightly) in the bullpen. Also the rotation is probably at worst equal. You abhorred the Lannan signing so you have to think that Hernandez is significantly worse than him.

2.) My comment is more to the point that you do this AT LEAST once a week. It's called diminishing returns.

hindsight: the way you hang on my every word, I'd assume you would realize that me calling someone smarter than Amaro is hardly praise.

TTI - If they are better in the bullpen, it will simply be because Adams contributes and stay healthy. It wasn't to any moves Amaro made this offseason so far to upgrade the pen.

Ditto Hernandez. Yeah he might be okay if he doesn't get snake-bit by HRs. If he does, he'll put up an ERA over 4.50 (maybe even closer to 5) and be well on his way to a disappointing season too.

MG, Amaro is IMHO gambling on a lot of things. Here's my take on r00b's 2014 wagers, with the biggest (most important or potentially impactful and/or least likely to happen) at the top of the list (feel free to order them to your preference):
1) He's gambling on Ryan Howard being healthy, rebounding, and being a
Comeback Player of the Year candidate. .260/.350/.500+, 30+/110+

2) He's betting that Kendrick can stay healthy and put together his best season ever

3) He's betting MAG can stay healthy and make the rotation

4) He's betting Faunandez's HR/FB rate normalizes and he can give them 180 innings of league average pitching

5) He's betting at least two of the kids in the bullpen who showed flashes last season (Diekman, Rosenberg, DeFratus) can put it together for a whole season

6) He's gambling that Lincoln can pitch in the 8th inning

7) He's betting that either Stutes is healthy and can get guys out for 50 innings, or Luis Garcia can improve and give them 50 innings

8) He's wagering that Bastardo can get guys out without PEDs

9) He's betting Pettibone's shoulder stays healthy (there's that word "health" again)

10) He's betting Utley can play 140 - 150 games at a continued high level

11) He's rolling the dice on Rollins bounding back

12) He's trying to draw an inside straight that Asche can handle 2B the whole season

13) He's betting Chooch's first 22 PA last season were meaningless rust being shaken off.

14) He's betting Ben revere can stay healthy

15) He's betting Marlon Byrd can come close to his 2013 performance

16) He's betting Papelbon's arm isn't shot

17) He's betting Dom doesn't regress

18) He's betting Lee and Hamels can provide a one-two punch atop the rotation

19) He's betting Ethan Martin can build stamina and actually make it through an MLB lineup a 2nd or 3rd time

20) He's gambling that Munson may provide a boost to the pen

21) He's wagering the Avery, Horst and maybe Adams can provide some relief to the relief corps

22) He's even betting on a rebound from certain bench players

r00b is, IMO, trying to pull an inside royal straight flush on the entire season.

So, Wes Welker is going to the Super Bowl and there will be a Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups commercial airing during the game.
Somebody kill me.
Posted by: Will Schweitzer | Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 10:15 PM

You are racist and unGodly.

TTI - I was still hoping too that the Phils had at least 1-2 more signings especially another back-end starter in them including for but it appears they are going to go to camp with this roster.

There are some decent back-end rotation guys who are available and would be a nice upgrade for this team to be competitive this year.

A guy like Baker wouldn't make this team that much better but when you consider that a guy like O'Sullivan might be #7 guy right now on the organizational depth chart at starter they essentially have no margin for error on the injury front.

A significant injury in spring training would likely force them to scan the waiver wire or make a deal just to pick up another starter for the Opening Day roster.

i can't defend rube for running ruf out to RF, a position he had never played. because brown wouldn't. the excuse that changing fields may upset dom's offense was always bs.

awh - Even if half of those turn out positively for the Phils, is this even a .500 club? I'd say 'no' but it would depend on which ones.

The backend of this roster has been horrendous (among the bottom 5 in MLB the last 2 seasons if you use WAR metrics) and there is a good chance it might be there again.

Not all of that is Amaro's fault including the lack of prospects being developed but he has shown almost

No ability to adequately round out the last 5-7 positions on the roster on the bench, middle relief, and back end of the rotation.

MG: I'm higher on Lincoln in the bullpen than most. Plus I don't think whatever pen we break camp with is worse than what we did last year. So there is that.

MG, IMO almost ALL of the things I listed have to happen in order for the Phils to contend.

For instance, if they get good seasons out of Diekman, De Fratus, Bastardo, Stutes and Lincoln, it doesn't matter much if Munson doesn't make the cut.

If Lee, Hamels, KK, MAG and Hernandez all stay realtively healthy, then Pettibone and Martin will be starting games in LV and will only spot start.

So, not all of them have to happen because there's some redundancy, but there's very little margin for error.

TTI - You really have to see how guys look in spring training.

Bastardo is really an unknown due to the suspension. Bastardo is really overplaying his hand too in his salary demands and I would bet the Phils will win that one pretty easily if it heads to arbitration.

Ditto Adams and even Papelbon too who was dogged by the velocity issues in Sept & supposed hip issues.

Lincoln trade was probably the 2nd best move this offseason because it took an asset which had no value to the Phils any more (Kratz) and possibly provided one who can. Also who pathetic the offseason transactions were this offseason.

"You really have to see how guys look in spring training."

MG: You do understand the same can be said for what you are saying right?

I mean- I'm saying on paper the bullpen looks better coming into this year. The offense- with Byrd instead of DYoung looks better. Of course that can change come spring training.

MG, I think the undercurrent in the Bastardo arbitration is that there is still some underlying anger on the part of the Phils. Not because he was suspended for PEDs (they've had it happen to other players on the roster (Galvis) or guys they signed (Byrd), but because if reports are correct, he withheld the info on his suspension from them until the very end, and only gave them 24 hours notice.

I think part of it is that they're still pissed, and I'll bet that unless it get's settled closer to the Phils' number it will go to the table.

After his performance in the DWL, they're probably somewhat confident he can pitch at a high level, but if he wants to remain in the organization long term, he shouldn't overplay his hand.

Starting pitching depth has been mentioned before, but it looks like it could be a problem. Not seeing Martin as that guy, unless he improves (which could happen, he's young).

"After his performance in the DWL, they're probably somewhat confident he can pitch at a high level"

Still holding onto that one huh?

Lore, there's one way we're both going to find out, isn't there?
That being the case, you're just being purposely antagonistic, that is, you're being a douchebag for no other reason than to be one.

And you're doing a good job.

TTI: The notion that the bullpen is improved just because it'll be hard to suck as bad as last year is pretty faulty.

I am high on Lincoln as well, but by no means can you solely add an enigma like him and call the pen improved. Its the exact same set of relievers, with another question mark reliever thrown on top.

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