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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Matt Stairs remembers, too.

What a great Tweet and reminder from Matt Stairs!

mstairs12 ‏@mstairs12 48m
5 years ago today is when I started drinking free in Philly. Love homeruns !!!!

That's a great piece on stair, JR. Thank you.

Ugh. T-Mac is doing play-by-play for the Lions/Browns game. I can't get away from that guy.

One reminder: As big as that Stairs homerun was, Victorino hit a two run bomb (Howard had singled earlier in the inning) to tie the game. That's when I thought they might win it all.

Without that dinger two batters earlier, Stairs wouldn't probably wouldn't have had the chance at his heroics.

Now, that takes nothing away from Stairs, but Vic's bomb was just as important in the context of winning the game.

I miss Vic. He had a subpar season on his way out and I think a lot of people in Philly forgot how good he was during his peak. The people in Boston see it now though.

awh- good call on Vic's HR. I remember that just as vividly. He laced the ball just over the RF fence and his reaction showed not even he thought it was going to go out.

Obviously the Stairs HR was iconic because it put the Dodgers to sleep for good (they were DOA in game 5) and broke Jonathan Broxton. Top 3 playoff moments for me (non-Halladay no-hitter/non-Eric Hinske edition):

3) Jenkins' double in Game 5 (first AB after that 48 hour layoff)
2) Stairs' HR
1) Rollins' GW double in 2009 NLCS

I agree, awh. I thought Vic's HR gave great hope, and Stairs' then made it feel almost a certainty that we'd win the NLCS.

Iceman, that Jenkins' double was so exciting. I remember feeling some anxiety after the weather interrupted the game. But that double made a statement - the Phillies were there to win!

Still talking pointless, hopeless, Phillies baseball?

Eagles are taking over again, while the Phils are old with a dud of a farm system and a dope of a GM.

Eagles = exciting now, bright future.

NEPP - The reason we are talking pointless, hopeless Phillies baseball is today is the anniversary of the Stairs bomb. Yes, it was 2008 but what have your Iggles done since then to reminisce on?

I swear Shane took a page out of Chase's playbook, standing close to the plate and letting himself get hit by pitches. And why not?

JFinger I enjoyed that thoroughly. Most PH homers ever? Amaro has his agent on the phone now.

That 1 run could be all Scherzer needs.

Ohmygosh, that Pedroia play was amazing!

GBF I think everyone is watching walking dead.

No, merely that the Tigers no-hitting the Red Sox is rapidly becoming passe.

Walking Dead, the fictional series, or walking dead, the baseball series? haha

So, a Tigers-Cardinals '06 rematch? Maybe the Tigers win this time.

Why did they leave Buchholz in to give up 4 runs in one inning?

Both, gbf. Rich tapestry of bleak futures.

Good for Victorino, getting the first hit of the night.

Too bad the score is no longer 0-1, however.

And he scored. Nice, Vic!

Not a bad idea from Matt Stairs:

mstairs12 ‏@mstairs12 36m
Might want to lay a bunt down sox hitters. Cabrera doesn't move that well right now. Isn't 100%

I think that is why they call it October magic.

Wow! Big Papi with a grand slam to tie the game! Poor Torii Hunter, though, fell over the wall going after that ball.

that is an inherently unsafe wall design. it's too short so that the bullpen can see the field.

Sox need to get a win tonight (now that they have a chance). Don't want to be down 2 games to none heading to Detroit to face Verlander.

I didn't notice the singing, but I think it's pretty cool.

Scott Lauber ‏@ScottLauber 12m
Fenway crowd more vocal than usual in singing along with Marley in Victorino walk-up song -- "Every little thing, gonna be alright"

Would have been easier to get to 2B without first sliding headfirst into 1B.

I feel like Wheels. Carrying on a conversation mostly by myself. LOL

Exciting comeback win for the Red Sox tonight!

Victorino the first one to reach Salty to congratulate him.


After kind of a crummy start, this year's playoffs have been really interesting to watch.

"Victorino the first one to reach Salty to congratulate him."

Should we have expected anything wlse?

a wicked win. what a game for a sox fan to witness. storybook. i'm still rooting for detroit.

Nope, typical Vic.

Pretty impressive that Ortiz knows how many Gold Gloves Torii Hunter has, too. Hope that guy's okay. He gave it his all trying to snare that HR.

In that same situation, would Howard have hit the slam to tie the game? I'd like to think he can be that guy again, but I have my doubts.

If Howard made contact, he would have fouled it off.

GBf: torii did give it nearly his all. and it was not a wall he's seen alot. his leap caused him to be struck by the top of the wall just above his waist. and it flipped him right over, completly out of control. did you see the footage of the end of his flip from inside the bullpen? he is a very lucky man. are we to rely on luck to protect the outfielders? that's a question for everybody. the players' union should be working to have more uniforn and safe outfield walls.

No not everyone watches Walking Lame...Show is crapola...Junk...

I'd be interested in any of the possible WS matchups but I am sure Selig is hoping for Red Sox-Dodgers but would be happy with Cards-Red Sox too.

Did everyone see the bullpen catcher catch that HR Cliff Lee ho hum style. He was still in his crouch! You would think he would have stood up at the crack of the bat to see what was happening.

Crazy thing about Big Papi's HR tonight is that he has had about 3-4 other moments at Fenway in the playoffs that have been just as big.

Kind of wonder how Howard's career arc would have gone if he hadn't blown out his Achilles. Slow decent

or the more pronounced decent he has had and uncertain future the next few years.

For better or for worse, Howard almost, kinda, sorta is still on the slow descent track. Three of the four years prior to his injury he was putting up OPS+es in the 120s, making this year's 114 not all that far removed from where it would be if we were to assume a slow descent. That Papi keeps on doing what he's doing at his age is why he's HOF-bound.

quote from torii hunter after the game:

"I was trying my best to just stop that ball from going over the fence. I'd sacrifice my body if I have to. I've done that my whole career. This is postseason. I'd die on the field for this."

it's hard for me to defend his safety if he's going to say stupid stuff lke that.

The first thing I think of when I look at how Papi is defying normal aging curves is not the HoF....

Stupid baseball - the Red Sox were getting it handed to them; I turned it off. The beard thing is something I just don't get, too. Yuck.

Does anyone test David Ortiz for PEDs? What he's doing appears to be well, unusual.

Don't worry, cut, Ortiz is still hunting for the real killers, I mean, the guys who "falsely" leaked his name from the failed test.

If the (batting) glove doesn't fit, you must acquit?

*AFL Hall of Fame - typo, not a ploy for suspense.

Same thought I had when Stairs homered That was the moment I really started to think that it could actually happen.

The poetic justice of it happening again in '09 was just great too.

I would still have to argue that Dick Sisler's homerun was the biggest in Phillies history.

A great memory .... and just listen to the excitement in Joe Buck's voice - about as excited as when he orders eggs for breakfast.

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